New Face: Zihui Ma

When Zihui Ma began checking out hospitality principles in the senior home, she approached her research with the same inquisitiveness that led her to pursue a scholastic profession far from her native China. Now an assistant professor at the Harrah Hotel College, Ma brings her interest to the classroom.

What about UNLV strikes you as various from other locations you have worked or where you went to school?

First, the Hotel College offers more opportunities for students and faculty and supplies a strong relationship with the hospitality market. Second, the university is so diverse and daring. I went to our fall start ceremony in December, and it was so different from exactly what I have actually experienced before. It was actually inspiring.


In contrast to other hospitality schools, our Hotel College is among the very best. As I mentioned, we have a strong bond with the industry that assists nourish our mentor and research, which in return assists our students.

Where did you grow up and exactly what was it like?

I matured in Lanzhou, China, which was an essential stop on the trade route to Europe called the Silk Roadway. It’s a town where conventional life fulfills the modern world.

What inspired you to obtain into your field?

I ended up being interested in hospitality since I’ve constantly wanted to live a delighted life and share that happiness with others. It inspires me to discover ways to better serve individuals. The education field is also fulfilling as I get to help others be successful.

Exactly what is the greatest challenge in your field?

Understanding the distinctions in generations and way of lives is hard. As we teach in a standard method, we’re now contending for attention as newer generations have more access to the Web and other innovation. In addition, individuals alter exactly what they desire as their lifestyles alter, so the market is constantly aiming to change with them in order to finest meet their needs and desires.

Tell us about a time in your life when you have been daring?

My most daring moment was when I decided to come to the U.S. for my master’s degree (at Virginia Tech). At that time, I had never ever left my house country previously, but I was determined to experience something brand-new and study abroad. It’s been practically eight years given that I left China, but I go to frequently.

If you couldn’t operate in your current field, what profession might you prefer to pursue?

I would want to be a surgeon or a pilot. It’s far from what I’m doing now, so I’ve constantly had these fantasies of what it ‘d resemble. Nevertheless, it’s all curiosity-driven. Mentor is still my passion.

Tell us about someone you appreciate and why.

If I have to select only one, it would be Teacher Larry Killough from when I studied at Virginia Tech for my master’s degree. He understood ways to motivate people in order to get them to the next level and always offered fantastic suggestions.

Proudest minute of your life?

I went on a spontaneous 10-day journey by myself to celebrate my 24th birthday. I took a Megabus from Virginia and took a trip to Washington, D.C., New york city, and Boston. I really discovered myself in those 10 days, which’s something I’m proud of.

Who is your hero?

My father. He is a dedicated individual who never gives up, and I truly admire that in him.

Any tips for success?

Assist others to be successful. You make things by assisting instead of by asking. If you can learn to more than happy for others, then you have the ability and spirit to be successful.

Leisure activities or hobbies?

I ‘d love to begin playing badminton again. My moms and dads presented it to me as a child, and I fell in love with it.

Tell us about a things in your office that has significance for you.

We took a funny college group photo during a holiday party, and I truly love it. It advises me of how happy I am to work here. So, I decided to draw everyone in the picture on the whiteboard in my workplace. I’ve never drawn before, but I did it due to the fact that it’s a terrific group of individuals to work with. They all influence me to serve our trainees much better.

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