Photos: Anna and Elsa who? Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Celebration is purr-fect



Hello Kitty’s Supercute Relationship Festival.

Monday, Aug. 17, 2015|2:36 p.m.

Hello there Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival
Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival.Introduce slideshow “

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Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Celebration.

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Hello there Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Celebration.

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Hi Kitty’s Supercute Relationship Celebration.

Sure, sisters Anna and Elsa of “Frozen” popularity had been inching Hello Kitty out of my 6-year-old daughter’s wardrobe and toy chest. But for an enchanting couple of hours Friday, Hi Kitty was front-and-center in her heart and the hearts of numerous women and kids, young and old.

The reason? Hello there Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Celebration had actually started a business for a three-night stand at Orleans Arena

My child and son didn’t understand exactly what to anticipate when we packed into the car for the drive to the Orleans. All they understood was that Dad finally was delivering on the surprise he had assured them previously in the week.

Heck, Father didn’t even know what to anticipate.

A few steps inside the arena, and the expectations became clearer. Vibrantly colored, cartoon-decorated booths filled the arena floor. Extra-large heads of Hello there Kitty and her pals hung overhead. All of them signaled that this was Hi Kitty heaven.

“This is remarkable, Dad!” my daughter said when she entered the arena.

It soon emerged that she had not been the only one awed by the experience. Fans of all ages turned out for the celebration honoring Hi Kitty, the “little girl with a heart of gold” created in 1974 by Sanrio.

They were dressed up in Hello Kitty t-shirts, skirts, socks and shoes. They accessorized with Hello Kitty watches, carried Hey there Kitty handbags, had Hello Kitty bows and clips in their hair.

They sported Hi Kitty jewelry, clutched Hello there Kitty dolls and pillows. More than a few Hey there Kitty tattoos were visible. But enough about Hello Kitty’s adult fans.

My daughter and her sibling couldn’t get to the arena floor fast enough. Very first stop was the “Share a Smile Kiosk” for a photo in front of a mural of Hello there Kitty and her pals Dear Daniel, My Melody, Badtz-Madu, Chococat, Purin and Keroppi.

There was a station where visitors might draw their own Hello Kitties and Badtz-Madus on display screen boards or color a book page of Hello there Kitty and good friends on close-by tables.

There was a Hello there Kitty cent press, Sanrio Friendship Forest, Hello Kitty’s couture display screen (among the gowns was made entirely of Hello Kitty’s trademark red bows; another, this one floor-length, was made of lots of Hi Kitty dolls sewn together).

The Hello there Kitty Paper Play station had origami Hello there Kitty bows and other kits all set to be built. An oversized Hi Kitty bounce home rose in the air.

There was, of course, a face-painting cart, Badtz-Madu short-lived tattoo station and Post Office where you might send a postcard to Hey there Kitty, to name a few locations.

Shows on 2 phases produced many of the night’s highlights, consisting of the primary stage with productions led by Hello there Kitty.

Sporting their momentary tattoos (my daughter opted for the Little Twin Stars on her arm, while the kid selected a conventional Hello Kitty that now covered his left hand) and putting on a Hello Kitty headband showcasing kitty ears and a bow, the kids and I took our seats stage left for the show, “Small Gift, Big Smile.”

In it, the real Hi Kitty shares presents with each of her friends, which stimulated a number of song-and-dance numbers, including one to the tune of “Secret Agent Guy” and another to “Tiny Bubbles.”

The extra-large characters onstage left my kids, specifically my child, mesmerized.

“I just wish to go up there and hug all them,” she sighed throughout a number where My Tune received her present from Hey there Kitty.

The cherry on top of it all followed another journey to the bounce home (“Papa, we want to jump in Hello there Kitty’s tummy once more!”) when we found a line for pictures with Hello Kitty.

It was only a few minutes prior to the star of the program was arranged to come out for pictures, and the line had actually simply begun forming. The children dutifully got in line and waited.

Then she appeared.

Putting on a red-and-white striped t-shirt, blue jumper with white buttons and white piping, red boots and the familiar red bow on the ideal side of her head, Hi Kitty was simply steps away.

Time appeared suspended as those in front of my kids got their possibility to satisfy and have their photo taken with Hello there Kitty. Finally, it was their opportunity.

Hi Kitty reached out and hugged both of them. The kids were ecstatic and could barely stand still for their images. It was over in seconds.

Exactly what was the response of my child, the more talkative of my kids, to satisfying Hi Kitty?

“I believed I could be buddies with her,” she said. “I like her, and in fact I never ever get to see her in real life.”

Not able to top having a media event with the world’s most famous feline (even if her developers insist that she’s a lady), we bid farewell to Hello Kitty’s Supercute Relationship Festival.

At home, my child climbed up into bed. She was clutching one of her Hello Kitty dolls and resting on her Hello Kitty pillow. Anna and Elsa, at least for the time being, were the ones “Frozen” out.

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