Motorist in deadly crash ranted about killing “” foolish human””.

Saturday, June 24, 2017|5:09 p.m.

SAN DIEGO– A motorist who smashed head-on into another cars and truck in San Diego, eliminating himself and the other driver, had ranted online about killing a “foolish human.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune ( says 33-year-old John Taylor Freeman made Facebook posts for months complaining about bad drivers, expressing contempt for individuals in general, talking about his depression and going over suicide and homicide.

On June 2, Freeman said he had tried to strike a vehicle that kipped down front of him on a traffic signal. He wrote it was “more fun giving a finding out lesson that might remove lives.”

On June 13, Freeman’s truck struck a Mercedes Benz on State Route 52. Freeman died in his burning automobile. The other motorist likewise passed away.

Coroner’s authorities have not determined whether Freeman’s death was suicide.

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