Pay freeze pits CCSD instructors versus school board members


A battle is brewing in between Clark County School District teachers and the Board of Trustees. On Monday, board members put a freeze on teacher salaries.

The Nevada Legislature approved big boosts in education financing, however the majority of that money is earmarked for particular programs or locations that cannot be utilized for instructor raises.

In response, some veteran teachers pounded the pavement Thursday early morning at district head office.

“We’re tired of busted promises,” stated Jennifer Manning, an instructor at Spring Valley High School who’s taught in the district for 9 years.

Manning simply finished 16 additional systems of education that should entitle her to a pay boost.”We are here to combat for exactly what has actually been assured to us, exactly what has been promoted to us through the teachers’ wage schedule,” she stated.

School board member Kevin Kid stated the choice came down to numbers.

“Our hands are tied. We can only spend what we have. The legal session gave us only so much cash, and they minimized our per-student funding by $15 per student,” Kid stated.

That reduction led to a $67 million deficit. By freezing wages, the district will certainly save about $32 million.

Child said state lawmakers will certainly look at the books next week. He said they’ll see the predicament the district is in which he doesn’t want teachers to obtain prevented.

“Hang in there. We’re gon na fight. It’s not over yet,” Child said.

On the other hand, veteran teachers like Manning are running out of persistence.

“They will bring in new teachers at a higher wage rate with less experience than I have simply to get them right here. I’ve been here the whole time and I seem like that is worthy of some respect. I am tired of these video games they’re playing,” she stated. The same freeze was implemented last year but district leaders wound up discovering money and increases were paid. Nevertheless, Youngster said he’s gone through everything and doesn’t see where the cash could was made by this time.

The next school board meeting is set for July 16.

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