RHA Tops Seven Universities to be Named School of the Year

It’s been 50 years since Tonopah Hall opened. In the grand plan, that’s not far to go from first residence hall to School of the Year, but then again, UNLV has actually had a tendency to grow up quick.

The UNLV Dormitory Association recorded the National Association of Institution of higher learning Residence Halls’ leading honor Might 29 in an event at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. It’s the very first such national award in school history and noteworthy thinking about UNLV’s reasonably small resident population.

“Seeing how tough the trainees have worked over time, I felt like Whoopi Goldberg at the end of Sibling Act 2 when she’s holding up the trophy,” stated Orlando White, assistant director of property education.

A group of 5 trainees, including newly elected RHA President Robert Evans, created a quote for UNLV to enter the regional competitors, where the university beat out Northern Arizona University, prior to advancing to nationals.

Created by Angelyn Tabalba in the style of Time Publication’s Individual of the Year concern, the quote is a 33-page magazine highlighting the RHA’s achievements in the previous year– from organizing argument watch parties to the development of the Stonewall Suites flooring in the South Complex, particularly for LGBT students.

“There’s a great deal of energy that happened hosting the debate. A great deal of national attention on UNLV, and the RHA having to increase to the occasion to meet those needs and expectations,” White stated. “It’s not every year there’s a presidential election where you’re hosting a dispute. This was the year to strike.”

The RHA’s achievements, not only in the dispute, however with activities like a body-positive Underwear Run; sustainability initiatives concentrated on minimizing the school’s carbon footprint; and helping with an open discussion after an ugly occurrence including racist graffiti, helped paint a photo of a robust and active company for NACURH judges.

That overall story, integrated with an appealing quote that used a hefty dosage of original material from student-penned articles and high-quality photography, helped set UNLV apart from the pack.

When RHA agents from around the nation converged on Purdue, there were some 2,000 students from 250 organizations. UNLV vanquished seven other finalists for School of the Year.

UNLV had actually competed for School of the Year in 2016, ’15, ’11 and ’93, only once advancing past the local stage. Winners tended to be from major research universities with big on-campus populations, like Arizona State University (2015) and Syracuse University (2002). With UNLV rising to that level, it’s a boon for the school’s Leading Tier aspirations.

A win like this, White said, sends out a clear signal to prospective trainees that there’s more to surviving on school than just a roofing system over your head.

“We have some trustworthiness with this award to state hello, we likewise have the academic part that provides reliability to a university, residential life program.” White stated. “We might be small, but we have some credibility now.”

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