Put Sandoval in Oval Office

Monday, Dec. 11, 2017|2 a.m.

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I concur with the writer of the Nov. 21 letter headlined “Hate to see Sandoval go.” Brian Sandoval is an excellent governor! And I state that despite the fact that I’m not a Republican.

Sandoval works and has the qualities both Republican and Democrat citizens support and admire.

The author mentions that term limits suggest this is Gov. Sandoval’s last term in office.

That holds true, but I’m positive and want to the future. It’s not to early to organize a “Draft Gov. Sandoval for President” movement in 2020 or at the most recent in 2024.

Sandoval has been a terrific guv– a guy of individuals. And he would make an excellent president. Further, I have faith he would end the acrimony and divisiveness now in America.

As an African American, I state to my Hispanic and Latino bros and sisters and all Nevadans: Let’s make history by having the first Hispanic president of our terrific country of America originate from our Fight Born fantastic state of Nevada!

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