'' Reading ' Images at the Barrick Museum

While art is a focal point for visuals, this story reminds us of the effect it can have on the composed word.

Arts & & Culture| Sep 29, 2015|By UNLV News Center

English 101 students visit the “Recent Acquisitions” display at the Barrick Museum. (Courtesy Marjorie Barrick Museum)

Editor’s Note:

This short article by Ed Fuentes, a college student in the MFA in Fine Arts program, was originally published on the Barrick Museum’s blog site. Discover more about the Barrick Museum’s education programs.

A museum can be a laboratory for sticking around. When students from UNLV, College of Southern Nevada, and Nevada State College see UNLV’sMarjorie Barrick Museum to fulfill art assignments, it’s a possibility to look, not look, at art. Now UNLV English 101 students are being challenged to take a look at works and “read” them gradually.

“I’ve never been to a gallery like this before,” said Anayeli De Leon, a member of Lorinda Toledo‘s English 101 class on a recent tour of the Barrick’s “Current Acquisitions” exhibit, on display through Oct. 10. Students are appointed to select a work as a timely for an analytical essay, which teaches them to treat images like text, to discover signifiers, or just respond at seeing brushstrokes face to face. Some realize how art can be more than a fast visual reference, a trap we all fall under when bombarded by images, particularly in Las Vegas.

Writing about art not simply an exercise for the college viewer. On one Saturday afternoon, a thorough Sixth grader named Tristan may have outdone his older associates. He likewise was designated to pick an art piece and write a reflection. The young art-goer selected Justin Favela’s Estardas to study and took his time looking at the cardboard gambling establishment sign.First he stared at it up-close, then stood far; he returned to the piece to look at angles and study the edges. Then he took pictures and video to “read” later. “It was cool,” said the young art gazer.

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