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Dennis Hof stripped of license for brothel near Pahrump


Steve Marcus Dennis Hof smiles during an interview at his Love Cattle ranch legal whorehouse in Crystal, Nev., on Tuesday, June 26, 2018. Hof won the Republican primary election for Nevada State Assembly District 36.

. The Nye County Commission voted Tuesday to pull the whorehouse and alcohol licenses for Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South brothel near Pahrump because he failed to request renewals on time.

The commission voted 3-2, with one member abstaining, to reject the annual license renewals, resulting in the closure of the whorehouse.

“It’s vengeance,” Hof said, blaming the action on suits he filed versus the county and political disputes.

Hof, who won the Republican main for Assembly District 36, stated he plans to look for a court injunction enabling him to reopen the brothel.

Commission Chairwoman Lorinda Wichman stated whorehouse owners must submit renewal types 1 Month prior to licenses expire, however Hof was late. Hof said that’s since the Constable’s Office sent him the kinds late.

Wichman, however, stated the forms are sent by mail just as a courtesy, and it’s up to brothel owners to get them and make certain they are submitted on time.

“There is no alternative in my mind and no other way I can offer a vote to renewing a license, particularly when it should have resulted in an automatic cancellation when the application was not received Thirty Days prior to the expiration date,” Wichman stated at Tuesday’s commission meeting.

Wichman directed the constable to obtain the brothel’s licenses.

The whorehouse staff was at first uncooperative when authorities informed them they intended to take the licenses, county officials said.

“The executive supervisor for Dennis Hof called the constable and showed that they would not enable the Nye County sheriff’s deputies on the facilities,” Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said.

But when deputies, armed with a court-issued warrant, appeared, brothel workers gave up the licenses without event, she said.

Hof can petition the county again for both licenses.

“He can reapply, however I’m unsure what does it cost? success he’ll have,” Wichman stated.

Brothel owner Dennis Hof faces '' major ' code infractions


Max Whittaker/ The

New York Times Dennis Hof, left, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Cattle ranch, with Cami Parker, a worker at the cattle ranch, during a campaign stop of presidential candidate Ron Paul in Reno, Feb. 2, 2012. Officials say Hof might have broken rules at one of his brothels.

Tuesday, Might 2, 2017|2 a.m.

Famous whorehouse owner Dennis Hof is facing several infractions at one of his Nye County whorehouses.

The Nye County Commission will hold a program cause hearing today on 2 code violations involving 6 woman of the streets at the Location 51 Death Valley Cathouse brothel in Amargosa Valley.

Inning accordance with an affidavit, when a Nye County district attorney private investigator carried out a whorehouse check on Feb. 11, 6 of the 12 working women on task had actually ended work cards and were not existing on their medical clearance.

“A show cause hearing is (set up) when we believe they are not following the guidelines,” Nye County Commissioner Dan Schinhofen stated. “Those are type of major charges … He (Hof) allowed them to work without being signed up. Then the ones who didn’t get clinically examined, that’s truly bad.”

Nye County code 9.20.150 requires every woman of the street operating in a brothel should have a medical exam carried out every seven days. Nye County code 9.20.140 states every woman of the street must sign up with the Nye County Sheriff’s Workplace on a quarterly basis.

Of the prospective infractions brought against brothels, these are as serious as the county has seen, inning accordance with Schinhofen. Hof’s licenses could be suspended or he could be ordered to pay fines if he is discovered to be in offense.

Hof stated the ordeal is simply a misunderstanding, and he said he thinks that he can show his case if need be.

“I have the utmost regard for Nye County Constable Sharon Wehrly and the constable’s department, however I don’t think this officer understood exactly what (he was) doing,” Hof stated.

Hof said that he had the cards of all the girls who operate at the whorehouse in a drawer, and not all them were in fact there operating at the time of the examination.

“You need to have a work card for every single girl who is working and the medical clearance. What it takes, depending upon the house, is 2 or three times that numerous girls to keep them working. So, that Alien house is a five-girl home. So that suggests we need 10-15 girls in the system.”

The whorehouse had six girls permitted that week because it can have up to 5 ladies working at a time, with one girl covering the others’ days off.

“So there’s constantly 5 ladies working,” Hof stated. “So there were 6 other cards in there who remain in the system but were not working.”

The Alien 51 Death Valley Cathouse paid first-quarter (Jan. 1-March 30) charges amounting to $1,875 for up to five woman of the streets to be operating at a given time, according to Nye County records.

Hof said that the detective with the Nye County’s District Lawyer’s Workplace never ever asked for all the woman of the streets to come out, to compare the cards with who was actually there working, regardless of the affidavit mentioning, “all 12 prostitutes showed they were working.”

“For some reason, this officer assumed they were working. They didn’t call and say, ‘Dennis exactly what’s going on here?’ They didn’t ask the cashier, they didn’t request for the girls to come out and put these cards up to their face, so they just didn’t comprehend.”

In spite of the declared infractions, his performance history in the market speaks for itself, Hof stated.

“I’ve been doing this for 27 years, Hof said. “My home in Northern Nevada has 15-30 ladies at all times and we never ruin, never ever when.”

When questioned if there could be a misunderstanding, Schinhofen stated he wasn’t sure.

“We’ll find out at the meeting since the officer will be there to testify,” Schinhofen stated. “It will be a he-said she-said thing, I guess. But we’ll see.”

Odom '' saddened ' by telephone call day before he was found at brothel


Chris Carlson/ AP

The entrance to the Love Cattle ranch whorehouse is seen, Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015 in Crystal, where former NBA basketball player Lamar Odom was found unconscious the day previously.

Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015|2 a.m.

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom at XS in the Repetition.

Love Cattle ranch
A sign advertises the Love Ranch brothel, Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015, in Crystal, where former NBA basketball player Lamar Odom was found unconscious the day before.Launch slideshow “

On a dirt roadway in Crystal, Nevada, 2 indicators instantly welcome visitors, providing “liquor & & girls 24/7” and pointing down the road toward a brothel referred to as the Love Ranch.

Outdoors is mostly dirt, patio area furniture and little palm trees, but Wednesday night, a collection of news vans, cameramen and reporters descended on the whorehouse in the desert location about 20 miles north of Pahrump.

It was here that 35-year-old previous basketball star Lamar Odom was discovered in what seemed to be “a deep sleep,” breathing however unresponsive Tuesday afternoon, according to 911 recordings and the Nye County Constable’s Workplace.

Odom, the estranged spouse of TV star Khloe Kardashian, got to the brothel alone and invested four days “fraternizing some of my ladies and staff” prior to asking to be left alone Monday night, according to a statement from facility owner Dennis Hof.

When employees returned Tuesday afternoon to see Odom, they quickly realized something was wrong, stated Richard Hunter, the media director for Hof’s Bunny Ranch whorehouse.

The ladies required Hunter, who was informed by a 911 dispatcher to turn Odom onto his side, according to the 911 call.

When Odom was turned, a white drug originated from his mouth and was around his nose, and there was a yellow substance that seemed mixed with blood, Hunter stated.

Odom informed the employees he had taken “a little bit of cocaine” Saturday before arriving to Crystal, and while at the whorehouse he drank from a bottle of Cognac and went to bench, Hunter said.

According to Hunter, Love Cattle ranch workers are trained to “stop the party” if drugs are seen, and Odom understood the whorehouse’s stringent anti-drug policy.

This was Odom’s first check out to the Love Cattle ranch, and Hunter said he was staying in its “best VIP suite” on an open-ended reservation, and was accompanied by two ladies. The overall cost for a stay like his would be 5 figures or more, which would have been worked out privately between the ladies and Odom, he said. The prostitutes are independent service providers who get HALF of the price.

Inside the room where he was found sits a big bed and a flat-screen TV, a chaise lounge and an armchair.

The suite has been cleared of any individual products, except for a basket of ladies’s clothes near the washer and clothes dryer.

Hunter called the Nye County Dispatch Center about 3:15 p.m. Tuesday to report a medical emergency and demand an ambulance, according to a declaration from the sheriff’s workplace.

The sheriff’s workplace had actually also received a call from a brothel worker who asked for an ambulance and showed Odom had blood originating from his nose.

He was not seen taking any drugs at the whorehouse however had actually taken about 10 sexual improvement natural supplements, a minimum of some of which were supplied by the whorehouse, according to Hunter.

The united state Fda released a warning in June 2013 about Reload, the supplements Hunter said were found in Odom’s space.

Lab tests revealed they consist of sildenafil, an ingredient likewise discovered in the FDA-approved Viagra drug.

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Richard Hunter, media director for Dennis Hof, who owns the Love Ranch, walks in the space at the Love Cattle ranch brothel, Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015 in Crystal, Nev., were former NBA basketball gamer Lamar Odom was found unconscious the day before. Odom, the NBA star and truth TELEVISION character embraced by teammates and fans for his simple strategy to fame, was on life support Wednesday, his estranged better half Khloe Kardashian by his side. Odom was found unresponsive after 4 days at the brothel. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

“This undeclared ingredient might interact with nitrates discovered in some prescribed drugs such as nitroglycerin and may decrease blood pressure to dangerous levels,” according to the FDA statement. “Male with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or heart disease frequently take nitrates.”

Police have actually gotten a warrant for a blood sample, which could identify if Odom suffered drug- or alcohol-related problems. It will be tested by Metro Cops, the constable’s office said.

An ambulance showed up about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday and took Odom to Desert View Health center in Pahrump, the sheriff’s office said.

He came to the medical facility about 40 minutes later on and was dealt with by physicians with strategies to carry him by helicopter to another healthcare facility, the office said.

Nevertheless, the 6-foot-10-inch, 230-pound Odom could not be transferred by air due to his height and was instead taken by a Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue Service ambulance to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, according to the sheriff’s workplace.

A Mercy Air representative couldn’t immediately comment on the size restrictions.

At a Smith’s in Pahrump on Wednesday, some homeowners hadn’t even discovered the heavy media presence in the area.

Jim Cox, 63, said he had not seen any cam crews, and he thinks the interest the media is paying to the situation is “a bunch of baloney.”

“There’s a lot more important things to worry about than the Kardashians and Lamar Odom,” he stated.

Cox likewise said he felt the bubbling conversation about the brothels, their policies and whether they are bad for Nye County is unjustified considering that they’re so out of the method.

“It’s legalized, so exactly what’s the argument?” he said.

Syndy Sessions, 46, said her family felt the results of Odom being in town Tuesday when they checked out the Desert View hospital and experienced a longer-than-average wait.

“It was possibly stunning a bit due to the fact that he was an NBA star,” she stated of Odom being hospitalized.

Friends and former colleagues have taken to social networks to express their support for Odom, a first-round draft pick by the L.a Clippers in 1999 who later invested seven periods with the L.a Lakers.

He went back to the Clippers for one season in 2012.

“Exactly what many people do not realize about Lamar Odom is that he’s a much better person than he is a basketball gamer,” basketball legend and former Laker Magic Johnson tweeted Wednesday early morning, stating that he was wishing the star.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who participated in the Democratic presidential argument Tuesday at the Wynn, went to Odom in the healthcare facility today, and Kardashian was present, he stated on Twitter.

Brothel employees told Hunter that Odom didn’t display any unpredictable or suicidal behavior however that he did get a call Monday that “seemed to bum him out,” Hunter said at the whorehouse Wednesday night.

Odom pleaded no contest to drunken driving after an arrest in August 2013. Kardashian declared divorce four months later on and has been dating Houston Rockets star James Harden. The divorce has not yet gotten final approval from a judge.

When cameras overtook Odom on a pathway in August, he blamed the media for his failure.

“Y’ all have discredited me, beat me down, took my confidence, took everything far from me. You will not do it again,” Odom told TMZ in an interview. “To everybody that I know which supports me, I’m sorry however it’s just it. The pet dog has to bite back.”

Lamar Odom discovered unconscious in Nye County brothel

Professional basketball gamer and one-time UNLV attract Lamar Odom was taken to a Las Vegas health center after he was found unconscious Tuesday night at a Nye County brothel, according to the Nye County constable’s workplace.

A media director at Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch in Crystal, about 30 miles north of Pahrump, called Nye County emergency personnel about 3:15 p.m. Tuesday, reporting Odom was experiencing a “medical emergency” and was unresponsive, Nye County Constable Sharon Wehrly composed in a release about 7 p.m.

. He got to Desert View Medical facility in Pahrump at 4:16 p.m.

Odom, 35, could not be carried to Las Vegas by helicopter due to the fact that of his stature, Wehrly composed in the release. Odom is 6-feet-10-inches high and weighs about 230 pounds, according to ESPN.

He was carried to Sunrise Healthcare facility and Medical Center in Las Vegas by ambulance for more treatment.

A worker at Desert View Health center in Pahrump stated she could not release any information on Odom.

Odom bet the Los Angeles Lakers when the team won the NBA Champion in 2009 and 2010. The Lakers have actually not commented, however coach Byron Scott told reporters, “We found out about it and our prayers are with Lamar and we want him well.”

Odom is the ex-husband of E! fact star Khloe Kardashian, who filed for divorce in 2013 after four years of marital relationship, pointing out difference of opinions.

In 2013, less than a week after being apprehended on suspicion of driving under the impact, Odom checked out a treatment facility near L.a, according to E! News. Less than 24 Hr later, he took a look at of the facility.

As a youth, Odom decided to play for the Runnin’ Rebels, led already coach Costs Bayno, however was launched from his letter of intent in 1997, according to media reports. A “Sports Illustrated” story questioning the credibility of Lamar’s ACT rating and an arrest for soliciting a woman of the street provided the school need to withdraw Odom’s scholarship, according to Bleacher Report. An NCAA investigation also revealed that Odom had actually gotten $5,600 in illegal payments from one of the school’s boosters.

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NV brothel owner provides to assist pay off student financial obligation

A Nevada brothel owner says he will help his employees pay off their student loans. (Source: KOLO/PHOTO/CNN)A Nevada whorehouse owner says he will certainly assist his workers settle their student loans. (Source: KOLO/PHOTO/CNN).

CARSON CITY, NV (KOLO/PHOTO/CNN) – Student financial obligation is out of control, with graduates starting out their careers with tens of countless dollars in loans.

Now the Bunny Cattle ranch owner and star of HBO’s Cathouse series, Dennis Hof, has an unique and rapid way to assist his staff members pay off their student loans

At the University of Nevada, Reno, students graduate with about $22,000 in student loan debt, a problem not just on that campus however all throughout the country.

Hof states he observed the student loan drama play out at the Bunny Cattle ranch with informed ladies who were 10s of thousands of dollars in financial obligation having no way to pay the debts off rapidly.

By the end of the summer season he decided to create it main: Any lady that pertains to work for him – for approximately 60 days – money earned that goes towards a student loan he will match.

He states lots of females can make up to $20,000 in one month at the Bunny Cattle ranch.

Hof says women who take him up on his offer do not need to stay once the loans are paid off. However he states a few of those ladies might decide to continue working at the Bunny Cattle ranch because, after all, there are home mortgage and even retirement to think about.

Copyright 2015 KOLO, photo and CNN. All rights reserved.