Paramedic credited with saving money man from ferocious attack


A regional paramedic went above and beyond and is now being credited with conserving a men and women’s life. What may have ended in a homicide developed into a story of bravery and fast thinking.

“I decided I could live with attempting to stop this and possibly getting hurt. I could not go to sleep that night understanding that I saw an innocent guy get murdered,” Emergency Medical Technician Anthony Brown stated.

It was a normal early Friday early morning shift for Brown. He and his partner were reacting to a non-emergency call near Owens and A Street when they came across something unusual, 2 mens and women depending on the roadway. Brown stoppeded to see exactly what was going on.

“I exited my ambulance, got in-between the traffic and the mens and women, traffic stopped and the headlights revealed the scene, and I might see that there was a big men and women on top of another guy holding a big knife and was stabbing him repeatedly in the abdominal area,” Brown stated.

After realizing what was occurring, Brown rushed back to his ambulance to tell his partner to call for assistance. At that point Brown discussed whether to intervene, but after hearing from the victim he knew if he had actually waited too long for aid it might have been too late.

“He wept out to me,’Assist me! Help me! Kindly stop him,’ and I could not leave him there,” Brown stated.

Brown got out and faced the suspect, 51-year-old Jose Castillo.

“He turned at me and raised the knife at me, and so I took a step back and as soon as he reversed and continued stabbing the guy I charged him and kicked him when in the head and knocked him unconscious. I received the victim, brought him to my ambulance and threw him in the back, shut the doors, informed my partner to remain in the truck,” Brown stated.

While Brown’s partner started treating the victim, Brown pinned Castillo down until police arrived. They then rushed the victim to University Medical Center. He suffered 22 stab injuries to the abdominal area.

Medical personnel and Brown were shocked he made it through the gruesome attack. Brown stated put in the exact same position, he ‘d do it again.

“There is no doubt God had us in the best location at the right time. A minute later – I imply, it was a wonder he was alive when we got there,” Brown stated.

Brown went to go to the victim in the healthcare facility. He was alert and talking, and thanked Brown for conserving his life. Brown said he has long road to recovery but he will certainly make it.

Castillo is charged with tried murder and battery with a deadly weapon.

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