New Face: Benjamin Richards

After investing his teenage years longing to break without suburbia, the adult Benjamin Richards carried on to varied locales including Montreal and New york city City. Now he is turning his creative eye on Las Vegas and UNLV.


The video designer job in the imaginative services department was a newly produced position and I really take pleasure in the opportunity to build something from scratch. I have actually done that in the last few tasks I’ve had and I find that rewarding. Likewise, I delight in working for institutions with a certain amount of status.

What are a few of your responsibilities?

My task is to handle UNLV’s marketing video assets– to facilitate and generate new video content for web and social platforms.

How is UNLV various from other locations you have worked?

It’s so young. I have actually constantly worked for ancient, established institutions. It’s neat to see the flexibility that the school has since of its youth.

Where did you work prior to getting to UNLV?

I was the live events video director for the New York Public Libraries (NYPL). My chief responsibility was video production for a live occasion talk series entitled LIVE from the NYPL including lots of popular people. (Actress) Helen Mirren was interesting and among my favorites. (Author) Elizabeth Gilbert was actually intriguing. (Director) John Waters is such a character and has such terrific stories from life. (Boxer) Mike Tyson was a big surprise. He is a huge war history enthusiast– ancient wars. As soon as the mediator got him on the topic he simply talked and talked about ancient war history. It was remarkable, the breadth of his knowledge.

How did you get into your field?

I have actually been doing video considering that I was a kid and my grandpa provided me his VHS camcorder. I made unusual little videos. I founded the video club at my high school. I constantly thought I wished to make music videos. You could get experimental and progressive and still have high production worths. Then I left movie for a while and eventually got my bachelor of arts in dance from Sacramento State. I aspired to be a professional dancer, however I began studying late and didn’t quite have the physical discipline. The 2 worlds satisfied when I started doing video for dance. Dance is always going to belong of my life. I definitely see the world through a lens of movement. It equates into my work. I see the camera as a dancer.

Exactly what is the biggest difficulty in your field?

The quality of concentrate on the platforms where my item is taken in. Now it is mainly taken in on social media. The quality of the audience’s attention period is poor and brief. How do you present something in video that will catch someone’s attention and hold it long enough to deliver a message? Another challenge is having to produce content that can be taken in with and without sound.

When you are producing something you want individuals to offer it the attention they would give a great book that has some nuance and artistry to it. It is hard to discover the space today to share content that way.

Where did you mature?

California– all over. I think I lived the longest in El Dorado Hills outside Sacramento. It was irritating at that age– middle school, high school– I was champing at the bit for my freedom and I felt caught in suburbia.

Inform us something daring you have actually done.

Living in Montreal was bold. Relocating To New york city was daring, too. I resided in Montreal for 3 years. I had to find out the work visas and whatever. Then I transferred to New York City without any task and no home.

Finish this sentence, “If I could not work in my existing field, I would like to …”.

Work in a greenhouse. I love plants, especially tropical plants. I raise orchids. To make a living I might create wall installs, hanging orchids, and hanging plants. I discovered the Las Vegas Orchid Society. Hundreds of orchids may be brought into town for a huge event then tossed out afterward. The Las Vegas Orchid Society gets these “rescue” orchids and offers them cheap. I buy them and grow them in my bedroom. Then I can experiment with my styles.

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