One dead in officer involved shooting in west LV

City Police shot and killed a suspect this morning in a Northwest Las Vegas area apartment who they state lunged at officers aggressively with a knife.

Officers arrived at about 12:14 a.m. to the 1100 block of South Cimarron Roadway to investigate reports of a domestic disruption, according to cops.

Officers utilized a public-address system from their patrol automobile to get in touch with occupants of the house. A woman bring a child exited, inning accordance with police.

Once inside officers came across a male suspect hiding under clothing in the closet of the back bedroom and armed with a knife. Cops gave him instructions to drop the knife, and when he didn’t, deployed an electric stun device, police stated.

The 2 stuns were inadequate and the suspect “lunged strongly toward officers” to cause a minimum of two of the 4 officers to fire their handguns, inning accordance with police.

The suspect was transported to UMC Injury, and later on noticable dead.

This is the ninth officer involved shooting of 2017, inning accordance with cops. It’s the second time in as numerous months that Metro’s stun-gun restraint technique proved in effective.

In mid-May, Tashii Brown was stunned seven times on the Las Vegas Strip while attempting to be limited. Officer Kenneth Lopera then utilized an unauthorized neck hold for more than a minute, leading to Brown’s death.

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