Presidential hopefuls combine with rural Nevada Republicans

GARDNERVILLE– 4 Republican governmental hopefuls shook hands, endured countless pictures and mingled with numerous celebration faithful in this rural Northern Nevada town Saturday.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, California businesswoman Carly Fiorina, Dr. Ben Carson and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker worked the crowd of 1,500 at the Corley Cattle ranch as the aroma of chorizo and Basque fry stew wafted over the barnyard and pasture where the event was held.

All were preaching to a choir of conservatives in the heart of Republican territory, aiming to get recognition and support leading up to February and Nevada’s first-in-the-West presidential nominating procedure that can energize a prospect’s energy or cause it to sputter.

Previous New york city Gov. George Pataki did not attend the event as planned.

Shade was minimal at the outside barbecue, where cowboy hats, boots, blue denims and huge belt buckles were on plentiful screen. However those in attendance were eager to hear the prospects speak, braving a blistering sun and temperature levels in the mid-90s.

It was a distinctively Nevada affair, with the foothills of the Sierra Nevada looming across the valley to the West. Other GOP governmental front-runners on Saturday remained in Iowa, another early make-or-break caucus state, attempting to gather support from conservative and evangelical voters.

The Nevada audience was a sturdily “red” conservative base. Any mention of U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., or previous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, brought loud and predicable “boos” from the crowd.

Lots of right here stated they have not chosen who among the 17 GOP competitors they will back in the Nevada caucus, but all provided high marks to the event arranged by state Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s Political Action Committee, Early morning in Nevada, PAC.

A very first for Nevada

The menu showcased a Basque chorizo sandwich and lamb fry stew– the “fry” being lamb testicles. The inaugural event was a nod to Laxalt’s grandpa, Paul Laxalt, the son of a Basque immigrant sheepherder, a previous Nevada guv and U.S. senator who hosted comparable suppers for years in Washington, D.C.

It’s unknown whether any of the prospects tasted the stew, but others were curious.

“Honey, are we going to attempt to lamb testicle stew?” one lady made inquiries of her hubby as they waited in a long chow line.

It was a first-of-its-kind governmental contest online forum held in Nevada, where every GOP candidate was welcomed to talk with voters individually.

“I think it’s great. I chose that I’m going to pay attention to everybody,” stated Carol Swanson, 69, of Carson City, including she hasn’t comprised her mind on who she supports.

“I like Carly Fiorina,” she stated of the previous Hewlett-Packard CEO.

Swanson was more sure of who she does not prefer.

“I do not wish to support Jeb Bush,” she said. “He’s too establishment.”

Others shared her belief.

“I’m never ever going to choose another Bush,” stated Jeffrey Joyce. However he and his spouse, Jessie, stated the “field is too large” at the moment.

“We have to listen,” Jessie Joyce stated.

Prospects’ spiels

The GOP governmental hopefuls dealt with the crowd throughout the afternoon, each getting applause as they talked about faith, simple beginnings, along with contempt for the Obama administration and a government they suggested is bloated and weak.

“We remain in the process of giving away all of our values … for political accuracy,” Carson, a renown retired neurosurgeon, informed the crowd.

He spoke of being raised in a large family by a single mom, growing up bad, and how his mom’s faith kept her going.

Carson said his campaign has raised cash “by the buckets-full,” from little donors, and pledged, “I will certainly never go and lick the boots of rich individuals or special interest groups.”

His message resonated with more than a couple of voters.

“I believe he’s extremely level headed and down to earth. That’s exactly what it’s going to take,” stated Bonnie Robinson of Carson City.

Her hubby, Mark, concurred. “He speaks of morals and values,” he stated.

However they, too, stated it was too early to commit.

Both also were impressed with Walker. “But absolutely not (Donald) Trump,” Mark Robinson stated, referring to the outspoken New york city billionaire who soared in the surveys regardless of acidic remarks that have actually deeply divided Republican voters.

Fiorina shows popular

Fiorina drew some of the biggest applause of the day, providing a lively speech denouncing the Obama administration on diplomacy, veterans’ services, taxes and economic policies. She promoted her business experience at the helm of Hewlett-Packard, where the company laid off 10s of thousands during her period.

“In tough times in some cases you have to make these hard calls,” she stated.

“I got fired in a conference room brawl by a lot of guys who didn’t wish to change the status quo,” she said.

She banged the nuclear handle Iran, pledged a harder position in the Baltic region to deter Russia and said she would hold a top with Arab allies if chosen.

“The world is a dangerous place when you are not leading,” Fiorina stated. “I will lead.”

Cruz railed against the federal government, the nuclear deal with Iran, the healthcare reform law, and Typical Core education requirements.

He required simplifying taxes so they can be filed on a postcard. “And when we do that we must abolish the IRS,” he stated.

Cruz likewise knocked “campaign conservatives” who “don’t stroll the walk” after being chosen.

The statement drew groans of “Sandoval” from the crowd. Gov. Brian Sandoval, a moderate Republican chosen to a 2nd term in November, is a frequent target of conservatives. Sandoval pressed through a record $1.4 billion tax package throughout the 2015 Legislature to fund an ambitious education agenda.

Cruz told the crowd he would “bring power back to the people,” and requested their support with campaign contributions and in the caucus.

“Come out and caucus for Ted,” he said.

Walker does some bragging

Walker, who survived a recall in his home state, highlighted budget cuts and his tough position versus unions. He minced no words why he remained in Nevada.

“I’m Scott Walker. I’m running for president and I desire your vote,” he said.

He stated his administration “took power from the hands of unions,” and “defunded Planned Parenthood more than 4 years ago, before there were videos.

“We need an image ID to enact Wisconsin,” he stated to joys.

Walker also knocked the Iran nuclear offer and stated he would rescind the federal healthcare law.

He stated the greatest threat to future generations is Islamic terrorism and pledged a strong armed force.

“The rest of the world should understand there is no greater friend nor higher enemy than the United States of America,” Walker stated.

Walker said he would not talk about other Republican prospects.

“There’s a real fight ahead and … it’s with Hillary Clinton,” he stated.

Acknowledging Nevada’s standing in the presidential contest, Walker said, “We understand this state is going to assist choose the next president of the United States.”

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