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Man suspected of deadly Las Vegas crash admitted to cannabis usage


A guy suspected of hitting multiple cars and killing 3 pedestrians near Flamingo Roadway and Eastern Avenue on Dec. 13 said he takes medication for seizures and utilized cannabis before the crash, inning accordance with an arrest report.

The report for Daniel Becker mentioned he told police he had a medical condition that results in him having seizures. His other half informed cops he takes Phenytoin daily for his condition.

Becker also told police he smokes cannabis routinely and the last time he smoked was prior to work on the day of the crash at 5:30 a.m.

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Authorities stated Becker was driving a Ford Exploration and he was taking a trip southbound on Eastern Opportunity south of Viking Roadway when he struck the back of a Ford Mustang. Becker did not stop at the scene and headed southbound where he hit the back of a GMC Jimmy on Eastern Opportunity north of Flamingo Road. Becker continued southeast crossed over a center median and hit 3 pedestrians. Becker headed south where he struck a Honda CR-V that was traveling westbound on Flamingo Roadway. 3 other vehicles were hit by particles. Becker continued south and struck a BMW 5 Series and a Chevrolet Silverado that were taking a trip northbound on Eastern Opportunity. The Chevrolet took a trip south and hit a Honda Accord. Debris hit 2 other cars. All three pedestrians passed away at the scene of the crash. According to the Clark County Coroner’s Workplace, Jazzy Smith, 19, Carrie Smith, 40, and Charlene Emerson, 60, were those victims. Several others, including Becker, were taken to local healthcare facilities for treatment.

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While at the hospital, an officer attempted to release field sobriety tests however might not perform all the tests due to Becker’s position on a gurney and a neck collar. The officer observed a quick speech pattern, raised blood pressure and heart rate which are consistent with an individual under the impact of marijuana. Becker’s eyes were bloodshot and his mindset while being dealt with varied from agitated to irritable to calm, and cooperative. He passed a breath test with a 0.00, however the results of a blood test were pending.

Becker’s spouse informed authorities that he voluntarily surrendered his Nevada motorist’s license after he was associated with a single-vehicle crash in September when he repelled the road and into a light pole. Police validated he surrendered his license on Sept. 27. She likewise stated when he is recuperating from a seizure he typically can’t remember any events leading up to or quickly after the episode. She said with the death of time, the occasions appear to come back to him.

On Monday, a judge rejected Becker’s defense group’s request for $250,000 bail. She said he will remain behind bars without bail for at least five days.

His next court date is scheduled for Dec. 26.

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Henderson male accused in baby'' s death admitted to shaking her, police say

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017|8:45 p.m.

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Paramedics and officers reacting to a 911 call about an unconscious child in a Henderson living-room last month found dog feces on the floor and insects throughout the “unclean” house.

As officers investigated the Oct. 23 event, Anthony Martzen, 21, kept he didn’t know exactly what had actually occurred to his 6-month-old baby girl, Henderson authorities said.

But following a polygraph test after the child died 2 days later on, he confessed to shaking her and stated he ‘d “viewed her eyes roll back into her head and she became lifeless,” according to his arrest report released today.

When paramedics showed up about 6:30 p.m. to 235 E. Merlayne Drive, near Sunset and Russell roadways, they found Martzen and relative trying life-saving efforts on the child’s small body, authorities stated.

The daddy had brought the infant to the living room and exclaimed that she wasn’t breathing, authorities stated.

A physician at University Medical Center, where the child was moved to from St. Rose Dominican Hospital– Siena School, told detectives that a “small” brain bleed had actually been identified on the kid, which inning accordance with the physician was brought on by absence of oxygen due to shaking, cops said.

Fluid in the lady’s brain shows there ‘d been previous shaking occurrences, cops said.

Martzen initially told private investigators that before she stopped breathing, the infant had acted normal throughout the day which about 20 minutes after the infant’s mom fed her, he lay her down on a “bouncy bed,” cops stated. He gave the baby a pacifier, which was held up by a blanket.

A couple of minutes later as he was cleaning up the space, he heard the infant make a “weird sound,” prompting him to choose her approximately find she wasn’t breathing, authorities said. He said that similar incidents had actually occurred before, however he rejected shaking her.

The mother was at work when the incident took place, cops stated. Clark County Department of Family Solutions, which documents near deaths or deaths including children, does not have a history of communicating with the infant’s instant family, records show. The agency likewise is examining the death.

During the polygraph test, which he agreed to take last week, Martzen told the inspector that he “did shake” the child, “which he knew eliminated his daughter,” authorities said.

Upon being re-interviewed by detectives, he stated he ‘d shaken his child “exceedingly” and saw the infant’s eyes roll back into her head, police said. He confessed to likewise shaking the woman about 4 months previously, but not as violently.

Martzen was detained last week on one count each of murder and child abuse. He’s being held at the Henderson Detention Center without any possibility of bail, prison records show.

Admitted gunman details eliminating of Palms waitress– VIDEO

A homeless man who stated he was paid to kill a Las Vegas firemen’s spouse laid out in court Wednesday several prepare for the slaying.

Noel “Greyhound” Stevens affirmed he did not think it the very first time George Tiaffay stated he wanted Shauna Tiaffay dead, offering $1,000 for a hit.

However when the veteran firemen of 10 years and graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Punctuated the price to $5,000, Stevens said, he listened more carefully.

The couple’s relationship had actually been rocky because the fall of 2011, and by late 2012, they were separated and in the procedure of divorce. The firemen believed his better half spent excessive money, Stevens said.

“They were arguing,” Stevens affirmed Wednesday at the firemen’s murder-for-hire trial in Clark County District Court.

Within weeks, Shauna Tiaffay was bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

Stevens testified that he was informed he would get $100 per week for the job.

Stevens said he and George Tiaffay, with whom he had ended up being good friends in years prior, gone over striking Shauna Tiaffay, a 46-year-old mother, over the head, positioning her in her automobile and driving it into a wall to phony a mishap. But an autopsy may reveal the very first blow to her head and arouse suspicion.

They discussed wrapping a plastic bag over her head, however “I might get scratched,” Stevens stated. That would provide detectives his DNA.

He stated they thought about killing her at the Palms, where she worked as a cocktail server. Stevens believed he would stab her. George Tiaffay formulated a map, revealing where his better half parked her vehicle, Stevens affirmed, however when he jumped the wall into the parking lot, he was surprised by heavy authorities activity and removed.

Investigators have said they discovered store surveillance electronic camera recordings of the two guys buying a hammer, knife and gloves a couple of weeks before Shauna Tiaffay’s death.

Stevens said the firefighter handed over a vital to his other half’s Summerlin house, and he scoped the location out about 20 times, at one point getting in and stealing some of Shauna Tiaffay’s precious jewelry and underclothing.

Then one night in September 2012, Stevens waited in nearby bushes for her to arrive home, however he was scared when a light shone on him.

The firemen told Stevens he and his partner were beginning to reconcile.

The timing appeared ideal.

“It looks much better for him,” Stevens said, “if they’re managing.”

Defense attorney Robert Langford has asked jurors to question the credibility of Stevens’ testimony.

George Tiaffay and Stevens were connected by mobile phone records that indicated the duo met a few hours after the killing, authorities have actually said.

Stevens, now 40, has actually pleaded guilty to 6 charges, including first-degree murder, robbery and 2 counts each of theft and conspiracy. He is waiting for sentencing, and his testimony is expected to continue Thursday afternoon. The previous firemen, now 43, deals with eight counts, including murder, burglary, theft and conspiracy.

Early on the early morning of Sept. 29, 2012, Stevens got into Shauna Tiaffay’s apartment and waited. He wore black gloves, a black beanie with holes cut out for his eyes, a black long-sleeve shirt, pants and gym shoes. He collected some of her belongings, consumed some vodka and waited in the bathroom.

Around 3:30 a.m., Stevens heard the automobile door slam. He grabbed his hammer and crept towards the door.

“Why are you doing this?” she said when she saw him.

He didn’t address.

She broke down from the first blow to the head.

“I get on top of her,” Stevens said. “I keep on hitting her.”

The wooden handle broke, so he clutched the metal and struck her with the claw.

“I struck her up until she doesn’t move anymore,” he said.

He grabbed her bags, staging a break-in, and took his hammer.

“Who informed you to make it resemble a robbery?” district attorney Marc DiGiacomo asked.

“George did.”

Stevens left of the house and left the garage door open.

“That’s the indication,” Stevens said.

“An indicator to whom?” DiGiacomo asked.


“For exactly what?”

“To let him know that it’s done.”

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