Q+A: Criss Angel premieres 3rd magic program ‘The Supernaturalists’.


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“The Supernaturalists” by Criss Angel.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015|11:59 p.m.

‘The Supernaturalists’ By Criss Angel
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Not content with the success of his Cirque du Soleil reveal “Believe” at the Luxor and not busy enough with his taking a trip “Mindfreak Live Trip” that he performs when on a break from Las Vegas, amazing magician and illusionist Criss Angel is launching a 3rd production, “The Supernaturalists,” starting Thursday.

His cast includes Las Vegas illusionist Landon Swank; Las Vegas homeowner and mentalist Banachek; Krystyn Lambert, who starred in “Believe” and was on his “Mindfreak” and “Believe” TELEVISION series; escape artist Spencer Horsman; card manipulator Stefan Vanel, who appeared in “Crazy Horse Paris” at MGM Grand; Spanish street magician Adrian Vega; pet dog magician Johnny Dominguez from Colombia; and his “Believe” co-star jokers Mexico’s the Great Maestro and show-stopping magic assistant Fifi, who was The Remarkable Johnathan’s foil for a decade.

Extremely, Criss, Maestro and Fifi will remain to appear in “Believe” at the Luxor and at the same time appear in “The Supernaturalists.” The opening night is Thursday night at Foxwoods casino resort in Connecticut for a four-week run in advance of a U.S. and worldwide tour. Criss is there for the premiere and will certainly stay through Monday before going back to Las Vegas next week. Former Luxor President Felix Rappaport is the head honcho at Foxwoods.

I asked Criss why he selected a third show when he’s already working all the time on his other 2:

“Because I want to produce and produce the best magic show out there, and I think that we have actually done that. I am perpetually empathetic. It’s a continuous thing. I’m insane. You understand, I am always, constantly doing a million things. It’s been nutty. I ‘d been thinking about this considering that the mid 2000s. I wished to develop something that truly is not just initial, but also innovative.”

How are you able to incorporate doing this program and still manage “Believe” at the Luxor?

In all 3 programs! We have “Believe” at the Luxor, which is showing up on its 7th anniversary on Sept. 28; we have the “Mindfreak Live Trip” that I do on my break; and now “The Supernaturalists.”

I have been basically working from about 7 in the morning to about 1 or 2 in the early morning seven days a week for about a year aiming to get everything together. I have actually been dealing with progressing and transforming the ideas I have for “The Supernaturalists,” which began in 2005. Now it’s finally concerned fulfillment.

Is it possible to say which is the favorite of the 3 programs? Are they all absolutely different?

Right now, and I can truthfully go on the record and state this due to the fact that I really, genuinely think this with every drop of blood in my body, “The Supernaturalists” is not only the very best magic show out there, but it is a much better magic show than my show that I perform in “Mindfreak Live.”

This is why: There are more magic, advanced principles that I have been working on now permanently. 9 extremely gifted and talented artists in their appreciated disciplines from all over the world from South Africa to Colombia to Mexico to Spain, Paris to Alaska. They are the best of the very best out there, world champions, and I have more amazing impressions in this program than other show I’ve ever done. More original, advanced things I’ve ever done assembled.

Not just an extraordinary cast, but likewise I have actually had the ability to work out offers where I am a spokesperson for the company that brightens the Super Bowl from forecasts to LEDs to lighting. They did a terrific recommendation with me, and I’ll have stuff that they have that they have not even released yet.

Discuss a large program, plus the modern business stuff that hasn’t been launched yet. All of the finest, biggest intelligent lighting. There is not one lighting in the program that is not moving or not LED.

Then there is the craziest pyrotechnic program. It’s all coming together. It’s developing an astonishing magic phenomenon that I understand I have never seen. All individuals who was available in when we were rehearsing were absolutely like, “This is the very best magic show I have actually ever seen in my life.” So that was the feeling from the pacing of the program to that there is something for everybody.

It’s hot, it’s hazardous, it’s scary, it’s empowering. I’m extremely, extremely happy to have attained this because of the amount of time I’ve been producing and directing stuff that this is an end result of all my years coming together. I really, honestly, 1,000 percent think that we have a great, great, great program.

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Do you run the risk of this being much better than “Believe”?

Well, it is better than “Believe” when it concerns the illusions and the lighting. “Believe,” when it came out, was cutting-edge. This program is state of the art. It’s the illusions, the lighting, the LED, the structure of the show, the artists who are carrying out various disciplines throughout the experience that make it a family-oriented show that varies and eclectic and remarkable.

“Believe” is still an amazing show. It’s a sit-down program, while “The Supernaturalists” is a touring program. In a sit-down, you have the ability to do various things that you can’t finish with a touring program. At “Believe,” individuals come and they want an intimate night with Criss Angel and see mind-blowing stuff that they’ve seen on TELEVISION or the Web.

But “The Supernaturalists” is a little bit of everything assembled into a special household spectacle that nothing out there can compare. At many magic programs, you see the exact same technique carried out by numerous different individuals put together in an old-fashioned method, the poor man’s version of exactly what I’ve currently done on my two tv series.

Exactly what takes place if “The Supernaturalists” pertains to Las Vegas?

Today you understand Cirque has actually been such an amazing partner, so has MGM Resorts in permitting me to the opportunity to develop these outreach programs. Eventually, it exists to entertain individuals, however also to teach individuals about the “Believe” program. Because if they enjoy “The Supernaturalists,” they’ll love the “Believe” program. And if they enjoy “Mindfreak Live,” they’ll enjoy “Believe.”

All roadways point to “Believe” right here at Luxor, and I have 3 more years on my written agreement. We’re going to make adjustments to “Think” and improvements to refresh the show. I am never delighted with the show or any show I’ve ever done. So I am continuously, constantly changing things up, particularly since we have a great deal of repeat company.

“Believe” will continue to grow as a living organism and “Mindfreak” as will the “The Supernaturalists.” This is a really interesting time for me! 3 significant shows out there with the desire to transform magic and to possess the magic phase like Cirque du Soleil did for the circus.

You groomed Krystyn, and she even does a few of your impressions. It resembles you’re grooming this kid, Landon, to be a second Criss Angel.

The people and gals truly are stars in their own right. They will certainly burn bright when people see what they’re capable of doing. I have been so blessed, as you understand, Robin, with my profession and personal life that goes beyond my wildest dreams. Individuals have asked me, “Why am I doing this? Why don’t you simply keep doing exactly what you do and not share that spotlight since no other magician has done this before?”

Think of the realities and the history back in the day. No other magician would do this. It has to do with creating and offering other individuals who are really talented the opportunity to shine and to reach their potential. It’s been an amazing procedure for me to see all them, Krystyn, Landon, Adrian Vega, every one of them step up, grow and progress and change.

I’ve existed every 2nd even prior to they got to rehearsal and after that am still there after they got to rehearsal dealing with them. Generating motion coaches, bringing in whoever we had to generate, including my own expertise, and directing them and working with them and developing their acts from scratch. They do not want to do exactly what’s been done prior to. Other magic acts out there have that old-time feel.

I didn’t wish to do that. Individuals expect more from the Criss Angel brand. I needed to take Stefan’s act, and this guy is a champ card manipulator from Paris, France. He carried out in “Crazy Horse” for One Decade. I said, “Let me see every card control that you can do.” And I composed them down, the ones that I thought were really, actually good, and I created an act from scratch for him.

I put the music together, put the whole thing together, shot video for him, produced the whole thing. He could have either sunk or swam, and this guy worked nonstop to do the impossible. When you see his act, you’ll see it is stunning, poetic and extreme. The character that he produces goes beyond magic. It is the magic of emotions.

We’ve got beyond the realm and actually developed an experience. This program is interwoven and takes you on this roller-coaster ride, and you never ever understand where it’s gon na go next off, but it is hugely entertaining, extremely exciting, and it will get people in a vibe that is uplifting and positive. They’ll go out of there believing they can dominate the world. Even throughout the intermission, I developed initial content so people can be entertained. It is actually a two-hour program that is continuously.

How often will you appear in “The Supernaturalists” throughout the four-week run at Foxwoods?

I have actually created all initial material that is interwoven throughout the experience. I’m basically hosting the show. On top of that, I will be participating every efficiency by means of satellite feed. I will be doing something interactive right through the huge LED screens we will have throughout the stage and effecting individuals in the audience.

Furthermore, I’m going to make surprise, unannounced looks. People won’t understand I will exist, and I’ll all of a sudden appear onstage to blow people’s minds. You never understand when I’m going to appear, however I will certainly be making random and surprise appearances.

So that means travelling, too, from Las Vegas whenever you have the time?

It means commuting, it indicates doing whatever I have to do. People resemble how is he going to do “Believe” in addition to “The Supernaturalists”? We have actually created a device to allow me to do that, so you’ll be able to see me in both programs at the same time. How we do it needs to stay a secret– even to you! Truthfully, I am very, extremely delighted about it.

Exists a possibility when it explores the nation that it could hit Las Vegas?

I don’t believe so right now. I don’t want to sound strong, however we’ve controlled the world in Las Vegas with the No. 1 show “Believe.” I’m not stating we will certainly never concern Las Vegas, however for today I wish to concentrate on other locations. Initially, these programs are defined as an outreach program developed to educate individuals to come to Las Vegas and witness “Believe.”

So in each efficiency, there is a bit about “Believe” and how individuals can take advantage of an offer they cannot get anywhere else– “Believe” at the Luxor Las Vegas. We are heading out and reaching people nationally and internationally. At this time, Las Vegas is not in that formula since I have a presence right here that has already been very successful.

Is anybody informing you to slow down and stop working so hard?

Everyone is telling me that. When I was auditioning and fulfilling individuals, they resembled, “Criss, I never ever would have believed that you would be at each and every single rehearsal and that you would be so hands on.” This is my creation, and my DNA is all over this, so if you’re a fan of Criss Angel, it is really an experience you need to have due to the fact that you can see me all over it, yet you can see these individual artists and their unique qualities that they give the table– but the program is the star.

Will you finally admit that you’re a workaholic?

I think I am. I believe I’m beyond a workaholic. I think I’m obsessed. Definitely and absolutely obsessed. I immerse myself in this, and I am concentrated and delighted for things to come.

Today, we’re getting ready to announce the tour. They’re completing it. It will be announced in the coming weeks. We go out 2015 and 2016. Prior to completion of this year on a couple of my breaks, I will sign up with the tour, along with in 2016 on my breaks.

They do not need me, though, since the show is currently excellent! I’m so pleased with it. I have actually been so fortunate.

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