Satisfy the Postdoc: Rohan Jadhav

The scientist from Nebraska is working to reduce HIV transmission between moms and children in Nigeria.

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Vaneh Darakjian Rohan Jadav a postdoctoral scholar in the School of Community Health Sciences.

Rohan Jadhav is among more than 40 postdoctoral scholars presently at UNLV. These current PhD graduates originate from universities around the globe to deal with our impressive faculty and access a variety of expert advancement chances, networking events, accreditation programs, and more available through the UNLV Graduate College.

To learn more about the life of a postdoc, we spoke with Jadhav, who came from the University of Nebraska to work in the Global Health Initiatives program in the School of Neighborhood Health Sciences.

Exactly what are you dealing with at UNLV?

Presently, I am dealing with jobs concentrated on mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV in Nigeria. Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Nigeria, has some of the worst health outcomes, such as a high concern of brand-new HIV infections among kids and pregnant ladies. I have an interest in taking a look at the incidence rates of HIV among babies born to HIV-infected ladies and threat elements connected with the incident of MTCT of HIV.

My interests also consist of the efficiency of interventions created to lower rates of MTCT of HIV and rates of HIV in the general populations, especially heterosexual couples in Nigeria.

Exactly what are your long-lasting goals?

I am planning to become a specialist in public health research study. Down the road, I want to investigate problems and evaluate interventions in numerous fields of public health, including transmittable illness, persistent illness, and occupational health.

How do you see your postdoctoral position at UNLV assisting you reach your goals?

This postdoctoral fellowship is supplying me with real-life experience in global health research study. I am also learning mentorship, grant writing, manuscript writing, budgeting, and numerous other necessary skills required to end up being an independent scientist. I am really pleased that I likewise get to hone my abilities in research study and mentor during this fellowship.

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