New Face: Natesse West Melendez

Natesse “Tess” West Melendez states signing up with UNLV as the new Workday system is being launched makes it a particularly interesting time to be part of the campus community.


Joining UNLV felt like the best fit, this being one of the most diverse universities in the entire U.S.A. I enjoy working here. I found my rainbow. I’m so proud to be part of this amazing university!

Inform us about your own variety story.

I have a very diverse, multi-ethnical cultural heritage. Both my parents originated from substantial families and maturing we joined our family in celebrating different spiritual festivities such as Dewali (Indian), Eid (Muslim), and Christmas (Christian).

I was born in South Africa and due to our cultural and ethnical diversity South Africa is created the “Rainbow Nation.” I enjoy that because it represents me. I am a bit of everything and identify as part of that stunning rainbow. As a girl I would go over to my neighbors’ house who were Muslim and assist them prepare for Eid festivities. They would bake tons of cookies that they would give out to all the neighbors and visitors. When it was Christmas they would come by and help us with our preparations also. Those memories were one of those things, thinking back, that implanted a huge respect for our distinctions as people– that we might live side by side in peace and with respect for each other.

South Africa has an African approach called “Ubuntu.” It is hard to translate however it is a “person is an individual through other individuals.” It speaks of our connectedness as people; we all belong to a bigger community. I’m proud that I had this fantastic chance to experience and live Ubuntu, that my parents, especially my mama, modeled this to our household.

What about UNLV is different from other locations you have worked or where you went to school?

It’s more varied than where I studied. I was restricted to traditionally black universities throughout the apartheid years. The traditionally “white” university took really small consumptions of bulks in South Africa. So working here is fantastic ’cause I’ve never ever experienced a campus as incorporated as this prior to.

Exactly what is your existing job title and what are some of your responsibilities?

I am a workers technician in the wage administration group of the human resources department. With the execution of the new Workday system, we are in a very interesting phase– finding out every day, adapting to what we have to do. It’s actually an interesting time for the campus. Exactly what makes this journey simpler is that I deal with the most remarkable group. I really look forward to concerning work every day ’cause I work with the best, most generous individuals.

Exactly what is the greatest difficulty in your field?

In order to reach our objective of progressing into a Top Tier university, we need to be prepared as a school neighborhood to accept change. We can not expect to continue to do the very same things in the very same manner and expect a different result. The difficulty (now) is to obtain school to a place where they feel comfortable and confident in regards to transacting in Workday. In my viewpoint, the most essential tool we require in our personal arsenal is to be “modification ready.”

Any ideas for success?

Do not give up. Push forward. Rejection is not failure however just the chance to learn, grow and discover another way to win! I have actually been informed “no” many times but took this as an obstacle. Walt Disney was declined by 302 banks for a loan to begin Disney World and we all know how that story ended up.

Leisure activities or pastimes?

Hanging out with my husband and kids, cooking terrific new meals for my household, and taking a trip. Being a working mother to 3 very hectic kids gives me not much free time or “me” time.

Exactly what is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I had lots of part-time jobs as a student. Doing something enjoyable while working my way through school was always the best. I remained in a German motion picture as a double to the lead starlet. I had such fun, learning how to deal with rifles (never ever touched a firearm prior to or because), doing crazy automobile chase scenes. The experience is one of for my memoirs!

Complete this sentence. “If I couldn’t work in my present field, I would like to …”.

Volunteer for an NGO (non-governmental company), concentrating on work with orphans impacted and contaminated with HIV/AIDS. I volunteered for a variety of years in South Africa, investing a significant amount of my spare time with the orphans. Viewing them grow and establish, having that fighting spirit to survive, taught me a lot, made me feel blessed to be part of their journey. Unfortunately, a few of them did not make it. The first baby that passed was profoundly psychological for me. I was not sure if I had the strength to continue to do this work. I soon recognized that I had the benefit to be part of these remarkable humans’ lives, make a little difference in their lives. They had to be hugged, taken care of, and had fun with like other kid. I knew I had to continue to do this work; I needed them as much as they required me.

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