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RTC warns motorists visiting California on I-15 to anticipate rush hour

Published Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017|1:55 p.m.

Updated 14 minutes ago

Travelers owning back to California this afternoon need to expect heavy traffic on southbound Interstate 15, according to the Regional Transport Commission of Southern Nevada.

About 1:30 p.m., there was a 13-mile backup near the Nevada-California border, RTC stated on Twitter. “Prepare for long hold-ups.”

Sigalert, a traffic tracking website, reveals that traffic starts slowing down near Excellent Springs Roadway and additional decreases up until commuters pass Primm, when the typical speed is noted at 70 miles per hour.

Anticipate broadened home entertainment worldwide from the Cirque du Soleil-Blue Man Group offer


Lindsay Best The sky is the limit for the Blue Guy Group. By

. If you thought this month’s revealed acquisition of the Blue Male Group by Cirque du Soleil would ultimately cause a Cirque-ification of the popular, somewhat avant-garde programs in Las Vegas and beyond, reconsider. Heaven Guy brand– including its differences from and similarities to Cirque’s productions– is what the Montreal-based live home entertainment service provider digs most.

“They have come to it with the message of keeping the Blue Man DNA as it is, and sort of assisting us understand where the character could go,” says one of BMG’s creators, Phil Stanton. “At this point in our history, we have actually achieved a lot for 3 men starting out as we did, however there’s a lot more we can do and Cirque can really assist us with that. They can assist us get the present show principle around the world in the method it should be.”

Cirque announced the deal July 6, presuming control of the New York-based Blue Man Productions, which has provided its award-winning program in more than 20 nations to more than 35 million people because 1991. “We are incredibly thrilled to invite the renowned Blue Male Group to our portfolio of shows. Their unchecked imagination makes them a best cultural suitable for Cirque du Soleil,” said Cirque President and CEO Daniel Lamarre because statement. “Our comprehensive marketing research likewise verifies that Blue Male Group is a strong ‘love brand name’ with a strong fan base– something else our 2 brand names have in common.”

The terms of the deal were not disclosed however Lamarre told the New york city Times the list price was in the tens of millions.

The transaction offers Cirque another well-known creative asset in its mission to expand internationally and diversify its home entertainment offerings, and as Stanton states, must provide BMG with the resources and vision to expand its show to brand-new parts of the world while also establishing various Blue Man programs.

“We’re a little various than Cirque in many methods, although we share the very same guiding concepts of commemorating human imagination,” Stanton says. “Before we were even contemplating entering into Cirque, we had a lot of ideas for a completely different show concept. We’ll see how things unfold but I believe that will be the strategy, to not just get the present program concept around the globe, but to establish things we’ve had in mind for several years and have actually not been able to produce, along with brand-new things we can only see when collaborating with Cirque. We’re anticipating a lot of that.”

In Las Vegas, Cirque’s currently dominant empire ends up being that much more powerful. Blue Guy Group is Cirque’s 8th program on the Strip, and 2nd at Luxor with Criss Angel: Mindfreak Live running in the pyramid-shaped resort’s Criss Angel Theater. The Blue Guys do their thing in the smaller sized theater on the second-level boardwalk.

“They’ve been in town considering that 2000 and been a part of the same Vegas landscape Cirque has actually belonged of, so it’s not really including a program, and from a behind-the-scenes perspective, you’re not going to see Cirque branding on Blue Guy Group or vice versa,” states Jerry Nadal, senior vice president of Cirque’s resident shows division. “They’ve got such a terrific brand name. And that’s been part of our mission, broadening our role as a global entertainment leader not just by constructing our own things. Blue Male has such a fantastic fan base, too, so to me, it’s a natural to pick it up. Many people that concern town are going to go see Blue Man at some point.”

Nadal states Blue Guy Group has actually been among the most prominent shows on the Strip entertainment scene, specifically since of the immersive and interactive aspects to the program. Like Cirque productions, BMG has actually continuously tweaked its Vegas production for many years. “You’ve got to look and see what is at the heart of each show,” Nadal says. “There are iconic pieces you do not wish to touch, but you also need to [modification] to provide people a reason to return.”

There are no strategies at this time to move Blue Man from the Luxor, but in the future, with Cirque at the helm, anything is possible. A second full-time BMG program on the Strip is not out of the question.

“We’re actually excited about the future and we’re all type of writing the script together as we go,” Stanton states.

Piff thinks out of the box, Heidi doesn’t; Town individuals anticipate Route 91 return



Shania Twain, Piff the Magic Dragon and Mr. Piffles at the Colosseum on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, in Caesars Palace.

Friday, Oct. 16, 2015|5:14 p.m.

. The Kats Report Bureau at this writing is an enclave of peacefulness simply around the corner from Mayweather Boxing Club.

All I’ll state about these particular training centers is those inside are apt to punch it out, and hug it out.

Onward …

– The city’s preferred breath of fresh air, Piff the Magic Dragon, is returning to the Vegas phase in “America’s Got Talent Live” from Thursday through Oct. 24 at World Hollywood’s PH Display room.

The program’s Season 10 champion, ventriloquist Paul Zerdin, headings the production, and finalist comic Drew Lynch likewise is set up to carry out at the former “Peepshow” venue.

Under his given name of Jon van der Put, Piff and his Chihuahua sidekick, Mr. Piffles, appeared on Friday’s episode of “Kats With the Meal.” He stated he did not want to win the show, as his dour and deadpan character plays far more successfully as a loser than a winner of the show.

“There is absolutely nothing about my character that screams ‘champ,'” Van der Put said throughout the show. “As a comedian, it’s far much better for me to have lost the program.”

Van der Put said his magic may have been a bit too persuading for at least one of the judges. After one of his techniques, in which Mr. Piffles is seemingly stuffed in a little box, Heidi Klum whined to him, “I believe it’s terrible to put a dog in a box like that.”

“You do know what I do for a living?” Van der Put replied, not bothering to add that the dog was not really trapped in a box for the whole trick. Fortunately, for him and for Klum, he didn’t saw Mr. Piffles in half …

– On the subject of magic, stuff being cut and assembled again …

The relaunch of Criss Angel’s “The Supernaturalists” is official: The show goes back to the stage Nov. 11-15 at Fox Theater at Foxwoods Gambling establishment Resort (or Felix’s Funhouse, so called by me for hotel President and CEO Felix Rappaport). The show goes back to the vast home in Connecticut on Dec 16-20.

“The Supernaturalists” halted its U.S. trip today after a stop Tuesday and Wednesday in Toledo, Ohio, during which Angel appeared onstage rather than in video from Las Vegas. He joined the tour in the days after among the 9 magicians in the lineup, Krystyn Lambert, left due to the fact that of an Achilles’ tendon tear, which was the reason given for the tour’s truncation. Knocked out were dates through Pennsylvania; Washington D.C.; Baton Rouge, La.; and San Antonio and Austin, Texas.

Angel likewise is performing in “The Supernaturalists” reveals at Foxwoods, where his live program “Mindfreak Live” did sold-out company this year. No word on whether Krystyn (her singular stage name) will be ready to go back to the phase then, or if Angel is to summon a new female magician– and there is one, Chloe Crawford, who leaps to mind– to the cast.

– The passion for a step by Route 91 Harvest country festival from Las Vegas Town to Las Vegas Celebration grounds for its October 2016 return appears premature. MGM Resorts authorities, expressly Senior Vice President of Home entertainment Chris Baldizan, have actually envisioned the festival’s step north from the 15-acre Town to the 50-acre Las Vegas Celebration Grounds (that figure counts the entire area, not simply exactly what has actually been used for Rock in Rio).

Route 91 Harvest’s ticket sales did show a significant improvement over 2014, offering out at 25,000 fans per night over three nights on a tightly packed parcel throughout from Luxor and Mandalay Bay. The durable sales caused the sensible expectation that the next celebration would be provided some space to breathe and grow at the larger Celebration Grounds venue on the Strip and Sahara Opportunity.

However more just recently, in the days following the 2nd Wine Enhanced Celebration last weekend (which drew a decent 5,000 on Friday night and 7,000 Saturday), word is that Route 91 marketer Live Country prefers returning once again to the Town.

The Route 91 choices are easy: Grow the festival at its current ticket rate with the characteristically strong lineup and move it north, improving attendance by a few thousand and adjusting the celebration area appropriately (more than 15 acres and less than 50 acres). Or, keep the ticket sales capped at this year’s level and increase ticket costs, therefore enhancing revenue and keeping the show on a space that, many festival-goers concur, is more viscerally enticing than the Celebration Grounds.

The Town’s excellent view of the resorts on the south end of the Strip has ended up being into a significant illustration component for the Village (look into my groovy Instagram images of the Town view during shows there). Unless Live Nation and MGM Resorts specifically agree to move the show north, anticipate the exact same sort of Path 91 Harvest celebration next year– and to pay more for that experience.

– “Alice– A Steampunk Rock Performance” blew up Brooklyn Bowl on Tuesday night, and not unexpectedly. Production founder Anne Martinez provided on her guarantee of innovative aerial acts, a cigarette smoking pre-show (much of that aerial) carrying the “Alice” theme, and even impressive LED complements from the bowling lanes on house left.

In terms of quality and amount, the turnout was fantastic, about 360 paid with tickets set at $30 a shot, $15 a ticket for residents and an industry-heavy audience on hand.

Martinez and co-lead Ashley Fuller made it over simply after 11 p.m. from their respective programs (Martinez in “50 Shades! A Parody” and Fuller in “Jubilee,” both at Bally’s).

Martinez its still “in talks” (and truly, aren’t all of us?) with the bookers of the space and is positive she can parlay Tuesday’s performance into a more recurring role at the Bowl. A residency has actually always been the objective. The trick is to discover the tipping point where “Alice” can pull in the break-even numbers each break– and Martinez wants a for-real, sit-down, nightly residency at such a location as Brooklyn Bowl. The skill, dedication and execution of the entertainers is indisputable. Discovering an audience of Vegas visitors that “gets” this musically muscular, steam-punk rock show is the next job.

– Word is infiltrating the scene about an intriguing location being developed at New York-New York. This is a convention area with entertainment choices, a seating capability of 300 or so, in the unused area atop Tom’s Urban facing the hotel’s sports book. It is to be open in early 2016, with no company plan of programming yet identified.

– A terrific moment Wednesday night from Gordie Brown’s media performance at Golden Nugget: I took my seat in the display room while carrying a glass that was formerly loadeded with carbonated water. As I settled in, the person next to me dropped a $1 costs atop the ice in that glass.

“Here,” stated funny legend Marty Allen, cracking smart at age 90. “You’ve made it.”

State this for Allen: He still has the shtick. But he no longer has his first dollar …

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