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Netflix maintains pricey relationship with '' Buddies '.


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/ > Paul Sakuma/ AP Netflix head office in Los Gatos, Calif.

Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018|4:16 p.m.

SAN FRANCISCO– Netflix will still be there for fans of the old TV series “Pals,” however maintaining the relationship will come at a high cost.

The New York Times reported that Netflix paid $100 million to keep showing “Pals” on its U.S. service through 2019. The paper states that’s more than triple the $30 million a year Netflix had actually been spending for the long-running TELEVISION series about 6 20-something friends in New york city. The report pointed out two unidentified people with direct understanding of Netflix’s deal with the series’ rights holder, AT&T.

Netflix tweeted that it will continue showing “Friends,” but didn’t disclose monetary information.

Netflix’s determination to pay a lot for a series that ended in 2004 is the current sign of heightening competitors in video streaming.

Buddies say Las Vegas couple, killed in believed DUI crash, was trying to start a family


Friends are keeping in mind a young Las Vegas couple, eliminated by a believed impaired chauffeur.

The crash took place Tuesday night at the crossway of Hualapai Method and Sahara Opportunity in the west part of the valley.

Pals described the couple, Damaso and Christa Puente, as kind-hearted, sweet and innocent. They said the couple was simply beginning to attempt to have a household.

At Hi there Rollers barber shop, Damaso Puente left his mark.

“Basically the logo design where it says Hello there Rollers barber shop and the straight razor with the barber pull,” owner Martin Corona stated the graphic designer produced almost all of the work on his walls.

A few of the barbers even has Puentes’ design tattooed on their skin. Corona stated his friendship with Puente surpassed the barber shop.

“We would double date, go to dinner,” he stated. “Christa was such an excellent individual. They made a truly terrific couple.”

Married in 2009 and both in their 30s, Damaso and Christa simply announced to pals they were all set to begin a family.

” [They] were very kind-hearted, uproarious, simple going,” Corona stated. “Any person that met them, immediately agreed them.”

That’s why Corona was speechless when he heard they were eliminated in a crash.

“Instantly sick to my stomach,” Corona stated.

The couple was waiting at a red light when a believed impaired driver knocked into them, pushing them into oncoming traffic.

“This could have been prevented, bottom line,” Corona stated. “That’s exactly what’s sad.”

It’s sad for friends who didn’t get to bid farewell and for a couple who never ever got to start a brand-new chapter of their lives together.

If you wish to assist the family, go to: https://www.gofundme.com/christa-malone-amp-damaso-puente Copyright 2018 KVVU(KVVU Broadcasting Corporation).

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Valley buddies say 28-year-old eliminated in aircraft crash lived life to the max


Buddies of James Pedroza, eliminated in an Arizona plane crash, stated they’ll remember him for their adventures, spontaneous journeys and his huge heart.

“‘Hey I hung out with James today and not did anything,’ stated no one ever,” Micah Griggs said explaining his friend and roommate James Pedroza.

“We established a 60-foot zipline and he decreased the zipline and into the pool,” Armani Izadi stated through tears.

James Pedroza lived an active life in his 28 years he visited 36 countries. That’s how Micah Griggs stated he and James initially became pals. The 2 went to Peru together a week after meeting each other.

“We havinged fun and some real discussions. Honestly the most genuine conversations I ever had prior to or given that. He was simply that type of individual, you opened to him,” Griggs stated.

Traveling was such a vital part of James’ life he remained in the process of getting his pilot’s license so he could get up and take a trip whenever he wanted. This previous weekend he and a group of friends were doing just that and went to Scottsdale, Arizona. Monday night they were headed back to the North Las Vegas airport.

“It sounds like they just increased and returned down,” Armani Izadi stated.

The plane crashed in a golf course not far from where it removed. The 6 people on board, consisting of James, where eliminated. The FAA did not launch the names of any of the people on board, but James’ buddies were able to recognize a couple of consisting of Mariah Coogan, Delighted Patel, and James’ sweetheart Helena Lagos.

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“They were pushing 6 months, it was a big deal,” Micah Griggs stated describing James and Helena’s relationship. “They were simply dynamite together. They simply liked life.”

On Tuesday, those who understood and liked James were struggling to find out how somebody so complete of life was not going to belong of theirs.

“All the drama of life it’s not important. It’s not as essential as hanging out with individuals who are authentic,” Armani Izadi stated. “There is absolutely nothing I would rather do right now than socialize with my pal,” he stated through tears.

The FAA said they are working to identify every person on board as well as working to find out exactly what caused the aircraft to crash.

Good Friends of James Pedroza stated they prepare to hold a special gathering to keep in mind him on Sunday. They were likewise working to collect all the pictures and videos of him they can so they can assemble a montage.

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Buddies keep in mind Las Vegas teen eliminated while treking


Pals and family said they are sad after a Las Vegas teenager was killed while hiking in Washington state. Authorities said she died after falling into a waterfall. Haylei Hughes was a stand-out soccer and basketball star who has just recently finished from Cimarron Memorial High school. Prior to that, she went to Bishop Gormon.

Hannah Borgel said she was pals with Haylei and co-captains of their club soccer team.

“The second we like stepped onto the field, we like loved each other. It was remarkable,” Hannah recalled.

When she discovered Haylei was missing, and later on found dead, she stated she was heartbroken and in shock.

“Among my other friends on the team called me while I was in the vehicle owning house and she informed me. Then I type of much like I needed to stopped cause like everything started like spinning,” Hannah stated.

Haylei’s buddy and basketball colleague Sam Coleman stated she didn’t want to believe the news when she got the text. She stated she wants to keep in mind Haylei as the fun-loving friend that she was.

“She had the most significant heart and she was totally caring and offering and, like, if you were with her she was on your side and she had your back, no matter what,” Sam stated. “I hope she understands that we loved her and she was our buddy and we’ll never forget her.”

Another friend and soccer colleague, Norina Romo, stated she and other good friends are just feeling lost and confused.

“It truly just does not make sense because we know people pass away however it’s from they’re old or a disease or sickness, you understand. And Haylei’s gone hiking numerous times and she’s been great, so I think you simply need to keep in mind that she lived a terrific life and did everything she might potentially desire and she’ll reside in our hearts permanently,” Norina stated.

Haylei’s friends stated they’re trying to find methods to cope.

“She was definitely fearless, like she always type of knew she was the very best gamer however she wasn’t arrogant at all. Like she had so much humility and strength, even off the field too,” Hannah said, “She was actually a special person to me and I’m gon na miss her a lot and I just enjoy her and I desire her to understand that.”

On Friday, dozens of Haylei’s buddies gathered for a vigil at Cimarron Memorial High School.

They shared memories and released balloons with words they want they might state to her.

“All of us know the skill that you had and no one’s ever going to forget it or forget you, although you didn’t get to use the field you definitely still made an impact,” Norina stated.

Haylei was visiting play soccer at Highline College in Washington in the fall. To help her family with funeral cost, here’s a link to their

gofundme page. Copyright 2017 KVVU (KVVU Broadcasting Corporation). All rights scheduled.

Buddies enjoy memory of 1967 UFO hoax

Judging by the heading, an alien intrusion seemed imminent 48 years back.

The June 13, 1967, front page of the Las Vegas Sun yelled: “MYSTERIOUS FLYING SHIP ‘SCOUTS’ LAS VEGAS AREA.”

And the proof? A black-and-white Polaroid picture of a spiraling, metallic flying object.

The photo and accompanying commentary originated from four teenage boys. Now in their mid-60s, Richard Small, Gerry Genovese, Michael McDonald and Syd “Costs” Rabin gathered to reflect on the day they bamboozled the valley.

“We shocked the whole town,” Rabin announced earlier this month beyond the historical Morelli Home, where the 65-year-old friends reunited.

They satisfied there, they said, because the Mid-Century Modern house is linked to Las Vegas, just like them. (The previous home of Rat Pack-era huge bandleader Antonio Morelli’s is of specific significance to Small, who says he, his dad and his brother helped construct it around 1959.)

That it was a flying things is true, Genovese said.

“However it was a hubcap,” he said with a smirk.

Hearing stories of alien encounters and spooky hovercrafts are commonplace for Nevadans, and this group of pals fed the urban legends after discovering ways to produce a UFO picture from a science publication.

On exactly what they called Bubbling Wells Roadway, then a dirt roadway about a mile from Valley High School, the kids established their picture shoot, tossing the hubcap “like a Frisbee,” and snapping an image. The stretch of road is now covered by houses, they said, and its name disappeared.

However their memories are still around. And still give them a laugh.

The picture was too great not to reveal someone.

“When you’re 17 years old, you wish to have as much enjoyable as you can,” McDonald stated. “Daily it’s, ‘What can I do to have a good time?’ “

The foursome’s cumulative imagination sufficed to conceptualize a tall story to accompany their phony photo, but unsatisfactory to predict exactly what would occur after handing their proof over to local press reporters.

“My papa gets the morning paper, and that’s what’s on the headings,” Genovese stated.

Small, who shares his father’s name, stated his dad came to him where they worked at the Fremont hotel-casino, stating “Rich, what did you do? Everyone thinks it’s me.”

Rabin remembered overhearing individuals talking about how terrified they remained in the break space of the old Sands hotel-casino, where he worked at the pool.

“They were thinking about leaving town for the weekend,” he remembered, his friends chuckling in the background. “They were truly concerned about this alien invasion.”

It was the talk of the town, and the teens had some explaining to do, beginning with their parents– possibly more frightening at the time than extra terrestrials.

“They kinda chuckled,” Genovese stated of his moms and dads’ response when he informed them the truth. “I had older brothers. They were laughing hysterically. When they saw the paper, they chuckled even harder.”

The panic that occurred from those not in on the joke did not instantly deter the group’s sense of humor.

“I’m gon na bring this as far as I can go,” Genovese said he thought at the time of the trick, because, “we’re 17 years of ages.”

A representative from a regional TV station and UFO enthusiast Frank Edwards, in addition to a colonel from Nellis Flying force Base, connected to the kids, they declared, intending to get the scoop on their extraterrestrial spacecraft, Genovese said.

Discussing their strategy to disclose their “saucer,” the 17-year-old Bishop Gorman High School students chose they would bring the hubcap along to a TELEVISION interview to state, “Yeah, we saw it. In fact, we recorded it,” touting the not-so-unidentified-flying-object.

That strategy did not exercise– the jig was up in simply one day– however because of Rabin’s father.

Amid pressure from the government for interviews, McDonald, Genovese, Small and Rabin called off the trick.

“When the government got included, started calling, wishing to talk to us,” Rabin stated, “I told my father what was going on, and he believed, at that point, perhaps it was going too far.”

On June 14, 1967, a mere 1 Day after the scam had gone as viral as something might enter the ’60s, the Las Vegas Review-Journal ended it.

“The strange flying ship ‘searching’ Las Vegas Monday night ended up being a hubcap, sources close to the ‘ship’ revealed Tuesday afternoon,” the lede read.

“It’s simply remarkable how fast without social networks it got around,” Rabin said.

Those “sources” were later on revealed as the comedic group of pals.

“My father called the paper,” Rabin stated, discussing the prank’s demise.

Although lots of dismiss this instance of a dish flying through Southern Nevada skies, tales about Area 51, the supersecret military setup about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, is very well understood for its UFO and alien conspiracy theories.

“Worry not. Very few individuals, no matter what planet they are from, can fit on a hubcap,” the Review-Journal story described, fixing the dread caused by a looming summer season of ’67 alien intrusion– in the meantime.

The valley today, the good friends stated, is a different place.

The four men still live in Las Vegas and call themselves the “Circle Park Boys,” called for the Huntridge Circle Park. “Circle Park was the center of the universe when we were kids,” Little composed in an email.

All but McDonald in fact care about the possibility of alien existence, saying there have actually been “a lot of sightings” to reject it.

Simply don’t take their word for it.

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