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Poncho Sanchez brings a dynamic mix of latin jazz and R&B mix to the Smith Center

You don’t go to a Poncho Sanchez performance to relax like a limp potato. His grooves bring your feet to life. “I wish to welcome the general public to having fun,” Sanchez says about his upcoming Smith Center efficiencies. “We’re going to jump, shout and shimmy.”

The 66-year-old Texas native grew up listening to the soul and R&B of Otis Redding, Motown and the Four Tops, in addition to salsa. “So I put all those things in my show,” says the conga player and vocalist. The result is a melting pot of joyous noises called Latin soul music. “Jazz, doo-wop, Latin jazz, salsa, soul music, rhythm and blues– that’s the music I love,” Sanchez states.

Sanchez is jolly and passionate, with a big beard and a ritual of wrapping his fingers like a boxer to avoid them from suffering damage when they hit the drums. He’s a writer and a born entertainer. He’s the uncle you want at your household event because he’s guaranteed to make it fun. He’s also an outstanding artist who gathers uncommon James Brown records.

After 47 years of carrying out, Sanchez has actually more than made his awards, that include a Grammy, several Grammy nominations and a Latin Grammy Life Time Achievement Award. Lesser artists may think about retirement, but the bandleader remains enthusiastic. “I still enjoy playing the drums,” Sanchez states. “I do feel blessed and still enjoy it. After the program’s over, you know you have actually done a great show, people are delighted, and I believe, ‘Wow, it still works.'”

Plane travel is another story. After traveling the world, Sanchez has grown sick of long flights. He sticks to carrying out in the region around his Whittier, California, home.

Fortunately, Las Vegas is close sufficient to make the cut. A Poncho Sanchez show is a must-see, partially due to the fact that it’s always brand-new. Prior to each show, the band collects backstage, fractures beers and prepares a setlist, drawing from Sanchez’s deep catalog of 27 albums. That series can likewise change mid-concert, and the group even more twists the kaleidoscope through jazz improvisation. “We never ever play the exact same music,” Sanchez says. “We prefer to mix our set so it’ll be a lot of different tunes, although a program can not go by without individuals requesting ‘Watermelon Man’ or ‘Besame Mother’– the hits, so to speak. Got ta keep individuals delighted.”

In early December, Sanchez and his band will get in the studio to tape-record album No. 28– a homage to late saxophone terrific John Coltrane. It will be a mix of Coltrane-penned songs and Sanchez’s own product, consisting of some older salsa music. “Nowadays we have so many strategies, a great deal of recordings have simply one man recording at a time. But when you hear [them], they sound excellent however calculated,” Sanchez states. “We go in like we’re playing a live program.”

PONCHO SANCHEZ December 1, 7 p.m.; December 2, 6 & & 8:30 p.m.; $37-$59. Cabaret Jazz, 702-749-2000.

‘WOW’ brings distinct touches to the traditional Vegas production program


Denise Truscello Athletic and impressive acrobats are simply the start at “WOW” at the Rio.

Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017|2 a.m.

Are you among those people who longs for the Vegas of old? I see a lot of web comments looking for the good old days of lounge acts and showgirls, however I never ever really fulfill anyone associated with this hunt. Las Vegas certainly misses out on timeless productions like “Jubilee” and “Folies Bergere,” however there does not seem adequate ticket-buying folks to support that type of program.

“WOW,” which stands for “World of Wonder” and simply opened at the Rio Display room, isn’t a new version of those shows, but it definitely has an old Vegas feel. Produced and directed by Hanoch Rosénn, who made his name in the entertainment world as a mime and has developed numerous massive productions, has explored “WOW” thoroughly through Europe and created a customized version for Las Vegas– one that includes dancing pirates, a plate-spinning chef, a “human water fountain,” and “America’s Got Talent” semifinalist and crossbow whiz Sylvia shooting an apple off her own head. That’s a great deal to fit into 90 minutes, and the program feels quick and mad.

“WOW” opens by presenting you to its amusing hero Alberto, who juggles and dances and romps with the cast and audience throughout the night. Alberto guides you into a dream world produced with extensive 3D forecasts and a modern, familiar soundtrack, a universe brimming with acrobats: they hang from rings and poles and ropes, and they do influence quite a few exclamations of the program’s title. They offer the most dramatic and tension-filled moments in “WOW,” however there’s lots of beauty and humor too. The rapid-fire shipment of a variety of different acts brings to mind an oddball hybrid of “Jubilee” and “Absinthe,” if such a surreal thing might exist in the Vegas home entertainment landscape. It does not have showgirls in the traditional sense, however it does have a sinking of the Titanic scene, similar to “Jubilee” did. There’s constantly plenty of space for the strange in this town, specifically if it’s fun.

“WOW” is carried out at 7 and 9 p.m. Friday through Sunday and at 7 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday at the Rio Display room. To find out more go to caesars.com.

Melody Sweets brings naughty enjoyable back to the Smith Center

It seems like Tune Sweets has actually been one of Las Vegas’ most identifiable performers given that she arrived from New York City in 2011 to carry out in the acclaimed Absinthe at Caesars Palace. That’s probably due to the fact that the small burlesque star with the huge, soulful voice pops up all over town to support her fellow entertainers and take part in charitable events, something she states has been simple to do.

“The artist community here invited me with open arms,” Sweets states. “When you first come, you are led by exactly what you currently think about [Las Vegas], the ‘exactly what occurs here.’ It took me a minute to see this is an actually fantastic place which the neighborhood wanted to reveal that, and it made me fall in love with Las Vegas.”

She’s bringing a seasonal edition of her Sugary foods’ Spot show back to the Smith Center’s Cabaret Jazz this month, a Halloween-flavored magnificent with a 10-piece band, huge burlesque names like Kalani Kokonuts and LouLou D’vil and, for the very first time in this venue, boy-lesque performers.

“This is my fourth show, and it’s an honor to be able to play there,” Sugary foods says. “I did the first burlesque the Smith Center ever had. The room is just spectacular, and it’s the best place to bring that sense of old Vegas meets brand-new Vegas.”

If vintage performance like the kind in which Sweets specializes sounds like something various for the Downtown carrying out arts center, she concurs. “For the first program I was a bit nervous about bringing burlesque there, due to the fact that I wished to ensure it’s sophisticated and still edgy, beautiful but still naughty. Trying to tread that line was a bit nerve-wracking. However the audience liked it and they asked me back, so I figured they loved it, too.” The Sweets’ Area at Myron’s Cabaret Jazz at the Smith Center, October 24.

Man tapped to lead Las Vegas Victimsâ $ Fund brings sufficient experience


Elise Amendola/ AP In this April 23, 2013 file picture, Kenneth Feinberg speaks at a news conference in Boston. General Motors employed Feinberg to check out ways to compensate victims of mishaps linked to defective ignition switches in its little automobiles. Now he will be overseeing the compensation of the victims of the Oct. 1, 2017, mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Lauren Ruth Ward brings edgy, distinct style to Emerge

In this weekly series, we spotlight the performers and other participants who will integrate for the Emerge Effect + Music Conference on the Las Vegas Strip November 16-18. Tickets are available now at emergelv.com.

Lauren Ruth Ward beams with creativity and self-confidence. Her voice is smoky, raspy and delivered with ironical wit. Her design? Equal parts Grace Slick and Marc Bolan, a formula longed for by every vintage-loving lady in LA.

. Raised in Baltimore however residing in LA, Ward has been compared vocally to Courtney Barnett and Janis Joplin, and while those 2 singers may appear dramatically various, all of it in some way makes good sense. Combine Ward’s rock ‘n’ roll expertise with her pop perceptiveness and you’ve got a singer who might provide Florence Welch a run for her loan.

“Pal, I don’t require you, I can make love to myself/If you think I’m lonesome, you’re lying to yourself,” Ward sings on “Make Love to Myself,” a tough-as-nails track off her upcoming full-length debut Well, Hell. But that tune reveals just one side to the diverse singer, whose music covers a breadth of emotions and styles.

“I was a classic-rock kid paying attention to what my parents listened to,” she states of her influences. When she was 16, Ward’s stepmother gave the vocalist her vinyl collection, and she’s been drawn to rock ‘n’ roll ever since. “I have actually constantly been emotional and drawn to the guitar because I was a kid,” she includes. “I would simply sing about my life and my thoughts.”

You can hear her ruminate on topics like family, stress and anxiety and love when she carries out at the Emerge Effect + Music Conference in November.

“I love Vegas,” Ward states fondly, thinking back about the last time she checked out. “We’re more than thrilled [to return], due to the fact that it’s a super-legit show. It’s going to be a journal entry kind of night.”

Miley Cyrus brings her most current music to the iHeartRadio fest

Miley Cyrus has actually been on a roller-coaster flight given that the release of her 2013 album Bangerz. Four years earlier, the starlet and singer had simply broken up with her now-fiancé, Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth, and the young star says she utilized that time to transport her broken heart into other innovative projects. She made an album with The Flaming Lips, Big Sean and Ariel Pink. She chopped off all her hair, gyrated onstage with Robin Thicke and adorned herself with tattoos.

Now Cyrus has a various message. She knows we won’t forget that “Wrecking Ball” took place, however she’s not that person anymore. “Nobody remains the same,” she sings on her latest single, the title track off her upcoming album, Younger Now, due out September 29. Cyrus, now 24, is well-aware of her own 180-degree modification. The electronic and hip-hop beats have been changed with acoustic guitars and nation twang, and her long, gently pin-curled locks lay gracefully on her shoulders.

And while her spring single “Malibu” might be more Hannah Montana than “We Cannot Stop” Miley, she’s alright with that. “This record is a reflection of the fact that yes, I don’t offer a f * ck, however today is not a time to not provide a f * ck about people,” she informed Signboard in May. “I’m providing the world a hug and stating, ‘Hey, look. We’re good– I enjoy you.’ And I hope you can say you like me back.”

If something is specific, it’s that Las Vegas likes Miley in all of her versions, and iHeartRadio constantly produces an excellent reason to catch the star sing. After all, that’s exactly what Miley does finest.

Miley Cyrus at iHeartRadio Music Festival at T-Mobile Arena, September 23.

Thunderstorm brings light show to Las Vegas Valley


Steve Marcus Lightning strikes behind Las Vegas Strip casinos as a thunderstorm passes through the northwest valley Wednesday, Sept. 13,

a dangerous light program, heavy rains, hail and strong gusts that have reached up to 60 mph, according to the National Weather Service. Those outdoors– specifically near the storm– should look for shelter as there have actually been reports of”very harmful”cloud-to-ground-contact lightning, meteorologist Alex Boothe stated. In the northwest valley, there were reports of a minimum of 12 tree fires, and possible lightning strikes at two houses, which didn’t become flames, according to Las Vegas Fire & Rescue. A serious thunderstorm warning is set to end at 9:15 p.m. as the storm moves from the northwest towards the east and northeast at about 20 miles per hour, although it might take & the gusts longer to clear out, Boothe. The storm was primarily impacting the northwest valley, producing heavy rainfall and reports of pea-size hail, Boothe said. This was the strongest storm of the day and may be followed by less-intense

showers in the exact same location, Boothe said.

The JLo program brings more hip-hop than the Strip has ever seen

Because it opened inside the Axis at World Hollywood resort in early 2016, Jennifer Lopez: All I Have actually has been hailed as one of the most energetic headliner productions of Las Vegas’ modern entertainment era– a full-scale singing and dancing display for its smoldering star. It has also become the most hip-hop-influenced homeowner show the Strip has actually ever seen.

Other dance-centric productions like Jabbawockeez and Michael Jackson One share the inspiration. But the JLo program– which just started selling tickets for 2018 dates from February through June– is saturated with hip-hop culture, not a big surprise considering both the star and the sound were born in the Bronx. Lopez didn’t simply mature with the music, dancing, art and attitude all around her; she took part in every chance. When a fly woman, always a fly girl.

All I Have starts strong with a glammed-up “If You Had My Love,” however it truly takes off when a musical interlude including the unmatched voice of Kid Capri presents a New York City train scene where JLo drops electricifying versions of “I’m Real,” “Feelin’ So Good” and “Jenny From the Block”– the latter fueled by that infectious Beatnuts sample– and keeps everyone dancing, transforming the Axis into the most significant club in Vegas. Hip-hop is constantly borrowing from funk, soul, R&B and rock ‘n’ roll, therefore does the show, with JLo capably moving from sexy balladeer to reggaeton booty-shaker to James Brown-esque bandleader. She can do all of it, however provided the chance to create a major spectacular that represents her story and style, it’s clear JLo’s heart remains with hip-hop. Jennifer Lopez: All I Have at the Axis at World Hollywood, September 6-October 7.

Projection brings hope in Texas as new shelters open, death toll rises


LM Otero/ AP People line up for food as others rest at the George R. Brown Convention Center that has actually been set up as a shelter for evacuees leaving the floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017.

Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017|2 a.m.

HOUSTON– The current weather forecast delivered wish to Houston after 5 days of downpour submerged the nation’s fourth-largest city: Less than an inch of rain and possibly even sunshine.

However the threats stay far from over. With a minimum of 18 dead and 13,000 individuals rescued in the Houston location and surrounding cities and counties in Southeast Texas, others were still trying to leave from swamped homes. Deteriorated levees remained in risk of stopping working and a less-ferocious however still powerful Harvey was on track to knock into Louisiana over night.

Authorities anticipated the human toll to continue to mount, both in deaths and in 10s of thousands of individuals made homeless by the catastrophic storm that is now the heaviest tropical rainstorm in U.S. history. In all, more than 17,000 people have sought haven in Texas shelters, which number appeared particular to increase, the American Red Cross said.

The city’s biggest shelter housed 10,000 of the displaced as 2 extra mega-shelters opened Tuesday for the overflow. Louisiana’s guv used to take in Harvey victims from Texas, and televangelist Joel Osteen opened his Houston megachurch, a 16,000-seat former arena, after critics blasted him on social media for not acting to help households displaced by the storm.

In an apparent reaction to spread reports of robbery, a curfew was put into effect from midnight to 5 a.m., with authorities stating violators would be questioned, browsed and apprehended.

On the other hand, a much-weakened Hurricane Harvey was guiding into new territory. Meteorologists stated Harvey was anticipated to come inland Wednesday around the Texas-Louisiana line near Beaumont, Texas, with 45 mph winds and heavy rains, slogging through Louisiana much of the day prior to taking its rainstorms north. Arkansas, Tennessee and parts of Missouri are on alert for Harvey flooding in the next number of days.

“When we get this thing inland during the day, it’s completion of the start,” said National Cyclone Center meteorologist Dennis Feltgen. “Texas is going to get a possibility to lastly dry out as this system pulls out.”

However Feltgen cautioned: “We’re not done with this. There’s still a dreadful great deal of property and a great deal of people who are going to feel the impacts of the storm.”

Still, the reprieve from the rain in Houston was welcome.

Eugene Rideaux, a 42-year-old mechanic who showed up at Osteen’s Lakewood Church to arrange contributions for evacuees, said he had actually not been able to work or do much since the storm first struck, so he aspired to get out of his dark house and aid.

“It’s been so dark for days now, I’m just prepared to see some light. Some sunlight. I’m sick of the darkness,” Rideaux said. “However it’s a hard city, and we’re going to make this into a positive and come together.”

The city has actually asked the Federal Emergency Management Firm for more materials, including cots and food, for an extra 10,000 individuals, stated Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who wanted to get the supplies no behind Wednesday.

Four days after the storm ravaged the Texas coastline as a Classification 4 hurricane, authorities and member of the family reported a minimum of 18 deaths from Harvey. They include a previous football and track coach in rural Houston and a woman who passed away after she and her young daughter were swept into a rain-swollen drain canal. 2 Beaumont, Texas, policeman and 2 fire-rescue scuba divers found the woman drifting with the kid, who was holding onto her mother.

Authorities acknowledge that casualties from Harvey might soar once the floodwaters start to recede from among America’s biggest urban centers.

A pair of 70-year-old tank dams that secure downtown Houston and a levee in a rural subdivision started overruning Tuesday, adding to the rising floodwaters.

Engineers started releasing water from the Addicks and Barker tanks Monday to alleviate the pressure on the dams. However the releases were insufficient to alleviate the pressure after the unrelenting downpours, Army Corps of Engineers authorities stated. Both reservoirs are at record highs.

The release of the water indicates that more houses and streets will flood, and some homes will be flooded for up to a month, stated Jeff Linder of the Harris County Flood Control District.

Authorities in Houston were likewise keeping an eye on facilities such as bridges, roadways and pipelines that remain in the path of the floodwaters.

Water in the Houston Ship Channel, which serves the Port of Houston and Houston’s petrochemical complex, is at levels never ever seen prior to, Linder said.

The San Jacinto River, which clears into the channel, has pipelines and roadways and bridges not created for the existing deluge, Linder stated, and the possibility of facilities failures will increase the “longer we keep the water in place.”

Amongst the concerns is debris boiling down the river and crashing into structures and the possibility that pipelines in the riverbed will be searched by speedy currents. In 1994, a pipeline ruptured on the river near Interstate 10 and caught fire.

After 5 successive days of rain, Harvey set a new continental U.S. record for rains for a tropical system.

The rains in Cedar Bayou, near Mont Belvieu, Texas, totaled 51.88 inches (132 centimeters) since Tuesday afternoon. That’s a record for both Texas and the continental United States, however it does not quite surpass the 52 inches (133 centimeters) from Tropical Cyclone Hiki in Kauai, Hawaii, in 1950, before Hawaii ended up being a state.

Prior to it separates, Harvey might sneak as far east as Mississippi by Thursday, indicating New Orleans, where Cyclone Katrina released its full wrath in 2005, is in Harvey’s path.

Foreboding pictures of Harvey lit up weather radar screens on the 12th anniversary of the day Katrina made landfall in Plaquemines Parish.

Smash Mouth brings its inescapable hits to Flamingo for a pool celebration concert


Erik Kabik Smash Mouth bassist Paul De Lisle during a 2011 show in Las Vegas.

here.) I located the band’s bassist and songwriter Paul De Lisle to talk about Smash Mouth’s big year of visiting in 2017 and what they’re planning next.

Looking back, how do you feel today about that very first album, “Fu Shu Mang”? We love it. I have actually been listening to it a lot recently because of the anniversary, and we chose to go back in the studio and re-record it semi-acoustically. We’re doing that now, and product packaging it with the initial album for a release early next year. We likewise had some buddies do remixes of “Walkin’ on the Sun” and we have actually been servicing those to clubs, and we were the No. 2 most-added tune on Billboard’s dance charts recently.

That’s crazy! I still hear your cover of “Why Cannot We Be Friends” from that album all the time, too. Your hits are inevitable. Have you ever had an unusual experience where you’ll hear a Smash Mouth tune where you least anticipate it? All the time. Simply just recently our supervisor remained in Milan in a little café having pizza, and I called him, and while we were talking I had to stop. “Wait, is that ‘Walkin’ on the Sun’ in the background?” It was on the radio in this café. It’s always popping up in unusual locations, and it first it takes you by surprise however it’s always extremely cool.

You men have actually had a very busy year up until now. We have actually had a real revival in the previous couple of years, more and more shows, and this year has been very hectic. We’re playing continuously.

Is that because of the anniversary or is the current infatuation with all things ’90s impacting Smash Mouth also? It’s both. Individuals that listened to our stuff then are growing older and they have more non reusable income and the fond memories for songs that make them seem like when they were more youthful is growing. They’re visiting bands like ours, and Sugar Ray, and the Gin Blossoms.

Is it strange to consider Smash Mouth as a fond memories act? It’s not strange for me since I’ve worked for this. We made it, paid our dues, and here we are on the opposite of it. And we do not have ties to the record companies and all of that things that brought a lot of pressure. We can do whatever the hell we desire.

Besides the acoustic recordings, exactly what’s next for the band? We are composing brand-new music, too, but we’ll still be touring extensively for a while. We’re likewise working on a collaboration with this terrific indie band Car Seat Headrest where we’re sort of remaking each other’s tunes and releasing it to radio even if we like them and it’s fun. On top of that, I’ve been composing a lot of tunes recently. I remain in a groove.