Michael Qualls delights in draft night at home with family


Up till a few weeks ago Shreveport’s Michael Qualls had other prepare for the NBA draft night. The former Huntington Raider and Arkansas Razorback was a possible 2nd round choice prior to tearing his ACL in a pre draft exercise in Phoenix.

Thursday night KSLA News 12 Sports sat down with Qualls and his family to enjoy the draft but there were no long faces. Qualls and his family is still hopeful that he will certainly be able to have an opportunity to help an NBA group when he recovers.

Qualls says it is terrific to be back home around his son and the rest of his family and he’s constantly going to keep his head held up high.

When talking about the past few weeks, Qualls said, “It’s been bittersweet, waiting on the minute to be prepared and you understand the injury taking place. I’m still optimistic, but I currently know where I’ll be. With my scenario, I know I’ll be alright. We’ll be playing in the NBA no matter what. Tonight has, for me, just been that positive, cause you cannot be depressed. There’s no time at all to hang your head down. We’re in life now. I made the decision to leave so everything’s got ta keep rolling.”

Qualls states he’s waiting to see exactly what occurs to select when to have surgery on his knee.

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