'' Remembering 1 October' ' Initiative Launches

UNLV University Libraries Special Collections and Archives has partnered with the Nevada State Museum Las Vegas, the Clark County Museum, the News Bureau of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), and the Mob Museum on a gathering initiative to document the terrible events of Oct. 1, 2017, the consequences, and #VegasStrong.

That day a shooter opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 people attending the Path 91 Harvest Festival. Fifty-eight victims were killed and nearly 500 people were injured in the most dangerous mass shootings in modern-day American history.

“Keeping in mind 1 October” was produced to protect the stories of the fallen and hurt, the heroes and heroines, and the very first responders. It likewise will honor the strength and resiliency of the Las Vegas neighborhood and document the profusion of national assistance.

Special Collections and Archives is collecting main and secondary source proof from the Web. With the aid of Archive-It, a service of the Internet Archive, first-hand testaments from guests and very first responders, pictures, and videos of the occasion and the subsequent profusion of neighborhood assistance, and associated news coverage have been protected. Using a tool called twarc developed by the Recording the Now job, Unique Collections and Archives has caught countless tweets from and about the occasion.

Individuals might contribute their digital photographs, videos, or memories to the UNLV University Libraries collections. Contributions should record the event and its aftermath, the victims and survivors, the community response, the vigils and celebrations, or other related content. Contributions may be published using this submission page.

The UNLV University Libraries Narrative history Proving Ground is launching a task to gather and protect first-hand testimonies from first responders, witnesses, and survivors. To choose an individual to be talked to for the project, contact the center at 702-895-2222 or [email protected]!.?.!. The Nevada State Museum Las Vegas is collecting artifacts, souvenirs, and other documents about the Route 91 Harvest Music Celebration. It is also gathering physical documents related to the occasion and its after-effects. To donate products, contact Crystal Van Dee at 702-822-8751 or [email protected]!.?.!. The Clark County Museum is gathering artifacts, souvenirs, and other documentation from memorials and vigils. To contribute products, contact [email protected]!.?.!. In its role as part of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Las Vegas News Bureau has captured pictures of the Vegas Strong messaging from the marquee tributes, vigils and memorials, and commemorative events at events such as the UNLV football video game and the Golden Knights hockey video game. Related photographs and videos might be discovered on the LVCVA Newsroom webpage.

The Mob Museum will concentrate on gathering things, images, main files, and stories that illustrate the activities of law enforcement agencies during and after this awful occasion. To donate materials, please contact [email protected]!.?.!. In coming months, the University Libraries

, the Nevada State Museum, the Clark County Museum, the LVCVA News Bureau, and the Mob Museum plan to work together to provide public access to the gathered products and help ensure our neighborhood keeps in mind 1 October.

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