New Face: Becky Murphy

As someone who constantly has liked numbers and who as a kid dreamed of being an actuary some day, Becky Murphy, who operates in the school budget plan office, said she’s found working with spending plans to be an excellent fit.


The tasks are similar in many spending plan workplaces, however the work environment can make or break a job. You cannot inform quite during the interview procedure, but I actually took pleasure in individuals I interviewed with at UNLV, and was fortunate I was right. That, and my 10-minute commute, are wonderful.

What about UNLV strikes you as different from other places you have worked or where you went to school?

Throughout my time operating in the private sector, I typically discovered a more competitive atmosphere, with concentrate on specific objectives rather than the general mission of the company. Here, even the employees have Rebel pride.

Where did you mature and exactly what was that like?

I grew up in exactly what was then a village called Layton, Utah. My father worked at Hill Air Force Base, so I enjoyed having fun with my good friends on base. Sometimes they would obstruct off a roadway to move a stealth bomber, which was a big deal at the time and very amazing to watch.

What inspired you to get into your field?

I have actually constantly readied with numbers and this area appeared like a great way for me to remain employable while working on tasks that were interesting to me.

What is the greatest obstacle in your field?

Interacting with the departments. I am not a professional in their field and do not anticipate them to be professionals in budgeting. Usually, a fast email or telephone call can clear up most matters. I am here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Exists something individuals on school can do to make your task easier?

The big volume of accounts is the most difficult part for me. If you have accounts you do not utilize, let’s save us both future time and effort and get those accounts closed!

Inform us about a time in your life when you have been daring.

In my 20s, I knew Tampa (Florida) wasn’t the ideal city for me. My partner and I put a map of the United States on the living room wall and chose to select any city we wished to move to. We stopped our jobs and relocated to Las Vegas. We were so na├»ve and fortunate, and thankfully we both got jobs immediately. I’m thankful we took that threat; I enjoy living in Las Vegas.

Complete this sentence. “If I couldn’t operate in my current field, I want to …”.

… be an actuary.” My childhood dream was honestly to mature and be an actuary. I later received suggestions from a teacher here at UNLV that there were limited task opportunities in that field here in Las Vegas. He was best and I’m so thankful for that advice which I changed to finance.

What is something individuals would be surprised to discover you?

Darth Maul (believe Star Wars) is my all-time favorite fictional character.

Inform us about someone you appreciate and why.

I’ve learned to appreciate and aim to emulate characteristics of many individuals. For example, I appreciate the interaction abilities of my coworkers, my pal’s fashion sense, and the unconditional love from my mom and hubby.

Any ideas for success?
Be kind and do your finest work for everyone you satisfy. Las Vegas is surprisingly little and you will fulfill those individuals once again, or somebody will ask that person about you..
Discover how to type with all 10 fingers– even those of you who believe you can type practically as fast with two fingers.
Discover all you can about Microsoft Excel; it can do a lot more than you understand.
Pastimes or pastimes?

I am currently spending my nights playing the video game Dominion.

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