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Mommy admits to discarding body of 4-year-old young boy discovered dead on beach

DALLAS (AP)– The mother of a 4-year-old kid whose naked body was found on a South Texas beach in 2015 admitted to authorities that she drove to Galveston in the middle of the night and disposed his body in the water, inning accordance with court documents.

Galveston authorities recognized the child as Jayden Alexander Lopez. Authorities had actually named him “Little Jacob” after no one stepped forward to report him missing out on.

Galveston authorities chief Vernon Hale revealed Wednesday that the kid’s mom, Rebecca Rivera, and her girlfriend Dania Amezquita-Gomez, had been detained and charged with producing or tampering with physical evidence.

An affidavit says Rivera, in an interview on Tuesday, informed authorities she awakened in the middle of the night after her boy had actually passed away, carried his body to her automobile and drove to Galveston with her other young kid and Amezquita-Gomez.

Inning accordance with an affidavit, she said she put her dead son into the water since he went to the beach previously and he liked the water.

Last month, in an interview with authorities, Amezquita-Gomez acknowledged being in the lorry however did not provide other information about where they went or about the dead child being in the vehicle, inning accordance with the affidavit. She reported being too drunk to remember the information.

Rivera confessed that she abused the kid, saying “she was stressed out and took this out on Jayden by striking him with ‘whatever I could discover,'” inning accordance with the court files.

Rivera informed authorities that about two weeks before the young boy’s death, he had run into a wall, triggering a head injury. Rivera told authorities she utilized alcohol to clean up the injury but she and her sweetheart began to argue, causing the alcohol to spill onto the child’s face.

According to the court documents, she said her child’s face began to swell, and over the next 2 weeks his health “scrubby.” He apparently experienced stomach aches and ended up being noticeably more sluggish, the mother told authorities.

Rivera likewise informed cops her sweetheart blamed the kid for problems in the couple’s relationship, the affidavit says.

Prison records did not list attorneys for either female.

Bryan Gaines, a supervisory senior resident agent with the FBI, called the criminal activity “appalling” at a press conference Wednesday announcing the arrests.

“Nobody reported Jayden as missing out on. Nobody was trying to find Jayden. Jayden had no supporter other than us,” he stated. “Someone took a stunning, innocent kid and discarded him in the ocean as if he was a piece of garbage.”

Investigators made the uncommon move of launching a photo of the face of the dead kid earlier this year, hoping it would create brand-new leads about his identity. Authorities had actually previously launched a sketch of the kid with a contact number to call with ideas. Police on Wednesday stated ideas resulted in a possible name for the kid and a DNA comparison led to the positive identification.

Lois Gibson, the forensic artist who developed the sketch, stated she was at home when she heard news of a break in the case.

“I cried, I cried with relief,” stated Gibson, who works as forensic artist at the Houston Cops Department.

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Rüfüs Du Sol launches its Repetition Beach Club residency

Repetition Beach Club is commemorating its 8th anniversary this weekend with an uncommon Las Vegas performance from Australian alt-dance attire Rüfüs Du Sol. The group played in 2015’s Electric Daisy Carnival and will drop the first in a series of 2018 DJ sets at EBC Saturday. The Weekly spoke with Jon George, one-third of Rüfüs (with Tyrone Lindqvist and James Hunt), about the group’s Wynn Nightlife debut and upcoming third album.

Are you eagerly anticipating spending more time in Las Vegas?

We moved to LA in 2015 to start composing this record so we’re so near to Vegas now, we can smell it. It will be good to obtain out there and have some enjoyable. We’ve had some good times in Vegas currently throughout our last trips and it’s a pretty extravagant experience. At EDC last year we headed out in a helicopter into the festival and that was pretty mindblowing, to absolutely feel the energy before we will play. We’re all set.

Why is Repetition Beach Club the perfect place for Rüfüs?

Definitely because of the lineups they are placing on now, [with] Jamie Jones and Solomun and Guy Gerber. We truly like that type of music and it’s simply ideal for a swimming pool party. We wanted to be amongst that crowd and to have that place to evaluate out all our brand-new records and what we’ve been dealing with.

Will there be any live instrumentation or are these conventional DJ sets?

We are strictly there to DJ however I think the distinction with our sets is that we have actually been completing this album so we’ll be able to use a great deal of original cuts people have not heard before, to test those new songs out and have some truly fresh sets. That’s the benefit. But we have actually always been DJs in addition to remaining in the band.

Is your partnership in the club similar to the process of writing and carrying out together in the band?

I guess it’s pretty comparable in the method we’re bouncing ideas back and forth. When we’re getting super-creative on the decks and producing loops and not simply going song to tune, that’s when we get that back-and-forth and start to use our musical background a little more.

When will the new album be finished?

Sometime this year, that’s the plan. We just released a brand-new song [” No Location”] and we’re actually thrilled to start getting feedback on that. It’s been a truly cathartic experience to lastly have some of this music out there due to the fact that we had a lot of fun making a record [for the first time] in America. I think we constantly try to isolate ourselves when we’re writing so we can completely immerse ourselves in it and that’s what we performed in LA. It had to do with drawing on the experiences of the last 2 years of touring, the ups and downs that feature that lifestyle, being away from friends and family for so long, that ecstasy that includes playing big phases. That all speedballs into one big sensation and that’s exactly what has driven the album.

RÜFÜS DU SOL WITH MOTEZ AT ENCORE BEACH CLUB NIGHTSWIM June 9, 10:30 p.m., $25-$45. Encore, 702-770-7300.

Thai beach from DiCaprio film gets breather from tourists


< img class =" photograph" src=" /wp-content/uploads/2018/03/AP18087432084298_t653.jpg" alt="

Image”/ > Rajavi Omanee/ AP In this March 4, 2017, picture, tourists enjoy the popular Maya bay on Phi Phi island, Krabi province. Authorities have actually bought the short-lived closing of the beach made popular by the Leonardo DiCaprio movie “The Beach” to stop environmental damage triggered by a lot of travelers.

Thursday, March 29, 2018|12:30 a.m.

BANGKOK– The daily hordes of travelers have actually exhausted the Thai beach made well-known by the Leonardo DiCaprio movie.

Authorities have actually revealed Maya Bay, on Phi Phi Leh island in the Andaman Sea, will be closed to all visitors for 4 months yearly beginning this June to allow for the healing of the battered coral reefs and sea life. The choice to keep visitors away was made Wednesday by Thailand’s National Parks and Wildlife Department.

” It resembles somebody who has been working for decades and has actually never ever stopped,” stated Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a popular marine researcher and member of Thailand’s national strategy committee on environment advancement. “Overworked and exhausted, all the beauty of the beach is gone. We require a timeout for the beach.”

Numerous Thai marine national parks are closed from mid-May to mid-October, but since of traveler need, Maya Bay has stayed open year-round considering that a Hollywood team set foot there in 1999 to film “The Beach,” the dark backpacker tale based upon a novel by Alex Garland.

The beach gets approximately 200 boats and 4,000 visitors each day.

Recent studies by a group led by marine biologists discovered a large part of the coral reefs around the area is gone and sea life has actually essentially vanished.

Thon stated the short-lived closing will kick-start the rehabilitation procedure.

” If you ask me if it is too late to conserve our islands, the answer is no. However if we don’t do something today, it will be too late,” said Thanya Netithammakum, head of the National Parks and Wildlife Department.

When Maya Bay resumes, the department will set a day-to-day limitation of 2,000 tourists, while boats will not be permitted to anchor there and will need to dock on the opposite side of the island at drifting piers.

The number of visitors the beach has actually been seeing is unsustainable, and a temporary closure is much better than nothing, Thon stated.

” The locals know that and we all understand that,” he said. “This would be a good way to begin handling our traveler locations. And we can enhance on what we discover after the first year. We understand that it is necessary we manage our resources well. It’s not about more varieties of travelers however about sustainable tourist that benefit locals also.”

More than 35 million travelers visited Thailand last year, compared to around 10 million when “The Beach” premiered in 2000.

Thai authorities have in the past shut off islands messed up by mass tourism. Koh Yoong, part of the Phi Phi island chain, and Koh Tachai, in the Similan Islands National Forest, have been off limitations to travelers permanently given that mid-2016.

Thon, who surveyed both islands just recently, stated the outcomes have actually been remarkable. Locations with a bleak sea life environment and coral bleaching are now teeming with robust and vibrant sea life and coral, he stated. He’s certain that the annual closure will likewise assist restore Maya Bay.

” I have always dreamt that a person day we could work to bring her back to life. I have been following and dealing with Maya Bay for more than 30 years. I had actually seen it when it was a paradise and I see it when it has absolutely nothing left. Anything that we can do to bring this paradise back to Thailand is the imagine a marine biologist,” he stated.

Choosing the ideal home leasing for a Mexico beach getaway


Marjorie Miller/ AP This Dec. 24, 2017, photo taken in Cozumel, Mexico, reveals individuals relaxing by the swimming pool in the lawn of their Airbnb leasing. Mexico is a popular holiday destination for winter season and spring. But big decisions wait for travelers, particularly those withdrawn in the complete resorts that Cancun is known for.

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018|2 a.m.

COZUMEL, Mexico– Long prior to Airbnb was a thing, my household rented houses for our vacations instead of remain in hotels. Homes were easier with kids who needed space to run. We liked going to markets in foreign nations and cooking with fresh, regional ingredients. And we liked vacationing with friends.

Prior to web leasing sites, we selected locations from catalogues based upon small pictures. Our kids had no viewpoints and no vote, so the choice was less complicated.

Now with Airbnb, HomeAway and other websites, we have a huge selection of houses to pick from, with images from every angle and consumer evaluations. Our kids are grownups with their own opinions. Satisfying everybody’s dream list is a challenge.


For a Mexico beach getaway, we considered Sayulita, the popular town north of Puerto Vallarta. But a lot of your homes frankly looked like narco rental properties and we chose the town was too small. And for a winter season journey, we believed the cerulean calm Caribbean was a much better option than the churlish green Pacific.

So we turned to the Riviera Maya.

Here’s where different programs began. One child and her partner like smooth, contemporary digs, ideally on the ocean with cold wine at sundown. My partner and I prefer somewhat rustic Mexican houses over apartments and a pool over potentially crowded beaches. I’m versatile on wine vs. margaritas.

Daughter No. 2 didn’t care a lot about beach vs. pool however wished to be walking range from coffee shops and stores in town. Like her sis, she likes yoga so the Tulum location had lots of appeal.

Searching four months ahead of a vacation week journey, we didn’t find numerous three-bedroom houses for lease in the Tulum-Playa del Carmen areas in our rate variety. We wished to spend less than $400 a night– ideally a lot less. Mexico now has about 55,000 “short-term leasings,” according to marketing research service provider Euromonitor International. We simply didn’t see a lot for us on the mainland.

Next we took a look at the island of Cozumel. There were many apartments and homes, however still very little to our preference. Lastly we found Rental property Sanctuary on HomeAway/VRBO.

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms in a rustic Mexican home. A lovely garden and swimming pool, and a house cleaner who cooks upon request (for additional charges per meal). It wasn’t on the beach, however it was a couple blocks from the coast, near supermarkets, shops and restaurants. It was $300 per night. We scheduled.


We have a great deal of experience living and traveling in Mexico. We’re frequently asked if it’s safe to getaway there. It depends what part of Mexico you’re discussing and when, but more often than not, I believe it is. Like all over, Cozumel has some petty criminal activity and, obviously, burglaries, but there is minimal authorities presence, no army and a completely relaxed environment. (Compared with the time, for example, we went on holiday in Valle de Bravo in the state of Mexico throughout a wave of kidnappings and had to compete with soldiers in armored workers carriers.)

Here, we felt completely safe in your home, on the streets and beaches.

WHAT To Perform

There’s lots to do in Cozumel: an island tour, swimming with dolphins, historical sites, tequila factory and mescal bars, a 45-minute ferryboat trip to the mainland.

But we didn’t do any of that. We went diving and snorkeling, hung out at beach clubs and by the swimming pool at your house reading books. We played video games and did a jigsaw puzzle, dined in some terrific restaurants and consumed at home.

Oh, we also checked out the International Healthcare facility after I went deaf in one ear from diving. Dr. Pablo Molina Gonzalez was exceptionally great and knowledgeable at cleaning water and wax from a scuba diver’s ear. “We get 2 or three of these a day,” he said.

So many that it’s on the countertop price list together with usage of a hyperbaric chamber by the hour and stitches. “We get one to 2 sea urchin stings a day, about 3 recompressions a week and occasional intense lung edema.”

The return of my hearing was a deal: $24.


While there are state-of-the-art hotels, visitors can have mixed experiences. Retiree Jan Ross, 60, of Phoenix said she ‘d remained at El Cozumeleno Resort 15 years earlier, enjoyed it and wished to review the experience. “I believe were sleeping on the specific very same beds with the exact same linens as then,” Ross said. On the other hand, the food readied and staff got along.

Others believe they get more bang for the dollar with prolonged households and good friends under one roof in a leasing. “We like cooking for ourselves given that it’s kind of a roll of the dice with food here,” stated Andrei Piatrashka, 32, a Canadian civil engineer checking out with his better half, 2 toddlers and a brother-in-law.

We had no grievances. The weather condition and sea were perfect. Our house was extremely nice. A massage therapist came to your home for about a 3rd the cost of a day spa massage in New york city. The house cleaner’s cooking was fantastic. And the grounds were lovely, with fountains and a little waterfall over the pool for background sound against the morning birdsongs.

Renovations set to start at Stone Beach Campground


Sam Morris A scene on Boulder Beach at Lake Mead Thursday, June 6, 2013.

Friday, Nov. 24, 2017|5:35 p.m.

. A $ 3.4 million renovation at a Lake Mead National Leisure Area campground is set up to start next week.

The National Park Service says work on the five-month building and construction job at Stone Beach Camping site will start Monday.

The planned improvements include restorations of 73 campsites and setup of brand-new sanitation and potable water refill stations. Camping site roadways will likewise be repaved.

Lake Mead National Recreation Location Superintendent Lizette Richardson states the camping area has been recognized as one of the top 50 in the West. She states the project “will modernize and improve the visitor experience much more while decreasing postponed maintenance.”

Best Bets: Santana, the Beach Boys, Mike Tyson and more for your Las Vegas weekend


The Beach Boys carry out Friday at the

at Red Rock Resort in Summerlin. Then on Sunday, you can watch the Emmys to see if he wins another award for his role on” Baskets. “Sept. 15-16, information at stationcasinoslive.com. MIKE TYSON UNDISPUTED FACT ROUND 2 Iron Mike has tweaked his frequently funny , in some cases outrageous storytelling

show “Undisputed Truth “with a whole new collection of tales from his wild life outside the boxing ring. He’s carried out at arena-sized venues however is a lot more comfy on stage in the intimate boundaries of Brad Garrett’s Funny Club at MGM Grand, which also provides the audience a better look behind the scenes of Tyson’s life. Sept. 15-17 (and continuing on various dates through Nov. 20), info at mgmgrand.com. Associated material AN INTIMATE

EVENING WITH SANTANA: GREATEST HITS LIVE The best word I can create to explain Carlos Santana’s five-year strong House of Blues concert-in-residence is … thunderous. On a weekend when global pop stars will be flooding the Strip, think about taking a look at this music legend– and his powerhouse band highlighted by three amazing percussionists, including other half Cindy Blackman Santana– switching deftly in between rock, jazz, blues, soul, and anything else he feels like playing. Sept. 15-17( and Sept. 20-24 ), details at houseofblues.com. HENDERSON CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Mentioning different type of Latin music, get

off the obvious entertainment path and go out to the Henderson Structure for the season-opening performance from the Henderson Chamber orchestra, a selection of Latin-themed pieces conducted by Alexandra Arrieche. Sept. 16, information at cityofhenderson.com.

Crew to attempt removal of strange things from beach

(Source: Twitter/@messagetoeagle) Unknown metallic underwater object shaped like a starfish discovered in Rhode Island. (Source: Twitter/@messagetoeagle)Unknown metallic underwater item formed like a starfish discovered in Rhode Island. WESTERLY, R.I.( AP )– Employees will try to remove a mystical circular item with steel legs that has puzzle

observers considering that it was found lodged underwater off a Rhode Island beach. WJAR-TV reports the head of the East Beach Association says a team will begin excavating the metal object from the ocean floor in Westerly on Thursday with the hope of eliminating it undamaged.

The object lay about 10 feet (3 meters) offshore at low tide. It has actually puzzled beachgoers given that it was found previously this month. It has eight stainless-steel legs and is topped with concrete.

Strategies to uproot the object were recently canceled due to degrading conditions on the beach.


Information from: WJAR-TV, http://www.turnto10.com

311 rolls into Mandalay Bay Beach


311 has a long history of performing in Las Vegas

With its funky, reggae-tinged rock, 311 is the perfect band to play a summer season night’s show at Mandalay Bay Beach, which is occurring Friday night. However the five-man group originally from Nebraska is likewise just a terrific band to play Vegas, thanks to a deep, broad fan base, a dozen albums worth of material and 27 years of concerts. And they do play Vegas, a fair bit. I just recently consulted with frontman Nick Hexum about why 311 fits so well here, how they found their present creative groove and why the band’s fans make all the distinction.

How did you forge such an excellent bond with Las Vegas? Vegas is terrific for us, both with the local following and individuals who like to fly in and make an event of partying with us. We have actually had it on the route given that ’93. Our very first program was at some strange little cowboy bar 24 years back, it went off and it always simply made sense to get back there every year, consisting of the times we have actually done 311 Day [an unique concert on March 11] there. It’s just been awesome.

Exactly what do you want to do in Vegas? I enjoy some Texas Hold ‘Em but I wouldn’t say I’m especially great at it. I do fine. It’s always enjoyable. Visiting “The Beatles LOVE” was a truly powerful experience for me. I just like taking it all in a couple of times a year.

In June you released your 12th album, “Mosaic,” which has actually been really popular as a collection of a great deal of various sounds. Was that the intention? I believe the example of the album was that it had to be various, an advance in some way, otherwise we weren’t going to pursue it. [Previous album] “Stereolithic” was a bit more throwback with some riff-rock and rapping, and this time we were all set to forge into the unidentified. The way to do that is to pursue the odd concepts– if it’s strange, go all out. We took nearly three and a half years with it and I think we made some huge enter upgrading our sound and getting into brand-new area, opening up influences. It felt great. And I believe that in mining our foundation, we struck a vein and we’re going to go after it quickly and reverse the next album fast. [Bassist] P-Nut said it best, which is whatever the reverse of author’s block is, that’s what we’re having now.

The “Mosaic” album cover is a collection of photos from fans, and Signboard recently called 311 among the greatest cult bands in America. We’ve always enjoyed that [label] The Grateful Dead is a terrific example of someone that does things their own way, that created a culture around themselves. It’s a way of looking at the world, a way of life, and we have actually constantly pursued that. It’s great for us due to the fact that we’re not subject to the impulses of radio and press the way another band might be. So we encourage that … Our fans call themselves “The Excitable Ones,” which is drawn from lyrics lots of albums back. It’s really an enjoyable, good-natured, pleased cult. It’s an all-inclusive unity thing without any rules.

311 carries out at Mandalay Bay Beach on Friday, August 18 at 9 p.m. For more information, see mandalaybay.com.

Preview: The Beach Boys are bringing flavors of three decades to Cannery


Tom Donoghue/DonoghuePhotography. com The Beach Boys carry out at Red Rock Resort on Sunday, May 27, 2012. By Brian Sandford(contact)

Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015|2 a.m. 2012MDW: The Beach Boys at Red Rock Resort Launch slideshow”The Beach Boys at The Venetian Pool Launch slideshow” As holds true with almost all still-touring 1960s and ’70s bands, continued attrition has sculpted The Beach Boys’modern-day lineup. In the salad days of the mid-1960s,”America’s Band”included bros Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson; their cousin Al Jardine; vocalist Mike Love; and multi-instrumentalist Bruce Johnston, who replaced songwriting wunderkind Brian on the road after the latter decided to remain in the studio to
The Beach Boys perform at Red Rock Resort on Sunday, May 27, 2012.craft musical mosaics far

more complex than the band’s early hits. Carl continued to be the only Wilson brother in the group after Dennis’1983 drowning and Brian’s different retreats into his bed, insanity and a dishonest therapist’s care. Jardine left or was fired– it depends upon whom you ask– in the late 1990s after Carl’s death from lung cancer, leaving Love as the band’s just founding member and Johnston mostly in a backing vocals function. The making it through members, including previous guitarist David Marks, unified under The Beach Boys moniker in 2012 for a large-scale 50th anniversary tour, however the band referred to as The Beach Boys has actually included only Mike and Bruce as longtime members for almost all of the previous years

and a half, with periodic appearances by Marks. Baffled? Profits: When initial members Brian Wilson and Al Jardine performed in Las Vegas in July, that wasn’t technically The Beach Boys. Because of calling rights, Love and Johnston’s band that carries out Saturday at the Cannery is. Wilson and Jardine performed a string of tunes featuring much deeper

album cuts, such as” Wake the World “and “California Legend: California,”as well as highlights from Wilson’s solo career. Love and Johnston dangle a various carrot with their recognizable band name and a parade of cheerful hits that would make Prince or Phil Spector blush. Expect those hits to come in rapid succession as the band rips through about 50 tunes, numerous of them too understood and inexorably woven into the American fabric as”The Star-Spangled Banner.”Given that Love and Johnston have been playing vintage 1960s music considering that their 20s, it ‘d be understandable if they wanted to slow their tempo as they approach their mid-70s. However the band is powering through 167 shows this year, Johnston said in an interview recently. The Beach Boys head home for a string of performances in California after its look in Las Vegas. So when will Love and he begin winding down? “The only break I’m going to take is what I take in between the last performance and reincarnation, “the jolly Johnston stated.”Our idol as far as performance on all levels is

Tony Bennett.”I can’t believe at my age, at 73, that Tony Bennett is still out there offering out and singing songs I was hearing when I was 11 years of ages.”(Bennett turned 89 last month and is set to perform Oct. 19 at the Smith Center in Las Vegas. )As for The Beach Boys’prolonged setlist, 50 songs is absolutely nothing, Johnston said. The band carried out 64 each night throughout a two-night check out to

Royal Albert Hall in London. Closer to home, he stated that he has actually lost count of how many times the band has actually played Las Vegas however included that some of the earlier stays were prolonged, involving two-week

residencies.”It was cool, but it was too long to be there at one time, “he stated. That isn’t really to say he’s not a fan of Southern Nevada’s beauties.” I consider fantastic dining establishments, fantastic hotels

, excellent pools. I’m great with Las Vegas,”he stated. “I like moving a lot, so I do not like a residency.”A number of years ago, The Beach Boys got an infusion of musical muscle in the type of

Jeffrey Foskett, who served as an MC, guitarist and

falsetto background vocalist in Brian Wilson’s band for years. Of that addition, Johnston said,” I would state his voice has actually continued the high level of performance. He’s just a remarkable vocal hired weapon. Exactly what a terrific voice! “Love manages most of the band’s lead-vocal responsibilities, but more Johnston leads have been infiltrated the mix in recent years. Why?”I figured it out the other day,” he said.”I joined(in the mid-’60s)kind of singing Brian’s parts, however as Al, Dennis and Carl were in the band when I joined, why would I be singing lead?”Throughout the years, I have actually just been slipping into the lead vocals. Not a lot, but I actually think I’m the king of background vocals myself. I compose vocal plans. I composed some on Pink Floyd’s’The Wall.'”That work– Johnston’s consistency parts can be heard on”The Program Needs to Go On”and” Awaiting the Worms”– is among the most notable non-Beach Boys projects any member of the band has actually been included with. But it isn’t really Johnston’s favorite job outside the band. That would be producing Barry Manilow’s very first solo cd. Johnston likewise won a Grammy for writing”I Compose the Songs, “a tune Manilow

made well-known. Regardless of reports to the contrary, the latter isn’t a paean to Brian Wilson, Johnston said.”I would state it’s a hymn to God,”he said, explaining that it begins with the refrain, “I have actually been alive forever, and I composed the first tune.”While “I Write the Songs”won’t make today’s setlist, the show probably will feature Bruce’s finest Beach Boys minute in the form of”

Disney Girls( 1957 ),”from the 1971 cd”Surf’s Up.””‘Disney Girls’ is the only ideal song I’ll ever write,” he said of the soft homage to easier

times. Why? “Take a listen, and you can inform me,”he said. Citizens can take a listen to that tune and numerous others from the band’s vast canon at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Cannery. Tickets

are$44.20 to$58.35, plus fees. Brian Sandford is a copy editor at the Las Vegas Sun. Cannery Casino & Hotel Cannery Casino & Hotel’s style is a 1940’s factory, stimulating a post-World War II feel of industrialism, complete with a trademark 120-foot-tall smoke stack. Cannery Casino & Hotel includes 201 visitor spaces; a 72,000 square-foot pc gaming location with nearly 2,00 slot/video poker devices, tables video games, live poker, sports book; and The Club, a 6,700 square-foot indoor and over 20,000 square-foot outdoor home entertainment and exhibit place and swimming pool area. Food and drink outlets include Triumph’s Cafe, Victorys Bar & Grill, Cannery Row Buffet, Waverly’s Steakhouse, Vinos Ristorante, Vino’s Pizzeria, Casa Cocina Mexican Dining establishment, Pin-Ups Lounge and The Club Bar. 2121 East Craig Road North Las Vegas, NV 89030 702-507-5700

Lady on trip finds 2 enormous Megalodon teeth at the beach

Nine-year-old Barrick found two massive megalodon teeth on the beach near Cherry Grove Pier last weekend – one on Friday and another on Sunday. (Source: Michael Walter)Nine-year-old Barrick found 2 huge megalodon teeth on the beach near Cherry Grove Pier last weekend– one on Friday and another on Sunday. (Source: Michael Walter).
“I was just so surprised,” Barrick stated. “Now I think I’m ruined. I’ll stop looking for the little ones and begin looking for the huge ones!”.
Tim Handsel with Ripley's Aquarium says these teeth are not found every day, but are not uncommon.Tim Handsel with Ripley’s Aquarium states these teeth are not found every day, however are not unusual.

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)– Many women at Kristen Barrick’s age fret about losing teeth, however while on getaway in Myrtle Beach, she discovered 2 teeth that might make the Tooth Fairy blush.

Nine-year-old Barrick found 2 huge Megalodon teeth on the beach near Cherry Grove Pier last weekend– one on Friday and another on Sunday.

Tim Handsel with Ripley’s Aquarium says these teeth are not discovered every day, however are not unusual. They are often discovered by storms, dredging, or typical beach erosion. Handsel states the Carolinas coastline has moved east and west over geologic time, so shark teeth can be discovered not just on the beach, but likewise in coastal rivers near Charleston and Marl Rock Mining in North Carolina.

Carcharocles megalodon is the largest shark that ever lived, and was a peak predator that fed upon aquatic mammals from about 15.9 to 2.6 million years back, according to a peer-reviewed medical post by Catalina Pimiento and Christopher Clements released in October 2014.

Barrick says she intends on keeping the teeth, and passing them down in time.

“I was so impressed,” Barrick said. “Now I think I’m ruined. I’ll stop looking for the little ones and start searching for the big ones! Unfortunately yes, I know these are hard to discover, and when I discover two of them it’s tough to stop.”

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