Police: Serial sexual assault suspect'' s victims are random, '' and that ' s what ' s frightening '.


The Lubbock Police Department is actively looking for 27-year-old Thomas Ponce from issue for the public’s safety.

“He literally may be on the prowl to devote another sexual assault,” said Lubbock Cops Chief Greg Stevens in a press conference on Thursday.

Ponce has a warrant out for his arrest for exacerbated sexual attack. Police now state Ponce is implicated of snatching and sexually attacking 2 women in the past two days. One victim remained in Lubbock County, the other inside the Lubbock city limits, at the Town at Overton houses.

“We have tired a number of resources, we have held no resources back, searching for this person over the last number of hours, and we have up until now not discovered him. And we have some considerable issues that he will try to take advantage of another person,” stated Chief Stevens.

“We wish to ensure we have alerted the general public and we want to request the general public’s help to assist record this very hazardous individual,” Chief Stevens stated.

The very first sexual attack occurred around 4 a.m. on Tuesday in Lubbock County. Chief Stevens said Ponce started the door of a Lubbock County home where he then sexually attacked a young female. Chief Stevens stated Ponce then took her to a various area versus her will. She apparently left and called 911. Police stated Ponce fled the scene.

Later on that evening, cops think Ponce abducted a young female at The Village at Overton Apartments.

Police said Ponce forced her into her home, sexually attacked her and held her versus her will for 12 hours.

She told officers she handled to leave Wednesday early morning, which is when she called 911. Officers said Ponce ranged from the scene.

Now, the Lubbock County Constable’s Office and the Lubbock Police Department are working collectively on this investigation.

Throughout Thursday’s press conference, Lubbock County Constable Kelly Rowe and Chief Stevens urged the public to be really aware of their surroundings.

They motivate anybody who sees Ponce to not approach him, however call 911.

“This is a very unsafe person. He has a violent history to include other instances of kidnapping, assaults again member of the family, non-family members, kids. There is almost nobody he will not assault, not take advantage of” stated Chief Stevens.

Chief Stevens went on to state there are instances where Ponce has actually been equipped and is known to frequent the homeless neighborhood.

“We have issues of him taking advantage of individuals in the homeless neighborhood. We understand that he used a few of the resources available to homeless people to remain at large and additional his effort to leave and stay in the general public,” Chief Stevens said.

Chief Stevens stated these are random acts of violence, “and that’s exactly what’s scary.”

Ponce is an Hispanic male, 5’07” and 225 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He has a Star of David tattoo on the right side of his neck, a cursive letter ‘T’ below his right eye, and numerous other tattoos.

LPD and the constable’s office has numerous systems searching for Ponce, and are requesting for the general public’s aid.

Once again, they want to caution the general public not to approach Ponce.

“He has actually been able to finish these two specific assaults without a weapon, simply with his physical strength,” Chief Stevens stated.

Anybody with information on Ponce’s whereabouts is asked to call Criminal activity Line at -LRB-806-RRB- 741-1000. Callers might stay anonymous and they might be qualified for a $1,000 cash benefit.

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