Net-wielding authorities chase after exotic rodent through parking lot


Clark County Clark County Animal Control officers caught a Patagonian mara in a car park of Sahara Avenue and Decatur Boulevard on Thursday, April

Thursday, April 20, 2017|4:28 p.m.

. A large South American rodent led City Policeman and volunteers on a chase through a central valley shopping mall car park this afternoon before it was caught.

Clark County Animal Control officers reacted about 3 p.m. to the location of Sahara Opportunity and Decatur Boulevard, inning accordance with county authorities.

The Patagonian mara was being sheltered at the Animal Foundation, authorities stated. “At this time, we do unknown who owns the animal,” Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin said.

Video caught by KLAS-TV showed the chase unfold.

City and animal control officers, together with several volunteers, run through the parking area as the animal evaded capture.

At one point, the rodent went under a pickup truck. It was lastly netted and placed into an animal control car.

A City officer revealed the capture to dispatch with a laugh. “We have one in custody,” she stated.

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