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Charges against mother who aimed to tape bullying of child are dropped

( CNN)– Virginia district attorneys stated Wednesday they had dropped all charges versus a mom who was accused of unlawfully tape-recording audio from her child’s class– an action she stated was indicated to help her determine whether the child was being bullied.

Sarah Sims, 47, of Norfolk, had actually been charged this month with a felony– intercepting wire, electronic or oral interactions — and with a misdemeanor after her child’s grade school told cops it took a digital audio recorder in the lady’s desk in September.

Sims might have been sentenced to approximately 5 years in prison had she been founded guilty of the felony.

There was enough proof to support the charges, which included a misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, commonwealth lawyer’s workplace spokeswoman Amanda Howie stated.

” However, after reviewing the facts and circumstances specific to this case, the office is exercising prosecutorial discretion to not pursue the prosecution of this case,” Howie said.

The decision to drop the charges comes 2 days after Sims explained her side of the story on “CNN Tonight.”

‘ I was horrified when I heard these charges’

On Monday, Sims informed CNN’s Don Lemon that she sent her daughter, a fourth-grader, to school with a digital audio recorder in her knapsack in September, intending to record audio from class, since the woman had actually grumbled she was being bullied.

Before the sent the recorder, Sims said, she reached out to administrators at Ocean View Primary school to talk about the girl’s complaints

Sims, who herself is a trainee at Virginia’s Norfolk State University, stated she got no action, so she chose to examine on her own.

“I’m a full-time trainee, so I don’t always get the opportunity to be on the premises, and I thought that this would be a good way for me to learn the environment,” Sims, 47, informed CNN’s Don Lemon on Monday.

School officials discovered and confiscated the device, which had remained in her daughter’s desk taping the school day, at the end of September.

An arrest warrant was released November 1, and after she turned herself in, she was arraigned in court on November 8. She posted bond, and a court date was set for January.

“I was appalled when I heard these charges,” Sims’ attorney Kristin Paulding informed CNN on Monday. “I was stunned to see that the school would choose to go to the cops department and eventually charge this mother instead of sitting her down and having simply a simple conversation about exactly what were her concerns and how might the school relieve those issues.”

Paulding stated the recording device “was a method to make sure that class was a safe place” for the child. Because it was seized, Paulding stated she does not understand exactly what– if anything– the recorder captured.

CNN connected to Norfolk cops on Monday however authorities declined to comment on the case.

After the charges were dropped Wednesday, Norfolk Public Schools spokeswoman Khalilah LeGrand said the district “had a duty to totally examine the supposed incident, and as such, a legal review was requested from” the Norfolk city lawyer’s office, which functions as the district’s legal counsel.

After review of the incident, counsel forwarded the matter to the Norfolk Authorities Department for examination,” LeGrand stated in a composed statement. “That examination then resulted in criminal charges versus Sarah Sims.

“As the area of the offense was one of our schools, NPS had a responsibility to completely comply with authorities. This included not discussing a pending legal matter, as is customary in all school districts.”

Virginia is a one-party permission state, meaning it is legal for somebody to record others when the individual recording is involved in the discussion or when one of the celebrations in the conversation has actually offered prior approval.

Bullying problems.

It wasn’t the very first time her child had actually been bullied at the school, Sims stated Monday.

In 3rd grade, her child “had actually been kicked in her stomach and struck with a jump rope on the playground,” Sims said, adding that the school didn’t notify her then.

“She became extremely anxious about going to,” Sims stated. “I eliminated her from the school due to the fact that she was choosing not to go. She felt like she wasn’t secured.”

Sims stated her child tried to remain favorable when she dealt with bullying again this academic year.

“I did not wish to simply side with my kid. I wanted to be reasonable,” Sims stated.

When her child complained, Sims aimed to motivate her initially.

“I seemed like I kind of let her down a little bit because I wasn’t thinking her,” Sims stated.

Sims’ child still attends the school but is now is a different class.

LeGrand, the school district spokeswoman, said NPS takes “any accusation of bullying, whether by a student or employee, very seriously.”

“In every circumstances, a comprehensive examination is carried out. In addition, school and district administrators always work closely with parents and students to quickly resolve concerns and provide lodgings when necessary,” she stated. “It is NPS’ practice to deal with parent problems internally.”

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French investigate rape allegations against Islamic scholar

Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017|8:30 p.m.

PARIS– The Paris district attorney’s office is investigating allegations of rape and sexual assault versus popular Swiss Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, who denies any wrongdoing.

Le Monde and Le Parisien newspapers reported Saturday that a lady filed a grievance this week against Ramadan for a supposed rape in 2009. Recently, a woman stated she was attacked by Ramadan in 2012.

Paris prosecutors say they have actually opened a rape and sexual attack investigation against Ramadan following the first problem. Ramadan’s legal representative, Yassine Bouzrou, has actually denied the allegations and says his customer is demanding “false allegations.”

Ramadan teaches Islamic Studies at Oxford University and has written various books on Islam and the combination of Muslims in Europe.

FDA approves much better vaccine against painful shingles infection

Friday, Oct. 20, 2017|4:05 p.m.

. A brand-new, more reliable vaccine to prevent agonizing shingles has been authorized by U.S. regulators.

Drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline stated the Food and Drug Administration authorized it late Friday. It will be the 2nd vaccine for shingles, which is brought on by the chickenpox infection. Merck has actually sold a shingles vaccine for about a decade.

Studies paid for by Glaxo suggest its vaccine is more reliable, preventing shingles in about 90 percent of people. Merck’s vaccine is about HALF reliable. Both are authorized for grownups 50 years and older.

About one-third of people who have actually had chickenpox get shingles. The virus comes back years later, activating an uncomfortable rash and in some cases nerve discomfort that sticks around for months.

Glaxo said the price of Shingrix without insurance coverage will be $280 for two dosages.

College student takes legal action against MGM Resorts after shooting on Vegas Strip

One October shooting victim Paige Gasper pictured here. (Courtesy: Abraham, Watkins) One October shooting victim Paige Gasper envisioned here. (Courtesy: Abraham, Watkins)

One October shooting victim Paige

Gasper imagined here.( Courtesy: Abraham, Watkins). LAS VEGAS( FOX5) -. A California college student is leading a claim versus MGM Resorts International and others after she was hurt in the 1 October shooting.

Paige Gasper, a student at Sonoma State University, filed a lawsuit against MGM Resorts International, Mandalay Corp., Estate of Steven Paddock and liability claims against Slide Fire, the maker of the bump stock gadget.

Gasper sustained deadly injuries in the shooting that night, inning accordance with a representative of a Texas law office dealing with the case, with shattered ribs and a lacerated liver due to a gunshot.

The lawsuit is declaring liability versus the celebrations mentioned, as mentioned in a release, with a press conference Wednesday to focus on a movement for modification – making places more secure and holding those accountable for cannot protect the innocent.

Steven Paddock opened fire to concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest festival on Oct. 1; eliminating 59 while injuring 489 people.

Formerly, an lawyer representing families impacted by the Strip shooting said he is preparing yourself to submit a claim including the shooter, MGM, and music festival organizers.

Stay with FOX5 for ongoing coverage on this story.

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Attorney plans to take legal action against MGM, freeze shooter'' s possessions


An attorney representing families affected by Sunday’s tragedy on the Las Vegas Strip is preparing yourself to submit a suit involving the shooter, MGM, and music celebration organizers.

Richard A. Patterson, a lawyer with Owen Patterson & & Owen, took the first step on Friday afternoon at the Regional Justice Center by filing a request for the shooter’s assets to stay frozen upon the completion of a federal examination. He requested that Clark County Public Administrator John Cahill ought to have control in order to allow one or more claims to be pursued by victims and their households.

“He needs to be held responsible even after he’s gone and devoted suicide,” Patterson said. “Whether he has a million dollars, 5 million, or ten million dollars, it’s a pittance compared to the damages these people incurred.”

Patterson filed the petition while standing side-by-side with client Travis Phippen, a 24-year-old paramedic who was with his papa John Phippen at the Route 91 Harvest Celebration.

John was shot and killed. Travis was shot in the arm, and the bullet is still lodged inside. The paramedic broke down and sobbed describing what took place to his family that night.

“We were just enjoying. We were dancing and singing tunes and just having a good time, and (my papa) showed no fear at all,” Travis sobbed. “Him and I, we both assisted these girls that were in front of us and we covered them up and I began helping other individuals that were getting shot and he stuck with me. He wasn’t scared. He existed with me. He didn’t wish to leave me … I understood that he ‘d be with me no matter what. That’s simply the sort of person he was.”

“(My daddy) taught us whatever about being strong, whether it was physically, psychologically, or mentally,” bro Nathan Phippen stated. “We lost somebody that we love and a big part of our household, and now we’re just trying to get the pieces.”

The Phippen brothers said they haven’t had time yet to think about the person who shot their dad. They said their top priority is aiming to stay strong and safeguard their household.

Patterson did not say when his suit will be submitted, but he listed numerous worry about the parties involved.

“When you have a client that is on the suspicious list, treat him as if he’s suspicious. Do exactly what you need to do to know why he’s reoccuring,” Patterson said. “MGM will be one of the primary targets … they understood there was something various about this man.”

“How long did it take the Mandalay Bay to install the metal detectors after the shooting?” he continued. “When you head out of Target you need to go through metal detectors … They have a duty to be more watchful and protective of the hotel attendants and concert goers.”

Patterson also specified that he thinks there need to have been more exits at the music celebration and that the shooter need to not have been talented the hotel space used to perform the shooting. The lawyer, who has experience with mass tort claims and class action lawsuits, stated he would want to represent more victims who come forward to seek legal assistance.

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Judge tosses DJ'' s match against Taylor Swift in searching trial

Friday, Aug. 11, 2017|9:12 p.m.

DENVER– A judge on Friday tossed out a previous radio host’s case versus Taylor Swift in a trial that delved into their dueling claims over whether he searched her during a backstage meet-and-greet and whether she and her team ruined his career.

U.S. District Judge William Martinez figured out that the pop star might not be held accountable since David Mueller cannot prove that she personally set out to have him fired after the 2013 photo op in Denver. His similar claims against Swift’s mom and her radio intermediary will go to jurors for a verdict.

Mueller rejects groping Swift and took legal action against the vocalist, her mother, Andrea Swift, and their radio handler, Frank Bell, seeking up to $3 million as compensation for his destroyed career.

The singer-songwriter said in her countersuit that she desired a symbolic $1 and the opportunity to defend other women. The jury will still consider her claim.

Swift teared up as the judge read his decision and said there was no proof of her actions being insincere. Later, her team smiled and accepted. Mueller’s side didn’t speak.

“I could not be more proud to represent someone like Taylor Swift who’s willing to step up in a scenario like this,” attorney Douglas Baldridge said outside court.

The judge’s choice followed days of testament from the vocalist and others and just before jurors were set to hear closing arguments.

Swift invested an hour on the witness stand Thursday defiantly stating what she called a “despicable and scary and shocking” encounter before a show.

“He remained attached to my bare ass-cheek as I lurched far from him,” Swift testified.

“It was a certain grab. A very long grab,” she added in her testimony.

Swift’s testy exchange with Mueller’s attorney occasionally generated laughes– even from the six-woman, two-man jury. She got a laugh when she stated her security guard saw Mueller “lift my skirt” but someone would have had to have actually been underneath her to see the actual groping– “and we didn’t have anybody positioned there.”

Swift testified that after the picture was taken, she attempted to get as far Mueller as she could. She stated she informed him and his girlfriend, who was also in the photo, “thank you for coming” in a monotone voice prior to they left.

She also said she was stunned and did not state anything to Mueller or stop the event after he left due to the fact that she did not wish to disappoint several lots people waiting in line for images with her.

In the image, revealed to jurors during opening declarations however not publicly released, Mueller’s hand lags Swift, simply below her waist. Mueller’s then-girlfriend, Shannon Melcher, is on the opposite of Swift. All 3 are smiling.

Melcher testified Friday that she saw absolutely nothing occur throughout the brief encounter which she and Mueller were rudely confronted and escorted out of the arena that evening. Melcher stated Mueller was devastated by the allegation.

She stated she and Mueller started as colleagues at nation station KYGO-FM and ended up being romantically involved in February 2013, a couple of months prior to the show. They wandered apart late in 2013, but Melcher states they stayed good friends.

Temporary limiting order released against Rob Kardashian


Jae C. Hong/ AP Blac Chyna, right, and her attorney Lisa Blossom smile at a news conference outside a court house on Monday, July 10, 2017, in Los Angeles. A court commissioner has actually granted Chyna a short-lived limiting order against her former bride-to-be, reality tv star Rob Kardashian.

Monday, July 10, 2017|3:28 p.m.

LOS ANGELES– A court commissioner on Monday provided a short-term limiting order versus Rob Kardashian in response to the reality tv star’s publishing of specific images of his ex-fiancee on social networks recently.

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner James E. Blancarte granted the order based on filings by Kardashian’s ex Blac Chyna, who also claims he hit her in the thigh earlier this year, knocking her down and leaving her bruised.

“Rob has been violent with me in the past and I hesitate to be around him,” Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, composed in court files submitted Monday in Los Angeles.

The order bars Kardashian from calling Chyna or coming within 100 yards or her house, car or workplace. The order also forbids him from publishing images online of Chyna or the baby daughter they share.

Chyna’s attorney Lisa Blossom called the hearing as “a total and total success.

“The judge offered us everything we asked for,” she stated.

The order will stay in effect till an Aug. 8 hearing.

Chyna looked for a temporary restraining order on Monday, less than a week after Kardashian went on a tirade versus her on Instagram and Twitter, including publishing specific pictures of her.

Blancarte sealed exhibits in the event, citing their specific nature. Flower has accused Kardashian of cyber bullying.

Blancarte said his main issue was the previous couple’s infant kid. Flower said in court that baby-sitters would handle custody transfers while the order remains in place.

Kardashian did not appear at Monday’s hearing. His legal representative Robert Shapiro said sorry on his client’s behalf outside the court house.

“We apologize and have used our remorses for exactly what has happened over the past few days,” Shapiro said. “And now we progress to do something and one thing just: Whatever remains in the best interest of the kid.

He said the former couple stays focused on their child, who he said is presently being looked after by Kardashian.

“They’re working this out among themselves as good moms and dads,” Shapiro said.

He said Kardashian consented to the issuance of a momentary limiting order.

Outside the courthouse, Chyna stated, “First and foremost, I wish to thank the judge for granting me this limiting order to safeguard me and I wish to (get) back to co-parenting Dream.”

Kardashian and Chyna revealed their engagement in April 2016 and starred in an E! reality reveal about their relationship.

Their child, Dream, was born last November. The couple broke up a month later.

Kardashian is the younger brother of Kim Kardashian and appeared on several seasons of the family’s reality series, “Staying up to date with the Kardashians.”

Associated Press Writer Joseph Longo contributed to this report.

Prosecutors use Joe Arpaio'' s immigration talk against him


Ross D. Franklin/ AP Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, front right, leaves U.S. District Court on the very first day of his contempt-of-court trial Monday, June 26, 2017, in Phoenix.

Monday, June 26, 2017|5:25 p.m.

PHOENIX– Previous Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s criminal trial opened Monday over his defiance of the courts in traffic patrols that targeted immigrants, marking the most aggressive effort to hold the former lawman of metro Phoenix accountable for strategies that critics say racially profiled Latinos.

In opening arguments, district attorneys displayed comments Arpaio made in press release and throughout TELEVISION interviews in which he extolled immigration enforcement, intending to prove that he ought to be condemned of misdemeanor contempt of court.

“He believed he could get away with it,” prosecutor Victor Salgado said, adding that at least 170 were illegally detained since Arpaio didn’t stop. “He never thought this day would come.”

Arpaio’s defense lawyer intensely contested that a person with almost 60 years in police would breach a court order, putting the blame on a previous lawyer who gave bad legal guidance.

Critics hope the eight-day trial in federal court in Phoenix will bring a long-awaited comeuppance for the bold 85-year-old who led crackdowns that divided immigrant households and left accountability.

His methods drew fierce challengers as well as passionate fans nationwide who championed exactly what they considered a tough-on-crime approach, including forcing prisoners to use pink underclothing and real estate them in tents outside in the desert heat.

Arpaio spent nine of his 24 years in workplace doing the sort of local immigration enforcement that President Donald Trump has actually advocated. To construct his extremely promoted deportation force, Trump is restoring an enduring program that deputizes regional officers to enforce federal migration law.

Arpaio’s lawyers say the previous constable is charged with a criminal activity for complying with U.S. immigration authorities, which the Trump administration now encourages.

His legal difficulties played a significant role in voters turning him from office in November after a project where he appeared alongside Trump at several rallies in Arizona.

Now, Trump remains in office and Arpaio is on trial.

If convicted, Arpaio might confront 6 months in prison, though legal representatives who have actually followed his case doubt that a male of his age would be put behind bars.

The former six-term constable of metro Phoenix has actually acknowledged defying a judge’s 2011 order in a racial profiling claim by prolonging the patrols for months. However he insists it was not deliberate. To win a conviction, prosecutors need to show he breached the order on purpose.

Unlike other regional authorities leaders who left migration enforcement to U.S. authorities, Arpaio made hundreds of arrests in traffic patrols that sought out immigrants and service raids where his officers targeted immigrants who used deceptive IDs to obtain tasks.

His immigration powers were ultimately removed away by the courts and federal government, culminating with a judge judgment in 2013 that Arpaio’s officers racially profiled Latinos.

Arpaio’s defense centers around what his lawyers stated were weak points in the court order that cannot acknowledge times when deputies would apprehend immigrants and later hand them over to federal authorities.

“He followed the law as the law exists,” stated Dennis Wilenchik, Arpaio’s lead lawyer.

District attorneys are seeking to use Arpaio’s own words against him in their case.

The sheriff’s office issued a news release a week after the judge informed it to stop the patrols stating it would continue to enforce immigration laws. Arpaio likewise offered a March 2012 TELEVISION interview in which he said his office was still detaining immigrants who remained in the nation unlawfully.

Tim Casey, who safeguarded Arpaio in the profiling case for nearly 6 years, was required to take the stand versus his former customer, saying he had numerous conferences with the lawman to talk about the judge’s order. Arpaio rested his chin on the palm of his hand Casey hesitantly affirmed.

The questioning got bogged down in objections over whether attorney-client privilege disallowed Casey from supplying information of the discussions.

Casey says he told Arpaio that his officers either had to arrest immigrants on state charges or launch them. District attorneys state Arpaio turned the detainees over to federal authorities in offense of the court order.

The retired lawman lost a demand to restrict district attorneys from pointing out comments he made about migration during his last 3 projects.

He likewise lost a last-ditch effort to let a jury rather of a judge decide whether he is guilty, with the United States Supreme Court on Monday rejecting the request.

It’s unknowned whether Arpaio will affirm in his defense.

What'' s next for Andre Ward after definitive win against Kovalev in Las Vegas


< img

class=” picture” src =” /wp-content/uploads/2017/06/0617WardKovalev2_03_t653.jpg” alt =” Image”/ > Steve Marcus WBA/IBF/WBO light heavyweight champion Andre Ward, left, gets in touch with a punch on previous champ Sergey Kovalev during their rematch at the Mandalay Bay Occasions Center Saturday, June 17, 2017 in Las Vegas. Ward kept his titles with

Granger contact page” > contact) Released Saturday, June 17, 2017|9:06 p.m. Updated Saturday, June 17, 2017|11 p.m. Ward vs Kovalev: The Rematch Release slideshow” Associated content Andre Ward added to his unbeaten tradition on Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Ward( 32-0, 16 KOs) wobbled Sergey Kovalev with a right-hand man in the 8th round, and ended up

the Russian off with a barrage to the body. The definitive win ends his saga with Kovalev, seals him atop boxing’s pound-for-pound rankings and asks the question of exactly what is next for the Olympic gold medalist. Now the WBO, IBF and WBA light heavyweight champion, Ward might have his sights set greater– and much heavier. Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, who is five

inches taller and 75 pounds heavier than Ward, might be a target according to fitness instructor Virgil Hunter

.” There are some features of Anthony Joshua that I see when I view him,” Hunter said. “I see things with him in particular and he’s finest. Styles make battles.

” Ward showed his power tonight, almost knocking Kovalev out with the best hook.” I revealed that I can injure a bigger male,” Ward stated. “I don’t believe they can contest that right-hand man.” Kovalev was exhausted by the time the eighth round began, partly due to inadequate cardio by the Russian and partly due to all the punches Ward landed to his midsection. The finishing sequence,

that included numerous punches listed below the belt, brought debate, a minimum of in the eyes of Kovalev’s camp.” I burnt out but I was still battling,” Kovalev stated.” It’s boxing. I could have been still

battling however I didn’t know why( referee) Tony Weeks stopped it.” Not typically referred to as a huge puncher, Ward remarkably out-landed Kovalev 53-50

in power punches, and was up on two of the three judges scorecards at the time of the blockage. Joshua, the IBF, WBA and IBO heavyweight champion, is 2 weight classes above Ward however

that doesn’t seem to trouble Hunter.” It would be a waste of time to go to Cruiser,” Hunter said.” (Ward )ought to just leapfrog it and go all out all. Battling a larger man has nothing to do with

size. It’s about his attributes and their characteristics.” Ward appears to have achieved whatever he can at light heavyweight after conquering

Kovalev. He stated a battle with Adonis Stevenson does not interest him. “Fighting at heavyweight is a dream of mine,” Ward said.” I don’t have anything on the books, and I’m not the greatest light heavyweight, but that

‘s always been an imagine mine. I do really well versus big fighters due to the fact that of my endurance. If the best opportunity occurs I would absolutely do it.

” Combating a heavyweight would contribute to a legacy that is among boxing’s existing finest. In 32 fights Ward is undefeated and has rarely been in trouble. While Ward didn’t ensure a go up to heavyweight, he did say he will listen to Hunter about the idea. “Going to light heavyweight after being a middleweight in the Olympics was not something I was considering, however( Hunter) made me believe,” Ward said. “He’s got a really prophetic way of considering things.

I utilized to think he was crazy but now I believe him.” For a male constantly chasing legendary status among boxing’s greats,

a heavyweight fight would certainly do the trick. For now, chopping down Kovalev is an excellent feat itself.” I just believe it adds to my legacy and my tradition is extremely important to me,” Ward said. “I remember I went and walked through the Boxing Hall of Fame one

time and I left believing I wish to remain in that place some day.” Jesse Granger can be reached at 702-259-8814 or [e-mail secured] Follow Jesse on Twitter at twitter.com/JesseGranger_.

Woman takes legal action against gambling establishment that provided her steak supper rather of $43 million jackpot

By Jackie Wattles

New York City (CNNMoney)– A fruit machine told her she hit a huge jackpot, but the gambling establishment declared it was a device error and offered her a meal on the house. Now, she’s taking this to court.

Katrina Bookman recorded national attention in 2015 when she played a “Sphinx Slot Machine” at Resorts World Casino in Queens, New york city, and it looked like though she ‘d won $43 million– which would have been the biggest jackpot ever won on the slots in U.S. history. She excitedly snapped a selfie with the screen, believing her life was forever changed.

However when Bookman concerned gather her reward, a casino worker told her she had not really won anything and provided her nothing however a complimentary steak supper and $2.25.

Bookman’s lawyer said she did not accept either the dinner or the $2.25.

At the time, Resorts World spokesperson Dan Bank asked forgiveness and told CNN that “gambling establishment personnel were able to figure out that the figure displayed on the cent slot was the result of an apparent malfunction– a reality later on verified by the New York State Video gaming Commission.”

The New York State Gaming Commission likewise said in August that the maker showed a disclaimer mentioning, “Malfunctions void all pays and plays.”

Bookman’s attorney Alan Ripka states he has been defending months to get the casino to pony up more cash for Bookman, however to no get. So, on June 14, he submitted a lawsuit.

Ripka likewise states the gambling establishment’s reasons are “ridiculous.”

“You can’t claim a maker is broken because you want it to be broken. Does that suggest it wasn’t examined? Does it indicate it wasn’t kept?,” Ripka told CNNMoney. “And if so, does that mean that people that played there prior to [Bookman] had zero chance of winning?”

Ripka likewise stated he’s asked Resorts World Gambling establishment to describe how the machine malfunctioned, however the company did not provide him anything.

The grievance declares that Resorts World Casino was “irresponsible” and did not properly keep their lotto equipment. It likewise presumes that Bookman suffered “mental distress” as an outcome of the event and she sustained a “considerable” monetary setback since she “lost the possibility and/or opportunity to win” on the machine.

The problem also names video lottery operator Genting New York LLC and slot machine maker International Game Innovation as offenders.

Ripkin says he plans to seek at least $43 million in damages.

The casino did not immediately react to CNNMoney’s ask for remark concerning the claim.

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