Pasquale Rotella talks EDC’s past and future in Las Vegas


Steve Marcus Pyrotechnics shoot from the Kinetic Field stage during the third night of the Electric Daisy Carnival on Sunday, June 19, 2016, at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. By

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Nick Coletsos Pasquale Rotella When you moved EDC to Las Vegas from Los Angeles in 2011, exactly what did you picture in terms of how the Strip might get involved? I seemed like the mayor’s assistance when I chose to move it to Vegas was an excellent sign of how all of Vegas may support the festival, or that was my hope anyhow. Mayor [Oscar] Goodman was still in workplace and … made me seem like the support here was going to be special to any of the other festivals I do around the world. You don’t have the entertainment focus like you perform in Vegas, and the synergy between a huge music occasion and a show on the Strip, it’s really comparable.

My vision was to have those huge casinos [on the Strip] turn on their LED screens in front of the hotels and have those indications read “Invite headliners.” That was in my head before I actually saw it happen. They actually do that now. And there’s a lot more to do than just go to the celebration, too, with EDC Week occasions. It was very natural for the Strip and its bars and show places to support the occasion and do some collaborative occasions. It was best.

2016 EDC: Night 1 at LVMS Release slideshow”Big entertainment occasions are nothing brand-new in Las Vegas, but music festivals haven’t grown here, until now. It is incredibly distinct. A music festival on an annual basis was not something that took place in Vegas. There were efforts and failures, Vegoose being one of them. Music events simply weren’t truly something individuals were looking at Vegas for, and a great deal of the clubs were doing more hip-hop and open format when we first headed out there so we didn’t understand if dance music fans were going to come for sure. However there are so many hotels, the airport is so near to the Strip, and with all the shows and home entertainment and the glamour and shine of Las Vegas, I was believing it needed to work. I was more confident than not.

EDC is among the occasions that brings in numerous thousands of visitors to Las Vegas every year. People at restaurants, bars, bars and hotels have actually told me it’s a very unique crowd, type of a better group of youths. We’re extremely, very proud of that, and happy to be part of this amazing neighborhood that I come from. There’s something about this music and culture that brings the best out of individuals. It’s unlike anything else out there. I like hip-hop music, and I can enjoy myself at a rodeo or a NASCAR race. I can have fun in a lot of different locations however I personally have had life-altering experiences within this culture and I get so motivated by the energy that exists. And I really can’t hear stuff like that enough since there were numerous years where dance music was sort of safeguarding itself from an unfavorable stigma, when this is something that has actually brought so much positivity to my life and my pals’ lives and numerous countless other peoples’ lives.

2016 EDC: Night 2 at LVMS Launch slideshow”When we spoke in January, you said you wish to bring a second celebration to Las Vegas soon. I still wish to do that. Absolutely nothing on the scale of EDC, however on a smaller sized scale, and I seem like Las Vegas can support it. Why not bring something totally various at the end of summertime or six months away, or something like that? Individuals in the dance neighborhood want to go to Vegas more than one time a year, and they do. There is so much music there.

EDC has changed the music that gets played in the clubs on the Strip, however it also seems to have prepared for other growing celebrations in Las Vegas. I believe it opened the door for other types of celebrations to come in and achieve success. It motivated people outside of dance music and put it in people’s minds that it’s a location for an event versus an arena program date. I seem like we broke down a bunch of incorrect understandings that it wasn’t possible

2016 EDC: Night 3 Release slideshow” What does the continued growth of Insomniac look like right now? We have actually hardly begun global growth. We have a lot of balls in the air today. There are probably five to 7 markets overseas that we are participated in severe discussions about, and that’s extremely exciting. And there are others it would be good to go to, but we have not had the bandwidth to pursue yet. There’s growth in the states, too. There are markets here that are saturated but others that are underserved. We jus did a stunning first-year festival, Middlelands, in Texas, and the buzz on that event was huge.

There are still tickets available for EDC Las Vegas, June 16-18 at the Speedway, at

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