Mother, partner deny inflicting injuries that eliminated 4-month-old lady

When Jurissa Ballance found out she was pregnant, she sobbed for six hours directly, a buddy informed Las Vegas cops.

On Aug. 1, 2014, she brought to life a child girl, Aralee Jo Ballance.

From then, up until Dec. 28, 2014, the day Aralee died after suffering three acute brain bleeds and 9 chronic rib fractures, she was described as a “extremely happy baby” by her mother, according to an arrest report.

Jurissa Ballance, 20, and her partner, Jonathan Vining, 23, were jailed Thursday by Las Vegas authorities. Both are charged with one count of first-degree murder and 2 counts of youngster abuse or overlook with considerable bodily harm, according to the report.

On Dec. 12, 2014, the couple saw Aralee resting on her side “bicycling,” eyes open and unresponsive. After observing the odd behavior for 10 minutes, they realized she was having a seizure.

DeWanna Ballance, Aralee’s paternal grandma, advised Jurissa Ballance to call 911.

First responders delivered 4-month-old Aralee to Sunrise Healthcare facility and Medical Center, where she was confessed to the pediatric intensive care unit.

She passed away there 2 weeks later on, 4 months and 27 days old.

The attending pediatric radiologist diagnosed Aralee with bleeding in the brain, raising suspicion for “non-accidental trauma.”

A report from the Clark County coroner’s office discovered that Aralee’s cause of death was issues of non-accidental injury. Her death was ruled a homicide.

Alexis Smith, Jurissa Ballance’s friend, informed police she understood Jurissa Ballance to be “extremely rough” with Aralee.

“She ‘d type of toss her,” according to the arrest report.

Smith said her good friend contacted October and informed her Aralee was “purple and not breathing, trying to gasp for air, and might not catch her breath.”

Against Smith’s guidance, Jurissa Ballance decided to wait until her daughter’s next check-up, then about 10 days away, to seek treatment.

Vining in January informed authorities that “a couple months earlier, if Aralee was handed to him, and he would grab her around her ribs, Aralee would begin sobbing like he harmed her.”

The coroner might not determine if Aralee’s injuries had happened in time or at the very same time.

All her fractures showed “considerable healing,” and that she had been at least a month old when they took place.

A forensic pediatrician identified “all 3 of Aralee’s brain bleeds were brand new” and most likely took place the day she began taking.

Rebecca Smith, Alexis’ mother, says she likewise saw Jurissa Ballance’s abrasive interactions with Aralee.

“Gosh! I just altered you! I got ta change you once again! What a brat!” Rebecca Smith recalled Jurissa Ballance saying, while getting hold of a then-1-week-old Aralee approximately by the left foot.

Jurissa Ballance and Vining both told police that Vining was not alone with Aralee on the day she was hospitalized, and both reject causing her damage.

Both failed polygraph tests.

The 2 are being held at Clark County Detention Center without bail.

An earlier abuse claims including Aralee was reported to the Clark County Department of Family Services the day she was born. Household Services stated the allegation was dubious and the case was closed.

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