Problem on the horizon

Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017|2 a.m.

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Assume that Donald Trump is appropriate and the new tax law offers the American individuals the largest tax decrease in U.S. history.

That results in the greatest decrease in the profits of the federal government. There are then only 4 possibilities:

– Develop other sources of revenue to balance out the reduction coming from the brand-new tax law. However, there are no brand-new sources of revenue available.

– Minimize government costs to balance out the reduction in profits. This is unlikely, as Trump wishes to dramatically increase military costs and infrastructure investment, and congressional leaders are providing blended signals on privilege cuts.

– The economy will grow such that the tax earnings from will offset the reduction in profits brought on by the new tax law, This is highly not likely.

– Increase the deficit and borrow huge amounts of cash to offset the reduction in profits brought on by the brand-new tax law. This is the practically specific outcome of the tax cuts set forth in the brand-new tax law. This will cause our children and our grandchildren to pay for the tax cuts we get today, and they will pay them with considerable interest.

In addition, considered that Trump states the new tax law basically destroys Obamacare, the expense of indigent medical care will merely be shifted to the public. The factor: To the best of my understanding, county hospitals can not refuse to provide take care of those who can not manage it. So county taxes would be increased to spend for that care.

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