Nevada ranks Second worst for working fathers


Nevada ranked the second worst in the country for working fathers, according to a research study by WalletHub.

The research study compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia on numerous factors including average length of the work day, child care costs, male life expectancy and unemployment rates.

It found that Nevada ranked the worst for greatest child-care expenses and the highest unemployment rate for papas with young kids. It was 48th for least expensive median family income and greatest male uninsured rate.

Nevada’s rankings were bad throughout the board, even in categories in which WalletHub took cost of living into account.

“Cost of living in Nevada is among the most inexpensive in the country,” stated Jill Gonzalez, an expert with WalletHub. “Nevada still hasn’t rebounded as a state from the fantastic economic downturn as much as some other states have.”

Kevin Ray, a working dad in Las Vegas, stated he was shocked when he found out about the outcomes of the study.

“Well, first off, Happy Daddy’s Day to all the daddies!” Ray joked. “I have actually been working given that I have actually been here, but you have actually got to take exactly what you can get. When it’s bad, you have actually got to take exactly what you can get.”

The most recent numbers released by the state indicate Nevada has a 4.7 percent joblessness rate. Gonzalez said that number spikes to 6.5 percent for guys with children under 18 years old, which is the worst in the nation.

WalletHub likewise blamed the quality of day care services and local school districts for the poor ranking.

“How much of that (household) income is going right to childcare? In Nevada that’s over 12 percent of the family’s income,” Gonzalez stated. “Sadly the day care quality is not in the upper tier here … so it’s the sense that you’re paying top dollar for some average daycare.”

“When my kids were children I needed to pay a lot, however that was back in Chicago,” Ray stated. “It’s most likely double here. I can believe that.”

Mississippi was listed as the worst state for working daddies and Connecticut was the best.

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