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UNLV Ranked Among Best in Nation for Veterans

UNLV was ranked as one of the best universities in the nation for veterans, according to The Armed force Times.

The Military Times rankings, formerly known as Best for Vets, are based upon a study of the experienced assistance services, special rules, lodgings, and monetary rewards provided to trainees with military ties. The survey likewise considers information from the Veterans Affairs and Defense Departments. UNLV ranked 62among four-year organizations, with more than 600 colleges participating in the survey.

Ross D. Bryant, who is the director of UNLV’s Armed force & & Veteran Solutions and a retired U.S. Army officer, said “UNLV puts remarkable significance on informing our military veterans and understanding the sacrifices these men and women have actually produced our nation.”

“I’m really pleased with this ranking. It shows that the lots of hours we have actually worked to make UNLV a welcome house for our military and our veterans has actually paid off,” Bryant stated.

The rankings are in their 8th year and include a thorough “school-by- school assessment of veteran and military trainee services and rates of scholastic achievement,” inning accordance with the Military Times.

Developed in 2012 as the Workplace of Veteran Services, the UNLV Military & & Veteran Provider Center (MVSC) serves more than 1,800 active-duty, reserve or veteran trainees on campus. Many have actually received tuition benefits from the Post 9/11 G.I. Expense. From tuition assistance and campus training to on-site Veterans Administration assistance and specialized recruitment, UNLV is increasing its services for veterans, with the current hiring of a MVSC Outreach Planner, responsible for the veteran peer-to-peer recommending program.

UNLV is recognized by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as a VetSuccess campus and designated a military friendly school by G.I. Jobs Magazine for the seventh successive year. UNLV has also re-engaged with Nellis Air Force Base and offers on-base encouraging and courses for active-duty military.

This fall, the university launched the Rebel Veterans Alumni Club, which uses current and previous student veterans a chance to network with one another and discover chances offered to veterans in Southern Nevada.

Discover more at www.unlv.edu/veterans.

The Holiday Card: Among Our Oldest School Customs

Fifty years ago, a handful of young and recently moved professors and staff began a vacation custom at UNLV that continues to grow today. Among the early creators of the Holiday Card Tree task were then-professor Don Schmiedel and his other half, Grace.

“The idea was that instead of feel obligated to send a card to all your coworkers, you ‘d send out one vacation card to the Faculty Club for all,” said Don Schmiedel, who taught foreign languages up until retiring in 1999. The cards that were received embellished a tree that was set up in the Student Union.

In addition to the cards, faculty and staff would include a check to donate to trainee scholarships. The Professors Club would print one card recognizing all contributors, and disperse it campuswide.

“Loan began can be found in, and the first year there was enough to award a half of a scholarship,” Grace Schmiedel said. “In those days, that had to do with $300. The very first student to receive it was Karen Harville.” She would go on to earn a degree in biology.

That practice continues today, and over the past 5 decades dozens of students have actually gotten aid from the Faculty Personnel Vacation Card scholarship. Today, the value of the endowed fund tops $135,000.

Among this year’s three scholarship receivers, Sean Conners, 32, is a nontraditional student who went back to school after operating in hospitality management. Conners now is studying kinesiology with strategies to become a physical therapist focusing on kids’s health.

“I more than happy to be pursuing something I’m personally passionate about,” Conners, a junior, said. When he was more youthful, he was a camp therapist and a few of the children he worked with experienced juvenile diabetes. “They had physical therapists and they established really special relationships with them. Ideally I’ll have the ability to work with kids and assist them that method.”

Another 2017 recipient, Aeren Dempsey, remains in his second year studying computer science.

“To me, the scholarship is huge,” Dempsey stated. “With work and school, it manages me a bit more freedom and assurance.”

Dempsey, 22, relocated to Las Vegas from Samoa after high school. “I like it. It’s actually intellectually satisfying,” he said of his course of study. “I remain open up to new advancements in computer science, however I understand that I am in the field I want to remain in.”

Student Sarah Bame, a criminal justice senior, said that the scholarship assisted relieve her fret about the amount of student loan financial obligation she was collecting.

“Every little bit assists– specifically due to the fact that I wish to go on to pursue an advanced degree,” Bame stated. She wishes to focus on rehabilitation programs in corrections centers. “I wish to advocate for grownups to learn abilities to make re-entry more effective,” she stated.

During the course of the Professors Staff Vacation Card’s 50-year history, notable local artists, professors, and students have contributed to producing the artwork for the card. Their special holiday-themed illustrations and images catch the spirit of the school, the Southwest, and the times.

Card style has actually varied from red-capped tortoises and snow-topped cacti to images of UNLV students covered with lights. This year, senior graphic design significant Sydney Mendoza is developing an original Rebel-themed style. [https://www.unlv.edu/news/slideshows/holiday-cards-collection”> View the Holiday Card Tree slideshow.]

And some 50 years since they started the tradition, Grace and Don Schmiedel look back with fond memories.

“Those were the structure days, when things were simply starting here,” Don Schmiedel stated while the couple arranged through a few of the old holiday cards preserved at the UNLV Foundation.

“It is really excellent, this many years later, to see that the professors and personnel continue the custom of providing.”

6 CEOs of Real Estate Firms Listed Among World'' s Best-Performing by HBR

Debra Cafaro CEO of Ventas was just one of two ladies noted on the entire list. Credit: Harvard Service Review

6 CEOs of North American realty companies were included in the most recent Harvard Service Review yearly list of the 100 best-performing CEOs.

The list, which appears in HBR’s November-December issue, varies from other magnate rankings because it determines performance for the whole length of a president’s period rather than a specifc period of time.

“We believe it is very important to recognize leaders who are providing strong monetary performance and developing sustainable businesses over the long term – not simply quarter to quarter,” said Adi Ignatius, HBR editorial director.

To compile the list, HBR took a look at CEOs of the S&P Global 1200 as of April 30, 2017, and determined overall investor return and increase in market capitalization over their whole tenure.

The realty CEOs recognized by the HBR are:

No. 43: Hamid Moghadam, Prologis

# 50: Debra Cafaro, Ventas

# 51: David Simon, Simon Home Group

# 73: Bruce Flatt, Brookfield Asset Management

# 79: James Taiclet Jr., American Tower

# 92: Stephen Smith, Equinix

The top-rated CEO was Pablo Isla, head of Spanish merchant Inditex, best known for its flagship fashion brand Zara. Isla has led Inditex on a global expansion given that becoming CEO in 2005, increasing its market value sevenfold and making it Spain’s a lot of important company. Today the business’s eight brands have 7,300 shops in 93 nations.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who is ranked # 71, still leads all other CEOs based on purely financial metrics.

On average, the world’s 100 finest CEOs have created a 2,507% total return on their stock (changed for exchange-rate effects), for a 21% annual return.

Team Goals: Finding Assistance Among the UNLV Warrior Household

Strength, persistence, and perseverance: prepared qualities of a warrior. For Randy Dexter, a U.S. Army veteran, other half, and dad of 3, being a warrior today is about reconstructing and redefining his life after more than a years of service. Far away from the battleground today, that nerve encompasses the world of academic community where Dexter is carving out his place.

The attacks of Sept. 11 drove Dexter to enlist. He followed the example of his grandfather, who served in the Korean War, and signed up with the Army. Dexter acted as a combat medic in Iraq for 11 years. The cutting edge became his momentary home; injury care for battered men and women his typical routine. When he returned stateside he was awarded two Bronze Star medals. He was expected to take in back into life in the Unites States with ease.

However Dexter was a various guy. He was plagued with serious post-traumatic stress disorder, suffered from major depressive disorder. He had actually sustained a serious brain injury– the consequences of being captured in an IED explosion in Iraq. The next four years of his life were spent in intensive treatment, including a number of months in an inpatient center. He coped haunting ideas of suicide. Life after military service included more obstacles than he ever anticipated; the future appeared bleak.

When hope arrived, it came in the form of a service pet dog called Captain. The two were matched together in 2014 in combination with the K9s for Warriors Project. With Captain around, Dexter’s life and challenges appeared to be more bearable.

“We have a special connection,” he stated. “He cannot work without me– or me without him.”

The sweet and loyal laboratory mix altered Dexter’s life, and let him start the steps of recovery. One of those actions consisted of returning to school, where Captain accompanies Randy in and out of the classroom.

For many veterans, the transition to a university finding out environment is intimidating. A common belief is that being in the armed force is a security blanket of sorts– a neighborhood of brothers and siblings working toward a regimented objective. To go from having that familiarity and function to a brand-new and typically individualistic campus environment is frightening, can be a battle for lots of veterans.

When Dexter and Captain resumed classes at UNLV, they found the support of the Military & Veteran Provider Center and the trainee organization Rebel Vets. These two school resources offered support that includes, financial aid resources, school and community assistance services, discounted-housing programs, and different networks for veteran employment opportunities.

“The groups intend to create a neighborhood that eases the transition from military life to civilian life,” Dexter said.

With the assistance of the center, Rebel Vets and Captain, Dexter grows in his academic career.

“UNLV is so great about promoting the veterans,” Dexter stated. “No one embodies the UNLV motto of ‘Daring, different, and diverse’ more so than the Rebel Veterinarians.”

Dexter is the current president of Rebel Vets under the center’s director, Ross Bryant, whom Dexter calls his “good example,” and off campus Dexter has actually ended up being an outspoken supporter for service canines and their advantages to veterans with PTSD. He travels around the country with Captain and K9s for Warriors on an objective to highlight his experience and aid others.

Dexter’s return to civilian life could have remained bleak, however his guts off the battleground led him to the right connections and camaraderie he needed to be successful.

“I wish to strive and reveal my kids that if your daddy can do it and so can you,” Dexter stated. “Resiliency is something I really live by.”

That resiliency is a truth today for Dexter, and his network on school and in Las Vegas. To paraphrase The Beatles, he manages with a little help from his buddies.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar among headliners at Forbes summit

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017|5:58 a.m.

BOSTON– Rapper Kendrick Lamar and Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman are among the celebrities, professional athletes and business leaders going to Boston for Forbes’ Under 30 Summit.

The four-day event concentrated on innovation and company starts Sunday and goes through Wednesday.

It consists of panel discussions, competitions for start-up business, networking chances for financiers and business owners, in addition to musical performances and other celebrity-driven events.

The events are being staged at popular locations across the Boston-area, consisting of City Hall Plaza, historic Faneuil (FAN’-yul) Hall, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, the Massachusetts Institute of Innovation and the Fenway Park area.

More than 7,000 individuals are anticipated to go to.

Actor Ashton Kutcher, starlet Evan Rachel Wood, skier Lindsay Vonn, design Karlie Kloss and television chef Ayesha Curry are among the other noteworthy summit speakers.

Wireless Stores and Discounters Among The majority of Active Retailers Leasing Space

While the development ushered in by e-commerce and online shopping has actually unleashed a wave of ‘creative destruction’ through traditional brick-and mortar retail occupants, it has actually likewise seen others emerge to take their location, most notably cordless service strategy and cellular phone shops.

In an analysis of 15,000 retail leases signed so far this year by CoStar Group, an overall of 170 retail tenants signed 6 or more leases in the very first 6 months of the year. T-Mobile US (NASDAQ: TMUS) represented 435 of them– by far the most– accounting for 16% of the most active retail occupants signing leases.

T-Mobile also soaked up more square video than any other single retail renter totaling more than 712,000 square feet, or about 5% of leases signed by the most active retailers.

” We will bring the ‘uncarrier’ to every inch of the United States bringing genuine choice and competitors to all cordless customers,” stated John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile US stated last month. “This is also a terrific story for rural America, much which is seeing or will see genuine cordless competition for the first time.”

Last month, the company opened its 1,000 th T-Mobile shop this year, with 500 more prepared by year end. T-Mobile has opened stores now in over 400 different neighborhoods this year alone.

That overall doesn’t include an extra 1,500 MetroPCS stores prepared this year, 1,100 of which have been opened to-date. MetroPCS is a pre-paid wireless service that belongs to T-Mobile United States.

” By year end, we will have almost 17,000 branded locations across the country, where customers can purchase T-Mobile or MetroPCS, and that’s just incredible,” Legere said.

Other wireless providers broadening their store base in addition to T-Mobile include Cricket, Increase Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless and AT&T, which jointly signed more than 340 leases this year for more than 600,000 square feet.

All together cordless providers accounted for 10% of the retail square video signed by the 170 most active tenants.Fitness Studios Also Seeing Healthy Retail Development CoStar’s analysis of the most

active retail occupants signing leases in the first half of the year tallies more than 19 physical fitness studios taking in more than 2.04 million square feet in 232 lease finalizings. Whenever Physical fitness, among the fastest-growing

co-ed fitness centers in the world, last month announced plans to open more than 150 locations in throughout the state of New York. Completely physical fitness studios represented 17% of the

retail space rented by the 170 most active retail tenants. In the food and beverage sector, 36 dining establishment occupants represented more than 1.07 million square feet of leased retail space in 462 deals. 2016 was the first year during which dining out surpassed dining at home, and that trend is most likely to continue, inning accordance with Cushman & Wakefield as consumers place a higher worth on the benefit and social experience of eating in restaurants. Nevertheless, the restaurant leasing sector is not without obstacles. Restaurant closures, especially amongst the casual dining sector continue. Some fast-casual principles are starting to face market saturation, inning accordance with Cushman & Wakefield.Apparel Discounters Keep Growing Meanwhile, even some sectors of the clothing sector are experiencing growth. TJX Cos.( NYSE: TJX), the leader in the off-price category, has more growth prepared across its TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods stores. TJX Cos. signed 27 retail leases across its 3 brands absorbing more than 603,000 square feet. Other noteworthy garments retail players that are broadening include Ross Dress for Less, Burlington Coat Factory, Macy’s Backstage idea, Nordstrom Rack and

Saks Off 5th. Cushman & Wakefield likewise noted the development in the grocery sector from German-based grocers Aldi and Lidl, both which are bringing their hard discounting designs as a contender

among standard grocery gamers. Aldi, which presently has approximately 1,600 places across the U.S., consisting of a recent expansion into Southern California, plans to open another 900 stores by 2022. Meanwhile, dollar shops continue their enthusiastic growth plans. Dollar General means to open 1,000 brand-new areas in 2017, and Dollar Tree/Family Dollar is preparing 650 new stores this year. Dollar shop concepts signed 109 leases this year totaling more than 1.14 million square feet. Companies that provide unique offerings and experiences for customers dominated National Retail Federation’s list of Hot 100 Merchants published last month in its Stores magazine. The Hot 100 list of fastest-growing merchants is based on sales growth in 2016 over 2015 and ranks both public and privately held retail business by U.S. domestic sales, with a$ 300 million limit for inclusion.

Fourteen retailers were acknowledged as” continual sizzlers” for having actually made the Hot 100 list each year because its inception in 2006. The list below includes their sales growth given that 2011 and their 2017 ranking: Amazon.com- 192%( 10) Aldi- 42%( 40) Dollar General- 48%( 47 )Ross Stores- 49 %( 52) O’Reilly Automotive -48%( 51) Dick’s Sporting Goods- 52 %( 43 )Tractor Supply Co. -60%( 44) Academy Sports +Outdoor- 156% (27) Ulta Beauty parlor, Cosmetics & Fragrance -160% (11 )Sprouts Farmers Market- 251% (30) Casey’s General Stores – 67% (55)
Grocery Outlet – 197 %( 49
) Sephora – 44% (67)
Lululemon Athletica – 208 %( 38

UNLV car park, high-end suites among significant problems before Raiders arena board


Thanks to MANICA Architecture A take a look at the proposed $1.9 billion domed football stadium for the Oakland Raiders and UNLV football in Las Vegas.

Associated material

Where Raiders fans will park on NFL Sundays in Las Vegas commands attention right now in Southern Nevada, but creeping deadlines loom on other considerable arena concerns also.

As the clock ticks progressively toward an October deadline for completing a lots contracts, the Las Vegas Arena Authority Board satisfies Thursday with a prolonged agenda mainly focused on conversation and evaluation. Central amongst satisfying concerns are how the Raiders will share their brand-new building with UNLV and how to craft a community benefits plan from the group that finest serves a broad swath of Southern Nevada.

The Sun initially reported last week on the draft joint-use agreement sent by the Raiders to UNLV officials. Because proposition, the Raiders look for to use almost 80 acres of land controlled by the university for game-day and occasion parking, including the 4,000 spaces at the Thomas & & Mack Center.

The home of the Runnin’ Rebels sits three miles from the 62-acre website near Interstate 15 and Russell Roadway where the arena will be constructed, though, developing questions about how the famous Raiders tailgate experience will sustain from Oakland to Las Vegas. The arena website contains approximately 2,400 parking spaces, or about 15 percent of exactly what Clark County code requires for a 65,000-seat facility.

County authorities should approve the final parking plan for the arena, as Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak reminded last week.

High-end suites, scheduling, lease, advertising and many extra problems are covered in the Raiders preliminary proposition to UNLV. University spokesman Tony Allen stated Tuesday that UNLV authorities are examining the draft and could respond as soon as Thursday.

The joint-use contract that will govern the relationship in between the franchise and the university should win approval from the Nevada Board of Regents before being ratified by the stadium authority board. Otherwise, the authority serves just as a prospective conciliator between the Raiders and the Rebels.

Also slated for conversation is the neighborhood benefits arrangement needed by Senate Costs 1, the state legislation that authorized $750 million in public funding towards the $1.9 billion stadium. In addition to arrangements of the law needing that at least 15 percent of arena subcontractors must be little regional services, extra plans to ensure neighborhood involvement are needed.

According to the law passed in October, “the designer partner and the Stadium Events Company will establish a neighborhood benefits prepare to make sure the best possible involvement by all segments of the local community in the economic chances readily available in connection with the style, building and operation of the National Football League arena job developed by the designer partner and run by the Stadium Occasions Company.”

At the time the legislation was authorized, casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson was assumed to represent the arena occasions company. Following Adelson’s withdrawal from the job, the Raiders decided to operate the occasions business and are anticipated to choose a prominent company like Legends or AEG to run the stadium.

Development partners Mortenson and McCarthy addressed the community benefits concern at their initial details conference for possible professionals and partners. The business presented Lynn Littlejohn from Mortenson as the primary person overseeing that area. Littlejohn works as Mortenson’s director of neighborhood affairs and has actually been with the building and construction outfit for 21 years.

Senate Expense 1 also specifies that a stadium neighborhood oversight committee must be created to perform the neighborhood advantages plan. Board Chairman Steve Hill stated following last month’s conference that conversation towards the development of that committee is under way.

The board satisfies at 1 p.m. Thursday at the Clark County Government Center.

Crowdfunding innovator among honored ladies in L.V. tech sector


Ruth Hedges By Mick Akers ( contact)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017|2 a.m.

Women in Las Vegas’ innovation sector were honored this month at the fourth-annual Las Vegas Women in Innovation Awards at Fresh Wata.

Ruth Hedges, ceo and founder of TheGCCWorld.com and executive producer of the Worldwide Crowdfunding Convention, was honored as High-Tech Woman of the Year, the evening’s leading award.

The award came as a surprise to Hedges, who participated in the ceremony with her child, who happened to be in the area that day.

“I was surprised … This was not prepared and I didn’t have a speech ready or anything,” Hedges said. “All of a sudden they announced it and stated it was equivalent to the best picture of the year at the Academy Awards, and after that there was my picture on the screen.”

Operating in the software application market considering that the early dot-com days, Hedges has focused on crowdfunding for the past few years. She even assisted pass an expense through Congress that assists in securities-based crowdfunding.

“I constructed a piece of innovation called Crowdfunding CRM, which is a marketing automation system, a social networks platform and a crowdfund preparation tool,” Hedges said. “When you want to put together a crowdfunding project, it walks you through the best ways to do that through a virtual vault and a preparation tool.”

Crowdfunding CRM allows users to save all their content for when they’re ready to go to a Kickstarter or equity platform. Whatever is there and prepared to go to begin raising cash for their task.

Hedges is planning the next edition of the yearly Worldwide Crowdfunding Convention at Planet Hollywood in October.

“This is a gathering of the very best crowdfunding market leaders who have helped construct this market to $16 billion in 2015,” she said. “We put on this convention to educate individuals, since the typical individual doesn’t understand anything about the market … and we’re trying to get more of that loan to come to Vegas. There are lots of business here who know nothing about this who are attempting to raise capital.”

Hedges was happy to among the females honored at the ceremony.

“It was really inspirational to see all these females there,” she stated. “We need to continue to grow in this and broaden these programs and collect more women in innovation. We have to end up being a destination for females to come here and set up their innovation business.”

Other award winners included:

State-of-the-art Business owner, Shannon Wilkinson, president and co-founder of Axiom Cyber Solutions.

High-Tech Coach, Cent Grandon, senior manager of MTC Operations at Cox Communications– Southwest Area.

High-Tech Social work, Sonia Petkewich, creator and CEO of Taurean Consulting Group.

High-Tech Rising Star, Heather Parks, CEO and Principal Consultant at Healliam Inc.

. Twelve local female high school students likewise took home National Center for Women and Infotech (NCWIT) Goals in Computing Program awards.

Coroner: Drug among drugs discovered in Carrie Fisher'' s system


Chris Pizzello/ AP This April 7, 2011, file image, shows Carrie Fisher at the NewNowNext Awards in Los Angeles.

Monday, June 19, 2017|9:11 a.m.

LOS ANGELES– Carrie Fisher’s autopsy report shows the starlet had cocaine in her system when she fell ill on an aircraft last year, however investigators might not identify what effect the cocaine and other drugs found in her system had on her death.

The report released Monday states Fisher may have taken drug three days before the Dec. 23 flight on which she became ill. She passed away 4 days later.

It also discovered traces of heroin and MDMA, which is likewise referred to as ecstasy, but that they could not figure out when Fisher had actually taken those drugs. The findings were based on toxicology screenings done on samples taken when the “Star Wars” starlet arrived at a Los Angeles hospital.

Coroner’s authorities ruled Fisher passed away from sleep apnea and a combination of other aspects.