O.J. Simpson banned from Cosmopolitan


O.J. Simpson was thrown away and banned from the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

TMZ reported it happened after reportedly becoming “squandered” and “unruly.”

TMZ likewise said Simpson had actually been visiting the property frequently given that he was launched from jail.

On Wednesday, Simpson was at the home and ended up being drunk and disruptive at the Inner circle Bar, according to TMZ. Simpson was “mad at hotel staff and glasses broke at the bar.”

Malcolm Lavergne, O.J.’s legal representative stated most of TMZ’s story was incorrect.

“The gambling establishment itself, they won’t talk about why they banned Mr. Simpson which I projected that they would do, but they were just saying these were wild reports. So everything aside from Mr. Simpson being trespassed from home are just false. They simply exercised their right to ban him,” Lavergne said.

He recommended O.J. to report to his parole officer Thursday following the prior nights incident.

“I was like, ‘Mr. Simpson, get on the phone call your parole officer go out ahead of this and let them handle this. That’s exactly what took place; they came out they evaluated him, spoke with the Cosmopolitan, it’s a non-issue at this moment,” he said.

According to Simpson’s parole limitations, if he were to consume to excess or have a blood alcohol material of.08, or higher then he would be breaching parole in Nevada.

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It is unknown what his blood alcohol material was on the night of the incident, however Lavergne rejects his client was intoxicated.

He stated TMZ’s report was an individual hit against O.J.

“When there’s an allegation made from drunkenness, ok one of the regards to his parole is he can’t drink to excess, that’s why TMZ put it like that and I believe that’s quite harmful of them,” he said.

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