New Deals with: Emily Lapworth

With her luggage and sense of adventure in tow, Emily Lapworth trekked from Plymouth, Massachusetts, to Las Vegas this spring to sign up with the UNLV group. Beginning as the visiting special collections librarian at University Libraries where she assisted in the mission to maintain the history of the Jewish neighborhood in Southern Nevada, she promptly was promoted to digital special collections curator.

Challenging the misunderstanding that librarianship is “just about books and the Dewey Decimal System,” Lapworth leverages a range of innovations every day to share the stories of those whose lives she records with UNLV and the world.

What inspired you to obtain into your field?

I have actually always preferred to check out and learn. When I got to college, I understood I didn’t wish to concentrate on simply one field, so I entered into interdisciplinary studies at Brandeis University. When I was nearing graduation, I took a career quiz, and one of the choices that stuck out to me was librarianship. I believed that seemed like something I would take pleasure in, so I volunteered a while and after that pursued my master’s in library and details science at Simmons College.

Working in a library’s archives is a great way to discover everything. Every day brings something different, something brand-new. Plus, I get to assist other individuals discover. That’s exactly what I such as very well.


It was an interesting opportunity to be in a library that’s so committed to its mission. Everybody in my field told me how terrific Dean (Patty) Iannuzzi is, and it’s true. She’s been really supportive of the Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Task along with the library faculty and personnel in general. The visiting special collections curator position I was initially employed for attracted me too due to the fact that it consisted of every element of archives, from gathering to accessioning, processing, and digitizing.

Exactly what would you say is your most significant achievement considering that beginning at UNLV?

I’m proud of how far our Libraries team has actually included the Jewish heritage project. We have actually digitized more than 800 multipage files, 1,000 images, and 25 oral histories from 40-plus collections. I’ve personally accessioned 15 brand-new collections, written 108 biographies and 23 organizational histories, created 13 brand-new conclusion aids, and revised 7 older ones so far, so I have actually discovered a lot! The group I deal with is fantastic, and we’ve got our workflow to an art.

What is the most significant mistaken belief about your field?

I do not think people recognize how much technology is really associated with libraries and Unique Collections, and honestly, that’s the most interesting part– learning the best ways to make use of and adapt brand-new innovation in this field. When I tell people I’m a librarian, they have the tendency to think it’s almost books and the Dewey Decimal System.

What is the biggest challenge in your field?

The very same thing: innovation. Protecting digital objects is a big obstacle because we need to consider the best ways to preserve files like Microsoft Word files so that they’re still available in 10, 50, 100 years. Remember that 100 years is a brief time in archives; preferably, we want products to be accessible indefinitely.

Leisure activities and hobbies?

The other night, I began taking circus classes at Trapeze Las Vegas. It was my very first time and a completely random thing a buddy wished to try.

I’m not an artist, but I delight in seeing live music. I’m going to Life Is Gorgeous this year. I went to Beale Street Music Celebration this spring, which was enjoyable since I ‘d never been to Memphis.

I likewise such as checking out all kinds of stuff, though there are a couple different authors I’m consumed with, like Haruki Murakami and Margaret Atwood.

One tip for success?

Be open to brand-new chances. That’s how I got here. I took a look at chances all over the country and didn’t limit myself to one kind of library job. Now right here I am, and I enjoy this job.

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