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iBuyers offer another alternative to quickly sell houses in Las Vegas

[unable to obtain full-text content] Rather of selling their homes through traditional real estate representatives, some Las Vegans are opting to sell directly to so-called iBuyers such as Opendoor. San Francisco-based Opendoor has operated in the Las Vegas Valley for …

Updated: Rent-A-Center'' s Board Weighing Purchase Alternative for 2,500-Store Chain

Retailer’s Chairman Steven Pepper Resigns Over Dispute with Board’s Decision

Rent-A-Center Inc. (NASDAQ/NGS: RCII), among the nation’s largest rent-to-own shop operators, which revealed early today plans to think about alternatives consisting of a sale of the chain which runs around 2,500 stores now has an at least one proposition to think about.

Vintage Capital Management LLC, an Orlando-based personal equity fund, made a nonbinding offer today to get all of the outstanding shares of the company for $13 per share in money.

Financiers don’t appear too fired up about the offer. Rent-A-Center’s stock leapt onlu about $1 per share to about $10.90/ share on news of the offer.

Rent-A-Center encouraged its shareholders not to take any action at this time however said it would review the offer.

[Editor’s Note: This story was upgraded Friday Nov. 3, 2017 at about 1:15 pm EST with news of the deal]

The Plano, TX-based company revealed earlier today that its chairman, Steven L. Pepper, resigned from his position efficient instantly. Pepper notified the company that his resignation was an outcome of his dispute with the board’s choice to start a tactical evaluation process for the retailer.

Rent-A-Center will suspend its stock dividend payments until it completes its review. The board’s choice follows calls from activist financiers to put the business up for sale after apparently decreasing buyout offers from a handful of private equity companies this year, consisting of an $800 million offer from private equity company Vintage Capital in June.

Engaged Capital, a Newport Beach financial investment company with a stake in the company, commended the board’s choice calling it long overdue.

“Engaged Capital thinks that Rent-A-Center stays an appealing acquisition opportunity. Our company believe the company’s strong cash flow generation, liquidity and management position in the appealing rent-to-own market integrate to underpin prospective transaction cost varieties that would permit both investors and a potential acquirer to realize considerable worth,” the business stated.

Engaged Capital also claimed Rent-A-Center previously cannot pursue reputable quotes at significant premiums to its stock cost earlier this year, including, “Engaged Capital reminds the board that our analysis shows that a strategic acquirer could recognize $300 million or more of synergies and operational enhancements.”

The firm has actually engaged J.P. Morgan as its financial advisor and Winston & & Strawn LLP as legal advisor. Rent-A-Center reported a loss this week the three months ended Sept. 30 of $12.6 million vs a $6.2 million profit for the same quarter last year.

CCSD trying to find alternative teachers on '' Wear the Cape ' events


Clark County School District intends to discover heroes among substitute teaching candidates in its “Use the Cape for a Day” occasions.

The school district announced 4 occasions that will certainly allow applicants to discover the subbing chances, be spoken with and look for help from specialists, all in one day.

Those interested in applying can go to one of the occasions set for the following days and places:

Tuesday, Oct. 6
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.University of Phoenix-NW Summerlin 3755 Development Method Las Vegas, NV 89135 Friday, Oct. 9 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.Southwest Career and Technical Academy

7050 W. Shelbourne Ave.Las Vegas, NV 89113 Tuesday, Oct. 13 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.Rancho High School 1900 E. Searles Ave Las Vegas, NV 89101 Friday, Oct. 16
9 a.m. to 1

p.m.University of Phoenix -SE Henderson 7777 Eastgate Roadway
Henderson, NV 89011 Subs can work as couple of as four days a month

, but the best requirement for those teachers are on Mondays and Fridays, the district
stated. According to Meg Nigro, CCSD’s executive director for recruitment and advancement, replacement teachers can make $360 to $400 a month by working simply for the four days.

“Substitute teachers enjoy the versatility of picking the days they want to work, “Nigro stated.”They also discover it gratifying to work with children and return to the

neighborhood.” For more information on the opportunities, you can check out www.teach.vegas or call 702-799-5427. Copyright 2015 KVVU(KVVU Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved.

Top 12 alternative mascots for UNLV

Now that we have actually got full funding for a medical school, a top-rated law school, and a brand-new hotel college building coming soon, plainly all problems at UNLV are solved other than for that vexing mascot problem! And plainly, Hey Reb has got to go!

.?.!! I suggest, he doesn’t resemble a cartoon wolf or a Confederate basic any longer. (The mascot dates to the creation of Nevada Southern University breaking off from its Northern equivalent, and when you pit North versus South, naturally the Confederacy is your marketing model.) But in the wake of South Carolina church shootings, individuals are re-examining anything even remotely related to the Confederacy, which is exactly what prompted U.S. Sen. Harry Reid to require finding a new mascot.

Ever practical, SlashPolitics is happy to provide a list of possible alternative mascots for UNLV for the factor to consider of the public, the university and the Nevada System of College. Beginning with …

1. The chupacabra! This mythical desert beast motivates worry from the instant you initially see it. A big, lizard-like animal with huge eyes and a row of spines ranging from its go to its tail, the chupacabra apparently feeds on the blood of goats and sheep. Possibly the only disadvantage is that Southern Nevada isn’t precisely known for its goat and sheep population, meanings that there most likely aren’t too many chupacabras here. Or anywhere. OK, then, how about …

2. The dragon! Everyone who sees “Video game of Thrones” knows the dragon is the end-all, be-all monster, inspiring worry and wonder in peoples on both sides of the Narrow Sea. They can fly, they can breathe fire and they are tough to eliminate. There are some marketing disadvantages: The dragon is related to the devil in the Bible, specifically in the book of Discovery, where it makes war against the angels of heaven. Likewise, they do not actually exist. So …

3. The scorpion! Now we’ve got lots of those little bastards around this town, and they are totally actual. Their several legs and rounded tail, tipped by an agonizing stinger, influences fear, so inspect that box. The only disadvantage? Do you really want a sports group that could be related to a German heavy-metal band, an association that would damn near obligate us to play “Rock You Like a Typhoon” at every game? Yeah, completely. So …

4. The Blue Men! For evident factors, no.

5. The whale! Nothing could be more carefully related to Southern Nevada than the whale. In reality, it might be said that our whole city might not even exist without them. But the imagine of a well-off, chain-smoking, overweight Chinese traveler with a fist-full of yellow and gray chips doesn’t precisely motivate worry. So possibly not so much the whale. What? What did you think I was talking about? Maybe …

6. The Vegas cab driver! They are actual, they are all over and they certainly motivate fear in any person who’s lived her for more than 20 minutes and seen them drive! And now that Uber has actually been legislated and their control of the transport market remains in risk, they are more pissed off than normal. The Vegas Cabbies could use a full-court press at all times, long-hauling the offense up and down the court! And of course they ‘d be on the phone the whole time. Not heroic enough? Well, there’s always …

7. The actual rebels. You know, from “Star Wars.” Those men are bad ass. They defeated the Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader and the dark side of the Force, not to point out blowing up the Death Star– twice! Simply take old Hey, Reb’s gun and give him a lightsaber and the keys to an X-wing boxer, and we’re ready to lock s-foils into attack position versus any team in the department. And might the Force be with us! OK, there might be some copyright problems with that one, so let’s put a pin because and rather consider …

8. The wild horse! Southern Nevada is known for its population of graceful, stunning wild horses, roaming the desert and enjoying their flexibility while resisting the Bureau of Land Management’s efforts to herd them into government pens by rangers utilizing a “M * A * S * H”-period helicopter. However, the absence of water and food has left a great deal of these worthy beasts emaciated, and the entire desert/freedom/resisting the BLM thing is a little too Cliven Bundy, so …

9. Hey, what about Cliven Bundy! A racist white individual in a big hat? Isn’t really that exactly what we’re trying to escape? OK, carrying on to …

10. The mobster! Sure, they’re long gone from Southern Nevada, now that much more insidious and lawless individuals have taken control of (Wall Street corporations). But time was you couldn’t swing a dead rat (the informer type, not the rodent) without hitting a member of La Costa Nostra in Las Vegas. Pinstripe fits, fedoras, violin cases and a strange bulge on the hip would complete the appearance, while “take the gun, leave the canoli” would make an incredible chant. Undoubtedly, the drawback right here is anti-Italian-American prejudice, and given that I’m part Italian, let’s forget this one and, possibly, think of …

11. The space alien! We have actually all heard the rumors that bodies of aliens who crashed in Roswell in 1947 are stored at Location 51, the remote airfield at which speculative airplane are allegedly tested. That idea was a style of the 1996 blockbuster “Self-reliance Day.” Aliens are cool, strange and who wouldn’t wish to threaten our athletic rivals with kidnapping/anal probes? Still, many individuals firmly insist that aliens don’t exist, and the Las Vegas 51s baseball group already has claimed aliens as part of its franchise, so, why rule out …

12. The desert tortoise! That’s right, Southern Nevada’s own unique animal. They are everywhere (that has not been developed into a red-roofed class or a huge shopping center that individuals insist on calling “downtown,” although there’s a real downtown already). Tortoises are cool-looking and they are perfectly adjusted for desert living. The only problems? They are slow-moving and don’t actually motivate fear, which we require. So that’s why we’re getting a ringer, a special desert tortoise. Ever come across Gamera? That corrects, people, the giant ass-kicking turtle from Godzilla motion pictures drawing back in the 1960s? Guy can fly! He can walk on his hind legs! He’s got teeth! He can shoot fireballs from his mouth, and his shell is almost impregnable!

I think we have our winner! Hey, Reb! Conform and include Mohave Max’s huge, bad sibling!