Q+A: 2014 Mr. Olympia Body winner Jeremy Buendia is ready to repeat


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2014 Mr. Olympia Body winner Jeremy Buendia.

Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015|2 a.m.

2014 Mr. Olympia Body Jeremy Buendia
2014 Mr. Olympia Physique winner Jeremy Buendia, second from right, and fellow competitors.Introduce slideshow “

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2014 Mr. Olympia Body winner Jeremy Buendia, left, and fellow competitors.

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2014 Mr. Olympia Body winner Jeremy Buendia and fellow competitors star in “The Perfect Body.”

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2014 Mr. Olympia Physique winner Jeremy Buendia.

Roseville, Calif., native Jeremy Buendia, 24, won the 2014 Mr. Olympia Body competitors after completing runner-up in the 2013 contest at Joe Weider’s yearly Mr. Olympia Physical fitness and Performance Weekend at Orleans Arena

Buendia– smart, well spoken and confident, not outwardly conceited– is back in Las Vegas to repeat at Mr. Olympia this Thursday through Sunday.

“I began preparing in February and March, so about 20 weeks of preparation time,” Buendia stated. “I’ve been taking my time making enhancements in size– in my shoulders– so that I’m sharper and crisper this year.”

First, though, Buendia, who stars in director Kandice King’s brand-new film “The Perfect Physique” with fellow competitors, hosts the movie’s premiere after-party at Ghostbar in the Palms tonight and answered questions by means of phone Friday afternoon.

What have you done in the previous year to prepare so that you repeat as Mr. Olympia Physique?

I’ve been dealing with a great deal of injuries, so I have actually made certain that I’m well rested and fully healed prior to training once again. I began preparing in February and March, so about 20 weeks of preparation time.

I’ve been taking my time making improvements in size– in my shoulders– so that I’m sharper and crisper this year.

What injuries?

I hurt my shoulders and had a pec injury after the 2013 competitors. I was hurt all year. It was a dislocated rotator cuff. Fortunately, I didn’t need surgical treatment. It was a lot of rest, physical treatment, rehab, massages and seeing my chiropractic practitioner.

This sport actually takes a toll on us. You need to ensure to rest and consume appropriately to recover. You have to appropriately take care of your body, or it can break down. I make certain to stretch daily at the health club and home.

The little things can be pushed aside, and it impacts you in the future. I began bodybuilding when I was 17, and I’m 24 now. You need to raise smart and properly.

How did it feel to win Mr. Olympia Physique last year?

It was an excellent sensation. I have actually put my heart and soul into this sport. I have actually constantly been an athlete, and I wanted to pursue professional baseball and football. I have constantly wanted to be a champion of some sort in sports.

I’ve striven on my body and physique since I was young in sports. Winning was a huge accomplishment and relief.

How did you begin competing in body competitors?

I initially aspired to be a bodybuilder. I started bodybuilding when I was 17. I talk about the change to body competitions and the people who motivated me to do so in the movie “The Perfect Physique.”

How are physique competitors various than bodybuilding competitors?

Physique contests are much smaller in scale aesthetically. Instead of mass and being the greatest, hardest and freakiest looking, you do not have to be the biggest. It’s about the total bundle and having the least quantity of flaws.

That includes your face on down, so you’re judged on your appearances, too, and having that V-shape in your shoulders to waist, a complete chest, being well rounded. You do not want to look too overpowering.

Is this a full-time task for you?

It is. I have a few sponsors, back business, deal with social networks and marketing and travel. Live Fit is this up-and-coming apparel company in Southern California that I stand for.

I’ve taken a trip to Australia and Kuwait, and I’m off to the Philippines next month. To go out to these places and satisfy fans is a terrific experience. I was in the airport in Kuwait, and somebody yelled out to me, “Hey, Jeremy!” It’s mind-blowing.

Do you have any rituals prior to and after a body competitors?

I buy a new pair of Nikes prior to a show. It’s simply something I do prior to competitions. It’s for good luck, I guess.

You were runner-up in 2013 and won in 2014. What made the difference in going from 2nd to first place?

The very first year, I wasn’t very well known. I had turned pro simply 3 months before, so I was a dark horse entering into the show. The winner in 2013 is up for dispute.

But I was back in 2014 on a mission. My eyes were set on first place. I trained difficult regardless of the injuries and great deals of distractions. I was seven pounds much heavier, fuller, and my body was more mature at 22.

Who is your main competitors this year?

I’m contending against 40 guys. All of them are my competition. There is no certain individual I’m focusing on, but I believe that I’ve made a lot more improvements than the other guys.

Tell me about your function in the brand-new movie “The Perfect Body.”

My function? I haven’t seen the movie. I can state that I yap about my upbringing and why I am the way I am. There is a concentrate on the relationship with my father and what I went through growing up. My father was a big influence in my effort ethic and ending up being the champion I am today.

Are you going to be able to let loose at the movie premiere after-party at Ghostbar in the Palms?

No, I won’t be able to because it’s pair of days out prior to the competition.

Who are some of your physical fitness inspirations?

Maturing, I’ve constantly been interested in bodybuilding. I got “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” when I was One Decade old, and it has actually been my primary source for everything.

Flex Publication and Jay Cutler and specifically Chris Cormier. He was a runner-up to Ronnie Coleman in Mr. Olympia multiple times. He has been a huge aid to me. I met him at the Venice Beach Gold’s Gym when I was 18 or 19 years old.

He took me under his wing, and he still provides me recommendations. He was somebody who I admired for so long, so it’s been extraordinary that he’s been assisting me free of cost.

In looking through pictures, are physique competitors required to contend in board shorts?

Yes, we are.

What do you think guest discover about you first?

What sticks out are my proportions and balance. I have no powerlessness anywhere. I do not lack in any area. I have a total physique.

Exactly what is one of your secrets or pointers to remaining in such unbelievable shape?

It comes down to self-discipline and waking up every early morning deciding to do it or not do it. If you make the right decisions, you’ll succeed.

What do you believe is the greatest mistaken belief about body rivals?

It’s hard to say. Perhaps not getting as much respect as bodybuilders because we’re not as huge which we’re simply very boys. That we hide our legs in board shorts. But we have actually gotten respect, and we do have legs! You can look into my legs contending onstage on Instagram.

Exactly what is your guilty pleasure food?

I’m a food lover– I consume everything. My partner’s sponsor is Nuts ‘n More peanut butter, and I’m addicted. I can’t get enough. However my go-to guilty pleasure is hamburgers and french fries.

What is on your to-do list when you’re in Las Vegas?

Winning Mr. Olympia– that’s my order of business. Afterward? Hanging out with my buddies and household, who will certainly remain in Las Vegas to support me. They know that throughout my prep works, I cut off the outside world, so it will behave to spend time with friends and family at a great meal.

“The Perfect Body” premiere after-party is at Ghostbar in the Palms tonight. Joe Weider’s 2015 Mr. Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend, consisting of the body contests, is Thursday through Sunday at Orleans Arena.

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