Group took advantage of Walmart register mistake for $1,100, authorities state

(Source: Winter Haven Police Department)( Source: Winter season Sanctuary Authorities Department)( Source: Winter Sanctuary Cops Department ).( MEREDITH)– In exactly what practically could be a brand-new Possibility card, a group of 8 people at a Florida Walmart experienced a cash register mistake in their favor, at a self-checkout kiosk. While getting modification back from the machine, among them noticed that what need to have been a five-dollar bill was really a 20-dollar bill.

What might appear like good fortune has landed them on the incorrect side of the law. Not only did they not report the maker’s mistake to a worker, they took advantage, duplicating the hack for about 20 minutes and getting $1,100.

Winter Haven, Fl., police are now searching for the 8 alleged self-checkout scammers, publishing on Facebook that if you searched for the word pernicious, you might discover pictures of the suspects. Two children were a part of the group, inning accordance with police.

Turns out, twenty-dollar bills were put into the slot for five-dollar costs in the self-checkout register, which the store found during an audit. Security tapes showed the group of suspects lining up consistently to pay for little items in deals that would require a five-dollar expense in change.

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Hacker threatens to release stolen copies of Netflix series


Taylor Schilling, center, portrays Piper Kerman, whose memoirs are the basis for the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

Friday, April 28, 2017|7:10 p.m.

SAN FRANCISCO– A hacker declares to have actually taken the upcoming season of Netflix’s hit series “Orange Is The New Black,” and is demanding that the video streaming service pay an undefined ransom to prevent all the brand-new episodes from being prematurely released online.

The hacker, operating under the name The Dark Overlord, has currently supposedly uploaded the very first episode to a prohibited file-sharing service. The Associated Press might not lawfully confirm the authenticity of that submitted file.

New episodes of “Orange” are scheduled for main release on June 9.

Netflix stated that a little production vendor that deals with a number of major TV studios had actually suffered a breach. The Los Gatos, California, business described it as an “active situation” that’s being investigated by the FBI and other authorities.

Pirated copies of “Orange” could damage Netflix’s subscriber growth and the company’s stock cost.

In the ransom note, The Dark Overlord claimed to have actually stolen series from other studios, too, by getting into a single company. The purported hacker guaranteed to also release those titles unless “modest” ransoms are paid.

Reports of an enormous leak of Hollywood movies and TV episodes have been flowing online for months, fed by purported screenshots of the video footage and a copy of a proposed deal to erase the taken product in return for 10s of thousands of dollars in electronic currency.

When the AP contacted The Dark Overlord in February, the hacker said the purloined video wouldn’t be made openly available after all, making the far-fetched claim that “no one truly (cares) about unreleased motion pictures and TV show episodes.”

It’s not clear what set off The Dark Overload’s restored ransom needs.

Netflix is relying on “Orange” to help it add 3.2 million subscribers from April through June. That’s significantly higher than the company’s typical gain of 1.8 million customers in the same period over the previous five years.

Whenever Netflix’s quarterly subscriber gains fall shy of management’s forecasts, the company’s stock usually plunges.

Blackstone Sells Pair of Santa Monica Office Bldgs. to Douglas Emmett, Qatar Financial investment Authority JV for Top Dollar

PE Giant Sells 1299 Ocean Ave. and 429 Santa Monica Blvd. for $352.8 Million

Blackstone Group today offered a pair of Santa Monica office buildings amounting to about 292,667 square feet to a joint venture of Los Angeles-based Douglas Emmett, Inc. and the Qatar Investment Authority, commanding a premium list price of roughly $352.8 million. At about $1,205 per square foot, the workplace offer ranks as one of the most expensive in Southern California to close this year.

Blackstone has owned the buildings because its 2007 acquisition of Equity Office Characteristic Trust, which lots of analysts consider the top of the previous cycle in industrial residential or commercial property. Eastdil Protected brokered the transaction.

The buyers moneyed a portion of the purchase price through a $142 million protected, non-recourse, interest-only loan that develops in July 2019 and bears interest at Libor plus 1.55%. Douglas Emmett devoted 20% of the equity capital and handles the joint venture with QIA.

The traded office complex are 1299 Ocean Ave., an 11-story, 205,713-square-foot office complex, and 429 Santa Monica Blvd., a seven-story office complex located one block from Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Boardwalk and 3 blocks from the city line.

In spite of the sky-high cost, Douglas Emmett highlighted exactly what it called the “considerable lease-up chance” associated with the buildings, with 1299 Ocean at 79% rented and 429 Santa Monica at 70% leased, representing tenants that have actually validated they plan to vacate.

The offer likewise increases Douglas Emmett’s financial investment concentration in the downtown Santa Monica workplace market. Last year, the Douglas Emmett/QIA joint endeavor acquired 233 Wilshire Boulevard, a 129,000-square-foot office home for $139.5 million, and 12100 Wilshire Boulevard. With its most current purchase, Douglas Emmett said it increased its ownership of the Santa Monica Class An office market from 55% to 71%.

Douglas Emmett’s overall office portfolio now consists of 69 office residential or commercial properties amounting to approximately 18 million square feet. The firm likewise owns 10 apartment communities in Los Angeles and Honolulu making up 3,320 units, with another 850 systems under development.

The Quatar Financial investment Authority partnered with Douglas Emmett as part of its strategies to substantially broaden its financial investment in United States property. Other major current financial investments consist of the Manhattan West project it obtained in New York City in 2015, and a 9.9% interest in Empire State Real estate Rely on 2016. QIA has set an objective of getting $35 billion of North American realty over the next five years.

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PD: After disappearance and rejection, father admits to killing 13-year-old son


The daddy of a 13-year-old boy admitted to killing his child, whose body was discovered wrapped in blanket and covered in rocks following his disappearance, according to authorities.

Paul Jones was charged with very first degree murder after family members discovered his kid, Aaron Jones’ body decomposing near a treking trail off Stone Highway.

His body was not immediately identifiable.

According to Las Vegas City Police, Aaron Jones had been coping with his daddy at Siegel Suites near Boulder Highway given that Nov. of in 2015 after being given custody in June.

Paul Jones and his 13 kids resided in a single bed room home, cops stated.

Authorities said relatives had seen Paul Jones disciplining Aaron by making him stand against a wall with his hands up while Paul motivated his other kids to “strike (Aaron) with any items they selected.”

Paul Jones stated he was told at a parenting class that he could “pop” his children “as long as it did not leave contusions,” according to the arrest report.

In an argument in mid-Feb., where Paul Jones stated Aaron took his siblings’ cash to purchase candy, Paul initially informed cops that Aaron ran away from home while being disciplined. Authorities said Paul claimed he didn’t file a missing individuals report since he had exceptional warrants.

Cops stated Paul later confessed that he struck Aaron “on the side of the confront with an open hand.” Aaron dropped to the floor, and then struck his head on the flooring. Paul said Aaron’s eyes were still open and he was still breathing however he was “not entirely there.” Paul said he dressed Aaron in a dry t-shirt and shorts, and laid a blanket over him. Paul informed cops he later discovered Aaron wasn’t breathing and then covered Aaron in a blanket, carried him to “the desert location” and positioned rocks and a piece of tarpaulin over his body.

Aaron’s cousins found his body on April 25, stating he had been missing out on considering that Dec. however was never reported missing, nor as a runaway.

Latoya Williams-Miley, 33, was also reserved into Clark County Detention Center Thursday night, according to Las Vegas City police. She was accuseded of open murder.

Cops determined Williams-Miley as the stepmother of Aaron Jones.

Paul Jones was detained on April 1 on an unassociated parole offense tied to a child abuse case, inning accordance with authorities.

Clark County Coroner’s Workplace verified the body as Aaron Jones. The cause and manner of death stayed pending.

In an interview Wednesday with FOX5, Paul Jones firmly insisted having no involvement in his kid’s disappearance.

“I didn’t do it, I do not know exactly what took place to my kid,” he said. “It’s devastating and hurtful to see they would blame someone you understand that actually didn’t do anything to damage their child.”

The daddy firmly insisted the teen ran away in Feb. He stated he could not call the police due to the fact that he had an outstanding warrant.

More charges are pending an evaluation by the Clark County District Attorney’s Workplace.

Stay with FOX5 and for updates.

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Trump: North Korea '' disrespected ' China with missile test


Andrew Harnik/ AP President Donald Trump strolls across the South Lawn as he reaches the White Home in Washington, Friday, April 28, 2017, returning from traveling to Atlanta to speak at the National Rifle Association Leadership Forum.

Friday, April 28, 2017|7:22 p.m.

WASHINGTON– President Donald Trump said Friday that North Korea had “disrespected” China by attempting to launch another ballistic missile.

Trump has stated he is depending on Chinese President Xi Jinping to motivate North Korea to give up its pursuit of ballistic rocket and nuclear weapons programs. Trump has also stated he believes Xi will do the ideal thing. China is North Korea’s benefactor.

However Trump has likewise threatened to go it alone if Xi fails to deliver.

South Korea’s military stated Friday afternoon that North Korea had fired the missile from an area near the capital of Pyongyang, however offered no information.

U.S. and South Korean officials stated the launch apparently failed, with the missile breaking apart a few minutes after launch.

Trump did not respond to press reporters’ concerns about the missile launch as he went into the White Home after he returned from a daytrip to Atlanta. Soon afterward, press secretary Sean Spicer stated the White House was aware of the launch and Trump had actually been briefed on it.

Trump apparently reserved his comment about the launch for Twitter, composing on the social networks site: “North Korea disrespected the dreams of China & & its highly respected President when it introduced, though unsuccessfully, a rocket today. Bad!”

Trump has threatened North Korea with military action if it continues establishing nuclear and ballistic rocket programs. But he has likewise stated he would choose to resolve the problem through diplomacy.

Hours prior to the launch, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson chaired a U.N. Security Council meeting committed to the North Korea issue and required new sanctions against Pyongyang. Tillerson also urged other nations to exert pressure on North Korea.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated his country would stick to previous U.N. resolutions and desires a denuclearized Korean peninsula, however defined no more punitive actions his government may think about– regardless of Tillerson’s assertions in an interview hours ahead of the council meeting that Beijing would impose sanctions of its own if North Korea carries out another nuclear test.

'' 13 Factors ' stimulates criticism of teen suicide depiction


Beth Dubber/ Netflix through AP This image shows Katherine Langford in a scene from the series, “13 Reasons that,” about a teenager who devotes suicide. The stomach-turning suicide scene has triggered criticism from some psychological health advocates that it glamorizes suicide as well as promoted lots of schools throughout the nation to send out warning letters to parents and guardians.

Friday, April 28, 2017|7:05 p.m.

New York City– It’s a scene as agonizing to view as it is graphic: A 17-year-old girl climbs into a bathtub with a razor. We see her piece into her skin, we see the blood pour out, hear her cry and struggle to breathe. Then she is still.

The suicide of the heroine in Netflix’s new popular series “13 Reasons Why” should not come as a shock, considering that it’s portrayed in the last episode of a series developed around the character’s death. But knowing that it is coming doesn’t make it any easier.

That stomach-turning scene has triggered criticism that it romanticizes suicide and triggered lots of schools across the nation to send out warning letters to parents and guardians. The program’s developers are unapologetic, saying their frank depiction needs to be “unflinching and raw.”

“Lots of people are accusing the program of glamorizing suicide and I feel highly– and I believe everybody who made the program– feel very highly that we did the exact opposite,” said writer Brian Yorkey, who won a Tony Award and a Pulitzer Prize for the musical “Beside Regular,” which came to grips with mental disorder. “What we did was portray suicide and we represented it as extremely ugly and very harmful.”

The 13-episode drama, co-produced by actress and singer Selena Gomez, is based upon Jay Asher’s young-adult 2007 bestseller about a high school student who kills herself and leaves 13 audiotapes detailing the occasions that caused her death, consisting of sexual assault, substance abuse and bullying.

Per typical, Netflix released all 13 hours of the series at the same time– on March 31– leaving suicide prevention experts concerned teens may binge the whole series without an opportunity to completely absorb the concerns and ask concerns. They also say they want the show would regularly flash the National Suicide Avoidance hotline.

“Graphic information about suicide we understand historically are not advised,” said Phyllis Alongi, the scientific director of The Society for the Prevention of Teenager Suicide. “I understand exactly what the producers are stating but it might actually be hazardous and I think we need to be a bit more accountable.”

Netflix and the show creators point out that numerous psychological health experts were consulted and they provide a 30-minute program called “Beyond the Reasons” that delves deeper into the harder topics portrayed, along with a website with connect to resources.

The program is rated TV-MA, which indicates it might disagree for kids under 17, and 3 episodes which contain explicit product have “audience discretion recommended” cautions.

However some psychological health specialists are going even more, with the National Association of School Psychologists declaring, “We do not recommend that susceptible youth, specifically those who have any degree of self-destructive ideation, see this series.”

Critics of the program argue that depression and mental disorder– secrets to comprehending suicide– are seldom pointed out and the fact that its heroine, Hannah, gets to tell her story after her death sends out a potentially harmful message. They’re likewise distressed that the school assistance counselor portrayed on the program seems to blame the victim.

The Jed Foundation and Suicide Awareness Voices of Education joined forces to create 13 talking points for young people and guardians to discuss while enjoying the series, consisting of warnings that the way the therapist is depicted is “not typical” which “leaving messages from beyond the tomb is a dramatization produced in Hollywood.”

School systems across the nation look out parents, making them aware that their teens may be streaming the series, urging them to view it with them, and supplying details to help them talk about it.

In the upstate New York neighborhood of Grand Island, school administrators warned that the series “sensationalizes suicide.” Indiana’s biggest school district cautioned in an email that the series “does not accurately model exactly what we would desire or hope individuals do if they are struggling or in crisis.”

In Maryland, principals in the Montgomery County public school system discovered teenagers discussing the series and wished to ensure parents had resources to deal with hard questions. A warning letter and links to resources eventually went out to all 35,000 middle schoolers.

“There’s a lot to take in and digest. If you’re a young, growing mind being informed by exactly what you see, this might have an effect,” stated Derek Turner, representative for the district. “So we’re giving them pointers and tools.”

According to the Centers for Illness Control and Prevention, suicide was the second leading cause of death for children and young people ages 10 to 24 in 2014.

Dr. Helen Hsu, a clinical psychologist in Fremont, California, whose work involves suicide avoidance in schools, helped shape some of the “13 Reasons that” scripts. She stated disappointing Hannah’s suicide would be practically “coy and avoidant” and that medical research studies aren’t conclusive about the dangers of suicide contagion. Plus, there are currently graphic how-to guides online.

“If you think your kid can’t discover this in one second on the web currently in the previous Ten Years, you are sadly incorrect,” she stated. “To say this is going to activate that is sort of naive. What I truly emphasized in the script writing was I said. ‘It has to concentrate on that it’s not attractive, that it’s unsightly, it hurts and I really want you to focus on the discomfort of her parents and the people left.'”

While suicide has been illustrated on TV shows, the youth of the functions in “13 Reasons Why” is pioneering. It has actually plainly struck a nerve: The show has 340,000 Twitter fans and 2.4 million likes on Facebook.

Gomez, who has talked freely about her own mental-health struggles, said she was braced for a backlash: “It’s going to come no matter what. It’s not a simple subject to speak about. However I’m really fortunate with how it’s doing.”

Yorkey said developers wished to tell a young person story in “a more honest way that it has actually ever been told on television.”

“I comprehend it’s tough to enjoy,” he stated. “It was expected to be tough to see due to the fact that these things are incredibly difficult to sustain and we wished to state, ‘These things are happening in kids’ lives. You can keep quiet about them. You can keep kids from viewing programs about them. It’s not going to stop them from taking place in kids’ lives and you should be discussing that.'”

Know Your Cheer Teams


We’ve got spirit, yes we do. A lot spirit one squad can’t handle everything.

UNLV’s cheer and dance teams are broken up among 3 various groups, plus, UNLV Pom, a two-year-old noncompetitive team that feeds into other systems. UNLV Cheer, the Rebel Dance Girls, and the Scarlet Dance Line, are routine fixtures at games, events, and in the neighborhood. Oh, and on nationwide tv, if you were enjoying CNN on the afternoon of the presidential debate.

But exactly what separates one performers from another? More than simply the amount they have emotionally invested in Bring It On.

UNLV Cheer The Coke Classic of cheerleading teams, UNLV Cheer is whatever you consider when you think of cheerleaders– all the toppling, sideline exhorting, pom-shaking action you might desire.

” If your [background is as] a gymnast, you’re more so going to favor the cheer side of it, but if you’re a dancer then you’re going to more so choose the Rebel Girls,” cheer coach Savanna Sibley said.

The cheer group can be discovered at basketball and football games, and also competes at the annual College Cheerleading and Dance Group Championship game. This year the team put seventh in the nation in its division.

< img class =" caption "alt =" "title=" Rebel Ladies carry out at a basketball video game.( Aaron Mayes/ UNLV Creative Provider) “/ > Rebel Women Where the cheer group is oriented toward conventional cheer activities like toppling and stunts, the Rebel Ladies make their bones in hip-hop

dance at every guys’s basketball home video game and choose football games.” Individuals have joined our program because recently we have actually been nationally acknowledged,” coach Brandi-Lynn Slade stated. “We had a big fan base at games. People remained in their seats to see us perform instead of getting up during timeouts. Rebel Women are a huge name in the college dance group industry.”

The Rebel Ladies work with choreographers (and UNLV alumni) Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo, who have actually created dance regimens for everybody from Cirque du Soliel to Jennifer Lopez to So You Believe You Can Dance.

Like the cheer team, the Rebel Ladies contend at nationals in Orlando, Florida, in January, where they took 5th in hip-hop dance this year. They have actually won the national title four times: 2008, 2010, 2013, and 2016. Their next stop will be the yearly Universal Dance Association camp this July in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Scarlet Dance Line. While the cheer group and Rebel Ladies fall under the auspices of UNLV Sports, the Scarlet Dance Line functions as part of the Star of Nevada Marching Band. A relative newbie, being formed in 2009, the dance line isn’t a competitive system, which provides trainees an outlet for scratching the dance itch without the full-time dedication required by the other squads.

The dance line performs with the marching band before and at halftime of all football games, in addition to at women’s basketball games in the spring.

” The level of efficiency has grown a lot,” second-year coach Milena McLaren said. “When I was part of the group, our coaches were constantly Rebel Ladies. They didn’t have a lot of time to concentrate on exactly what our group required and to grow our group. Now that I have actually stepped in as coach, I can take a lot more time to deal with the girls and expand the group. I believe that’s truly assisted our efficiency quality.”

The Scarlet Dance Line likewise carries out at all the homecoming parades, and travels with the marching band for one road trip video game every year. In 2015, that implied a trip to Pasadena, California, for the UCLA game, and in prior years they went to San Diego and Dallas.

United Airlines reaches settlement with guest who was dragged off plane

(Source: Twitter/@JayseDavid)( Source: Twitter/@JayseDavid )

( Source: Twitter/@JayseDavid). By Jackie Wattles NEW YORK (CNNMoney)– United Airlines simply reached a settlement with Dr. David Dao, the guest who was strongly dragged off a flight previously this month in an event that produced an firestorm for the company.

Dao’s legal representatives revealed the offer Thursday however did not disclose the monetary regards to the settlement.

The announcement includes appreciation for United CEO Oscar Munoz from Thomas Demetrio, among his attorneys.

” Mr. Munoz said he was going to do the best thing, and he has,” he said. “In addition, United has taken complete responsibility for exactly what happened … without attempting to blame others, including the City of Chicago.”

It was a policeman who worked for the city who actually got rid of Dao from the aircraft. The officer has actually because been suspended.

Dao’s legal representatives previously stated Dao suffered a concussion and lost teeth throughout the experience. Dao can be seen with blood streaming down his face in video footage of the occurrence.

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Raiders use First pick on embattled cornerback Gareon Conley


David J. Phillip/ AP In this March 6, 2017, file picture, Ohio State defensive back Gareon Conley runs a drill at the NFL football searching integrate in Indianapolis. An attorney for the previous Ohio State star says the player denies an accusation made in a cops report launched Tuesday, April 25, 2017, that he sexually attacked a female. No charges have been filed and the incident is still being examined by cops.

Released Thursday, April 27, 2017|9:40 p.m.

Updated Thursday, April 27, 2017|11:30 p.m.

ALAMEDA, Calif.– Oakland Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie said his staff did substantial research study on Gareon Conley prior to using the 24th overall pick in the draft on the skilled but embattled Ohio State cornerback who has actually been implicated of rape.

“We did our due diligence throughout this entire procedure and we trust our research, the reports, everything that we have on Mr. Conley,” McKenzie stated. “I do not wish to enter all the details but the bottom line is we have actually done miles and miles of research to make sure we were totally comfortable with our decision, which we were.”

Conley said he took a polygraph test previously Thursday and is scheduled to consult with police Monday.

“I’m extremely positive that it will be solved,” Conley told press reporters during a conference call after the first round of the draft. “I took a test today that helps, when I make my statement and with all the evidence that I have, I feel confident that it will be dealt with.”

McKenzie stated that Conley was “hands down” the very best offered player when Oakland went on the clock. Coach Jack Del Rio called it a happy minute for the Raiders company.

Conley, 21, appeared like a lock to be selected early in the preliminary until earlier today, when it was revealed that he had actually been implicated of sexually attacking a lady in Cleveland.

He has actually called the claims “completely incorrect” and no charges have been filed as police investigate. Conley was called in an authorities report that information the claims but no info has actually been forwarded to district attorneys.

“It’s been genuine emotional but I made it through it,” Conley stated. “I just kept my faith strong and kept listening to my mom, my representative and my support and kept my head on straight.”

McKenzie sounded confident the circumstance will be solved.

“The research was done,” McKenzie stated. “It wasn’t simply a gut (feeling). It was based upon research. We are extremely confident in the information that we collected.”

A lawyer for Conley has actually said that his customer wanted to meet detectives and consented to provide a DNA sample to counter the sexual attack claims.

Regardless of obvious requirements at defensive deal with and middle linebacker, McKenzie and Del Rio rather selected a skilled player who was predicted to be a leading 15 pick prior to his stock took a hit.

“A really skilled corner that’s capable of playing man or zone,” Del Rio said. “Been well-respected by the individuals that I have actually spoken with personally about him. A guy that loves to complete, excellent teammate and actually a quality kid. He’s got great length, fantastic speed. Among those actually clean gamers that we were fortunate to get our hands on late in the first round.”

Conley started every video game over the previous two years at Ohio State and enabled opposing quarterbacks to complete simply 37 percent of their throws in his direction. The 6-foot, 195-pound junior had six interceptions in 3 seasons consisting of four in 2016 while playing almost strictly on the outside.

The pick addresses Oakland’s lack of depth in the secondary. Starters Sean Smith and David Amerson had up-and-down years in 2016 and the Raiders don’t have much behind them. Oakland also has a hole to fill out the slot after decreasing to pick up the alternative year on DJ Hayden’s contract this offseason.

Smith struggled in his first season with the Raiders and could be expendable depending upon how quickly Conley adjusts to the professional level. Smith, who was benched in Week 1 and was a consistent target on the NFL’s 24th-ranked pass defense, is because of make $5 million in base salary in 2017 and might make another $4.25 million as a roster benefit.

Hayden was the last cornerback the Raiders drafted in the first round and the very first first-round choice made by McKenzie after ending up being general supervisor. Hayden was the 12th total choice in 2013 but was prevented by injuries and missed out on 19 video games over 4 seasons in Oakland before the group cut ties with him this offseason.