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Biden casts himself as Obama'' s kindred spirit

Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015|8:20 a.m.

WASHINGTON– Vice President Joe Biden is casting himself as an effective voice on the world stage and someone who is in lock-step with President Barack Obama.

He’s also drawing implicit contrasts with previous Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Biden says at a forum honoring previous Vice President Walter Mondale that he and Obama have actually had no ideological disagreements whatsoever. He says he spends in between four and seven hours a day with Obama and that they rely on each other immensely.

Biden says the Obama administration has actually had two terrific secretaries of state, but that when he talks to foreign leaders, they understand he’s promoting Obama.

He states a minimum of half of Obama’s personnel made use of to work for him.

The vice president is considering challenging Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Biden'' s better half would support a 2016 run for president

WASHINGTON– If Vice President Joe Biden chooses to run for president, his spouse seems on board.

Dr. Jill Biden had been believed to oppose a 2016 run, but on Sunday her representative didn’t contest an NBC News report that she is “not an obstacle” to a Joe Biden bid for the Democratic election.

“Naturally Dr. Biden would be on board if her other half chooses to run for president but they haven’t made that decision yet,” Jill Biden spokesperson James Gleeson stated in a declaration.

Joe Biden is still weighing a 2016 quote— which would involve handling Hillary Clinton’s high-powered project and the insurgent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders– in the wake of the death of Biden’s kid, Delaware Attorney general of the united states Beau Biden.

The vice president has said he is still attempting to figure out whether he is emotionally prepared to totally dedicate to what would be his 3rd governmental campaign. His first two can be found in 1988 and 2008.

A group of nearly 50 top Democratic Celebration fundraisers and lobbyists are distributing a letter advising Biden to jump into the Democratic White Home race, saying he makes sure to win if he does.

“The Obama-Biden administration has been an incredible success. But much work continues to be to be done,” the letter said. “To complete the job, America needs a leader who is respected both house and abroad, and who comprehends the actual difficulties facing American households.”

Signatories to the letter, first reported by Reuters, even previous South Carolina Democratic Celebration chairman Dick Harpootlian, and John Maa, who serves on the party’s nationwide finance committee along with retired basketball legend and coach Elgin Baylor.

An outside group of advocates of the vice president called Draft Biden 2016 has actually been preparing the foundation for a possible Biden run, including setting up infrastructure in essential states.

Among the huge impediments to a late run by the vice president would be whether he might quickly raise sufficient campaign funds to be competitive in early state nominating races which begin in February– a factor the donor letter, signed by 48 possible donors and fans, appears planned to resolve.