Porch pirate: Female impersonated postal employee to steal bundles in Arizona

By Catherine Holland

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz (KTVK/Meredith)– A female who impersonated a U.S. Postal Service employee took plans from the front deck of a Scottsdale, Arizona home and now USPS investigators are hoping you can assist them recognize her. If you have solid information, they’re willing to pay.

It occurred shortly after 4 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 11 in the location of Thompson Peak Parkway and Grayhawk Drive, and the victim’s security cam was rolling.

The United States Postal Assessment Service released images from that video Tuesday and revealed that it is using a reward of up to $10,000 for details resulting in the female’s arrest and conviction.

The suspect is a white female between 35 and 50 years old. She has blonde hair with dark roots and a medium construct. She also has tattoos on her left lower arm and left thigh.

The photos show her wearing USPS consistent blouse.

According to the reward flyer put out by the U.S. Postal Assessment Service, the woman was seen in the traveler seat of a black or dark blue Nissan Sentra driven by an unidentified guy.

Plan thefts by so-call “deck pirates” are not uncommon, especially throughout the holiday season, and it’s not limited to plans delivered by USPS. No carrier is immune. An ignored box resting on a doorstep is easy pickings for a patio pirate.

Just last week Phoenix police jailed a male thought of hitting an apartment complex near 32nd Street and Bell Road. Officers found a number of bundles resolved to citizens in Terrill James Peuse’s truck. Cops said those people validated that their plans had been stolen. [FOUND OUT MORE: Phoenix authorities arrest believed ‘deck pirate;’ plans found in his truck]

Last month, monitoring video captured a guy in a U-HAUL pickup stealing plan that had simply been provided to a Glendale house by UPS.

[FOUND OUT MORE: Suspected deck pirate rolls up to Glendale home in U-HAUL truck]

There was a similar circumstance at another Glendale home a few weeks previously.

[FOUND OUT MORE: Caught on Video camera: Thief takes plan at property owner’s front door in Glendale]

While video cameras are a great tool, they do not always hinder thieves.

” Cameras are excellent for examination but they appear to capture as numerous criminal offenses as they may avoid,” Sgt. Jonathan Howard of the Phoenix Authorities Department told us last year.

There are some easy things you can do to keep from falling prey to a patio pirate.

[RELATED: How you can avoid package theft]” The majority of the significant couriers enable set up pickups and some have concierge services now,” Howard stated. “Individuals should consider having their packages delivered when they know they will be home or setting up to select it up at the shipping center. Organizing with a next-door neighbor to pick up deliveries is another alternative.”

From USPS: 10 methods to safeguard your mail and package Prevent sending out cash by mail. Do not leave delivered mail and plans unattended.
Consider an alternate shipping address.
Changes the package’s address while it remains in transit.
Customize the delivery
Strategy ahead. Ship using Hold for Pickup option.
Heading out of town? Hold mail at the local Post Workplace.
Protect the shipment using USPS Signature Solutions.
Select the most secure type of shipment.
P.O. Boxes may be the response.

If you have any information about this incident, please call the United States Postal Evaluation Service at 1-877-876-2455and request for “Representative” at the prompt. (Click contact number to call from this story on your mobile phone.)


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