Prison mate says Sandra Bland was emotional prior to suicide

Alexandria Pyle, who was in a nearby cell at the Waller County Jail in Texas, said Bland was distressed since her bond was set at $5,000 and nobody was returning her jailhouse calls.

“She wasn’t consuming and when I did talk to her, she was just weeping and crying and all I could state was they might not hold you forever,” Pyle stated.

Pointing out preliminary autopsy results, the Waller County prosecutor informed press reporters that the reason for Bland’s death was hanging and that she had actually dedicated suicide. There were no signs of a battle.

District attorney Warren Diepraam stated the early outcomes offered “very overwhelming evidence,” however stressed that the case is not closed.

“I feel comfortable that their findings are correct, but there’s still a lot of information out there so we’re not forming any conclusions at this point,” he said. “Absolutely nothing is specific.”

The results of the initial autopsy concur with how the constable’s office described Bland’s death.

Jail personnel discovered her not breathing and hanging from a trash can on the morning of July 13. The sheriff’s office stated it “appears to be self-inflicted asphyxiation.”

Waller County Sheriff R. Glenn Smith likewise weighed in. “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind (Dull dedicated suicide),” he said.

Suicide or something else?

Still, Bland’s friends and family stay steadfast in their belief that she had excessive to live for and never ever would have taken her own life.

Theresa Dear– a long-time minister at DuPage AME Church outside Chicago, which Bland went to raiseding– noted that, as Bland aimed to get money to publish $5,000 bail, she had a bright future to anticipate and looked likely to be launched quickly.

“How could somebody go from a location of being excited about the future to now wanting to take their own life?” Dear stated, accusing authorities of selectively putting out “crumbs and morsels,” but not the full story. “We, as a family and a community who love Sandra Bland, do decline … this story that the Texas authorities are putting in the media that she had suicidal tendencies.”

Jailhouse documents give a conflicting picture of Bland’s mindset.

A kind that appeared to be submitted by hand after her arrest states that Bland attempted to overdose with tablets in 2014 after losing an infant. And there are check marks alongside “yes” on questions about depression and self-destructive thoughts.

Yet a different file, which seems from a computer, has “no” responses alongside concerns about mental disorder and attempted suicide. The noticeable disparity hasn’t been explained.

“I have a hard time handling inconsistency which appears to have been the style over the last couple of days here,” Bland’s sister, Sharon Cooper stated.

State report: Prison that held Bland did not make prompt checks

On the exact same day initial autopsy results were launched, CNN acquired a report that shows guards in the jail that held Bland violated policies by failing to do timely look at prisoners.

The two-page “unique evaluation report” from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards does not mention Bland by name. But it was filed on July 16, 3 days after Bland’s body was discovered in her cell.

A timeline from the Waller County Sheriff’s Office of exactly what’s seen in video from the prison states that a male guard stopped and briefly talked with Dull shortly after 7 a.m., but nobody came back to examine her until 8:55 a.m.

That’s when jail workers discovered her.

The state report notes that there ought to be a “visual, face-to-face observation of all prisoners by jailers no less than when every 60 minutes.”

Almost two hours went by when it come to Bland.

The assessment report likewise found that “documents … exposed that Waller County is not finishing (such checks) as required by Minimum Jail Standards.”

That’s not the just apparent infraction.

The same report states county authorities didn’t offer proof that prison personnel had 2 hours of yearly training with “the regional mental health authorities … in accordance with their authorized Mental Disabilities/Suicide Prevention Strategy.”

“The training is to include the recognition, guidance, documentation and handling of prisoners who are mentally disabled and/or potentially suicidal,” it says.

Good friend: ‘Something went extremely wrong’

Another thing that has outraged Bland’s supporters, and raised their suspicions much more, is how and why she was arrested in the first location.

The charge she dealt with was assault on a public servant. Yet this only happened after she was pulled over for presumably failing to utilize her turn signal on July 10.

What started as a seemingly typical conversation got testy after Texas state Cannon fodder Brian Encinia asked Bland to put out her cigarette.

“I am in my vehicle. Why do I have to put out my cigarette?” Bland states.

At that point the officer tells Bland to obtain from the automobile. She declines, and dashcam video reveals the officer reaching in, threatening Bland with a Taser: “I will certainly light you up!”

In his arrest warrant affidavit, Encinia wrote that Bland became “combative and uncooperative” which she was put in handcuffs “for officer security.”

Bland’s household does not think the traffic stop over a turn signal need to have escalated to an arrest.

“I just feel like the officer was badgering her, and I think that is petty,” her sister Sharon Cooper informed CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.”

LaVaughn Mosley, who states Bland left him a voicemail after her arrest indicating she was “at a loss for words” but not hinting about suicide, said it is all a shame– especially her death.

“Right here is a young black female who was on her way to being effective,” Mosley said. “I have no idea exactly what occurred because jailhouse, but undoubtedly something went terribly incorrect.”

CNN’s Mary Helen Young, Shawn Nottingham, Ryan Young, Jason Morris, Dana Ford and Greg Botelho contributed to this report.

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