NFL moves 2021 Super Bowl to Tampa Bay from L.A.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017|1:23 p.m.

CHICAGO– The 2021 Super Bowl has actually been moved by the NFL from Los Angeles to Tampa.

5 days after the opening of the $2.6 billion football arena in Inglewood, California was pressed back to 2020 since of building and construction delays brought on by Los Angeles’ uncommonly wet winter, league owners authorized the move Tuesday. Owners voted all to provide the February 2021 game to Tampa and have the Rams’ and Chargers’ new house host the 2022 Super Bowl.

The NFL would have needed to waive a rule that forbids a Super Bowl being played at an arena prior to it has actually hosted two full regular seasons. Instead, it chose to move the game to Tampa, runner-up to Los Angeles in the bidding.

“Our focus in this process is this structure must host multiple Super Bowls over many generations, and we need to ensure we provide a structure that is a remarkable, Super Bowl-quality structure,” Rams primary running officer Kevin Demoff stated last week. “Our focus is more on the caliber of structure than the exact year of the Super Bowl.”

Previously, the NFL showed it wishes to revive a little bit of Broadway back to a goal near you next season.

After years of restricting how– and what does it cost?– gamers could celebrate following touchdowns, the league decided to chill out its rules, allowing gamers to again utilize the football as a prop, celebrate as a group and roll around or flap their arms like snow angels on the ground again if they select.

In an e-mail from Commissioner Roger Goodell sent to fans in an effort to deliver “a more interesting video game experience,” the commissioner stated the brand-new standards followed discussions with more than 80 current and previous players.

Asked whether he celebrated the new guidelines approved at Tuesday’s spring meetings, Goodell laughed.

“I did,” he said. “I can’t inform you how.”

Goodell stated the moniker “No Enjoyable League” had actually been tossed around since he was an intern in the league workplace. He invited the looser standards, also endorsed by Falcons President Rich McKay, who heads the NFL competitors committee.

“The pendulum had actually swung a long method” in restricting gamers excessive, McKay added.

The league, however, will continue to punish any event considered offensive or in bad taste, including those that embarrass challengers or imitate using weapons. If events are deemed a violation by on-field authorities, gamers might still be punished under existing unsportsmanlike conduct and teasing offenses, as well as fined.

“Everybody has a various concept where the line is,” the commissioner said.

There is no set time frame on for how long such celebrations can continue. But the league is putting a focus on speeding up the rate of video games. The 40-second play clock will begin as soon as a main signals a touchdown and groups will need to snap the ball for their extra-point play at the end of the clock.

League officials will evaluate celebrations during the preseason and expect supplying assistance as the routine season progresses. Previous player Jon Runyan, who is in charge of on-field disciplinary actions, will hear any appeals for gamers.

“I really believe it will be easier” for officials to figure out which celebrations are suitable, stated Alberto Riveron, the league’s new senior vice president for officiating. “But some things will still be open to analysis.”

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