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Army ought to leave Knights alone

Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018|2 a.m.

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I read all the news concerning the Las Vegas NHL team and the Army’s problem about its usage of the Golden Knights name, including the Sun’s Jan. 23 article on the subject.

In the beginning, I believed it was humorous if not ludicrous until I recognized what the ramifications are. The Vegas Golden Knights are a private organization, funded by private residents. Even their house ice rink is a privately funded job, unlike the Raiders arena.

The Vegas Golden Knights offer entertainment. The Army, if I’m not mistaken, exists to secure the United States versus foreign and/or domestic opponents.

I don’t think the Golden Knights fit either classification. Nevertheless, the Army is spending loan and resources to file a grievance about a hockey group’s name and logo design. It may even go to court to validate its grievance.

Guess who spends for this pie-in-the-sky legal maneuver? If it’s the Golden Knights, it’s the personal owners. If it’s the Army, it’s you and me, the taxpayers. If the Defense Department wants a budget increase, inform it to stop using taxpayer cash for this kind of activity and focus on offering the personnel and equipment to safeguard us.

On the planet of hip-hop, Jay-Z stands alone

Shawn Carter made some serious history this year. In June, the renowned Brooklyn MC ended up being the very first hip-hop artist in history to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Popularity. Obviously, he needed to miss the ceremony to be with BeyoncĂ©, who was providing birth to the super star couple’s twins.

The recognition is significant, but it’s likewise one honor in a long list for Jay-Z. More crucial to the rapper’s legacy is exactly what occurred later in June; he launched 4:44, his 13th solo album and 6th prominent work considering that he “retired” with 2003’s The Black Album. The idea of the late-career gem does not really exist in hip-hop. It’s still a fairly young musical category, and therefore remains focused on younger artists who are approaching or running in their prime. At 47 and well into the magnate phase of his career, Jay-Z has actually proven that not just can he continue producing relevant and resonant music, he’s capable of creative development.

4:44 is the proof, deserving footing alongside timeless Jay-Z albums like Sensible Doubt and The Blueprint. Easily his most personal and vulnerable album, it blows away all hip-hop clichĂ©s, trading in the rap artist’s renowned blowing for mature self-questioning. He’s still laser-precise with his lyrics and delivery, and now he’s his own target. Chicago producer No I.D. crafted a vintage, soulful noise for all 10 tracks, a perfect canvas for the sophisticated lyricist.

It’s suitable Jay-Z stands alone as a rap artist in the Songwriters Hall of Popularity, because his body of work is a likewise singular monolith– one he continues to shape. Jay-Z at T-Mobile Arena, October 28.

Cops: Mother travelled to Europe, left her 4 kids house alone in Iowa

Police say they've charged 30-year-old Erin Macke with child endangerment. (Johnston Police Department)Cops say they have actually charged 30-year-old Erin Macke with child endangerment. (Johnston Authorities Department) Cops say they have actually charged 30-year-old Erin Macke with kid endangerment. (Johnston Police Department). JOHNSTON, Iowa (AP)– Authorities have apprehended a suburban Des Moines mother who left her four kids house alone while she traveled to Europe. Johnston authorities say they have actually charged 30-year-old Erin Macke with kid endangerment. Polk County Prison records state Macke remains in custody Friday. Court records don’t note the name of an attorney who can comment for her.

Cops state Macke made no child care plans for her kids– ages 12, 12, 7 and 6– prior to she left Sept. 20.

Authorities were tipped off Sept. 21 that the children had been left unsupervised. Officers investigated and called in the Iowa Person Provider Department, which took custody of them.

Officers called Macke in Germany, requiring she return. She was apprehended on her return.

Cops haven’t described the purpose of Macke’s trip.

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Police: Mom leaves 3 kids house alone, strikes club


A 23-year-old mom of three is in difficulty after leaving her children house alone around midnight Friday to go celebration at a club, Cincinnati cops stated.

Shaira Brookins has a 3-year-old, 4-year-old, and 6-month-old.

“I came out and I saw the little kids over here and an infant over there,” said next-door neighbor Mark Fritz, who was leaving for work Saturday around 7 a.m.

Still drowsy, he looked throughout the method.

“I was like, ‘Is that an infant?’ So, I ran over there, grabbed the baby, selected the baby up, the diaper fell off because it was damp and soaked,” Fritz said.

The infant was riding in a pull toy, Fritz stated, and it looked like the infant will roll down the front actions.

“I’m just grateful the baby had not fallen and busted his head,” he stated.

Fritz knocked on the front door, but no one responded to. It ends up, the door was unlocked, so he went within, fearing the worst.

“Somebody could have been dead in your house or whatever,” said Fritz. “I didn’t know, so I went in, and the house looked deserted.”

A neighbor called 911 while he stayed with the kids. Fritz inquired where their parents were.

“They resemble, ‘We don’t know. Mommy down there,’ whatever,” Fritz stated.

However it wasn’t like Brookins strolled a 1/2 block away for a drink.

The Lion’s Den, which is a private club, is an easy 20 minute drive– 15 miles away– from her home in Roselawn.

People who go to that club, but did not wish to talk on electronic camera, informed FOX19 Now the Lion’s Den closes at 5 a.m. According to the arrest report, Brookins did not get home until 8:30 that early morning, three hours later.

“Then the sister came and got the kids, thank God,” said Fritz.

Brookins is in jail on a $30,000 bond. She’s due back in court Wednesday.

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