Pregnant high school student not permitted to walk at graduation

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WJLA/CNN)– A pregnant high school senior in Maryland, who participates in a personal Christian school, will not get the chance to stroll in her graduation ceremony due to the fact that she made love before marital relationship.

The Heritage Academy in Hagerstown barred 18-year-old Maddi Runkles from participating in the June 2 ceremony because she broke the school’s standard procedure by having premarital sex.

The teen discovered she was pregnant in January and decided to keep the baby, despite the fact that she and the child’s father do not intend on marrying.

After the pregnancy became known, officials at the school suspended Maddi for two days and eliminated her from her trainee council position.

The school’s principal, Dave Hobbs, stated Runkles and her moms and dads signed a covenant at the start of the school year, pledging she would not have premarital sex.

The promise reads in part: “This application encompasses my actions, such as protecting my body by avoiding sexual immorality and from making use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs …”

Runkles stated she feels she has actually been dealt with more roughly than students who have been suspended for other factors, like underage drinking.

She told the New york city Times that she initially thought about keeping the pregnancy a secret due to the fact that she knew she would face some form of punishment. But after consulting with her parents, she chose to come forward and announce her pregnancy in front of her schoolmates in the school’s auditorium.

“I informed on myself,” she told the newspaper. “I asked for forgiveness. I requested aid.”

Principal Hobbs said Runkles was shown grace due to the fact that she was not expelled and can still attend graduation, simply not take part in it.

“Discipline is not the absence of love. Discipline is the application of love,” stated Hobbs. “Even though we like Maddi, although we forgive her, there’s still accountability.”

Anti-abortion company Trainees for Life said Runkles ought to not be punished for her pregnancy, but must be applauded for choosing to keep the child.

Her infant is due in September, and she plans on staying near to her family so they can assist her raise the newborn.

In the meantime, Runkles stated she is concentrated on preserving her 4.0 grade point average till the end of the school year.

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