New Face: Juliet Casey

A member of the personnels of both the office of the executive vice president and provost and the Division of Integrated Marketing and Branding, Juliet Casey brings years of communication experience to her brand-new task at UNLV.


UNLV is on an excellent path. We’re increasing in rankings and taking advantage of this neighborhood’s present of variety. I love seeing the immediate impact our work has on the lives of trainees, and how their work, research, and advancements are forming the future.

Exactly what about UNLV strikes you as various from other places you have worked?

I am surrounded by talented people whose enthusiasm for the mission appears to overshadow the challenges. There is a typical focus and energy that is infectious. Plus, I have never ever dealt with numerous Ph.Ds. I’m hoping their luster is contagious, too.

Where did you mature and exactly what was that like?

I grew up in New Mexico with wide-open skies and lively landscapes. Las Vegas is a lot like where I grew up. However I miss out on green chile, and luminarias at Christmas.

What was your previous job?

My previous jobs, from newspapers to a city government, where I invested eight years as a public information officer, to my 3 years in a public relations firm– they were all preparing me for UNLV. Concerning work for UNLV provides me an opportunity to bring all that experience into play.

What is your job title and exactly what are a few of your responsibilities?

I am the director of interactions for the workplace of the executive vice president and provost. I promote provost efforts and assist with internal and external interactions. I am also a member of the Department of Integrated Branding and Marketing, where I aid with strategic preparation and emergency communications.

What inspired you to obtain into your field?

I grew up in a multilingual household, and I had the terrific fortune of having lively storytellers on both sides. Among them, my Uncle Ramon Armando was the greatest motivation. He was a veterinarian in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. When we ‘d go to in the summers, he took me into the field with him to examine livestock. He encouraged me to keep journals. On these trips, he would inform me stories about the ranchers and their households. He often informed great tales about “aluxes,” or “el Huay Chivo,” mythical animals of Maya tradition. At the end of the day, the stories made it into my journals. I have no concept about the cows he analyzed.

Exactly what is the most significant obstacle in your field?

The biggest challenge is knowing the very best way to reach individuals with information they desire and need.

What can people on campus do to make your task much easier?

Be engaged. Take advantage of the communication resources on campus, and don’t be reluctant to use old-fashioned technology. Give me a call.

Finish this sentence, “If I could not work in my existing field, I wish to …

… Go back to school and study ornithology.”

Tell us about a time in your life when you have actually been daring.

My technique to covering homelessness in Las Vegas as a paper press reporter in the early 2000s was bold. I went to homeless encampments alone, sometimes in the evenings when I understood I would discover individuals. I learnt more about the holes in our social services and the strength of people who discover their method back from desperate circumstances to lead productive lives. The daring part comes from having been threatened a number of times, and deciding that one person’s bad mood shouldn’t avoid me from going back the next day to get the rest of the story.

Tell us about an item in your office that has significance for you and why it is significant.

My youngest son made me a card in 2015 and on the front he drew “Squirrel Girl”– his concept of my super-human change ego. If I’m having a hard day, I glance over at it and ask myself, “What would Squirrel Woman do?”

Pastimes or hobbies?

Soccer, swimming, yoga, and hiking.

What book do you have on your bedside table?

Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters

Exactly what is something people would be shocked to learn more about you?

Thanks to my childhood Mexican folkloric dance instructor, I have the very best celebration technique. I can balance a lit candle light within a glass on my head, while dancing a zapateado.

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