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Is this male the new buddy of illegal pot sellers?


Carolyn Kaster/ AP Chief Law Officer Jeff Sessions this month rescinded numerous Obama-era directives that might bring completion to legalized marijuana sales in Nevada and a variety of other states. In doing so, specialists say, Sessions might end up being unlawful marijuana dealerships’ brand-new best buddy.

Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018|2 a.m.

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Illegal pot manufacturers and sellers have actually found a champion in U.S. Chief law officer Jeff Sessions: If Sessions gets his way, he might be refueling their business and refilling their savings account.

For Nevada, whose residents and visitors have produced an approximated 1 million special legal purchases because the entertainment program started July 1, a possible Sessions-inspired crackdown on legal dispensaries implies losing income brought into state coffers. It also indicates a re-emergence of illegal dealers as the only alternative for pot consumers, stated Riana Durrett, executive director of the Nevada Dispensary Association.

” Great deals of loan is being made by (black market dealers),” Durrett stated. “And they ‘d make even more without our legal market.”

While the dispensary association, the Nevada Department of Tax and Metro Police do not have concrete numbers on black market sales, a 2015 White Home report estimated 40 percent of the $100 billion Americans spend on illegal drugs each year was used on weed.

The unlawful operations benefit from criminal drug trade from as close as Humboldt County or as far as Mexico. Farmers in the cartel-heavy Sinaloa state informed The Washington Post in 2014 that legalization of pot in the United States made growing and delivering unlawful marijuana “not worth it,” as wholesale prices fell from about $45 per pound to less than $12.

The FBI stated the seizure of cannabis at the United States border with Mexico dropped to a four-year low of 1.5 million pounds in 2016, being up to almost a 3rd of the peak of 3.8 million pounds seized in 2009.

A possible federal crackdown provides another danger to Nevada buyers in the security of both the buying experience and the quality item. Instead of shopping for extremely controlled and checked cannabis items from licensed dispensaries, pot purchases would once again originate from the street corner, club or a local dealership’s residence or lorry.

Prohibited pot is also free of state-mandated lab testing, suggesting the quality is unpredictable.

” Even lots of black-market purchasers transferred to the legal industry because the cannabis is tested,” Durrett stated.

An illegal dealer we will call “Joe” is one such Las Vegan who might gain from a federal cannabis crackdown. Joe was when a successful black market entrepreneur who dispersed dozens of cannabis bags a week from the northwest valley to locals and travelers alike.

Operating on digital markets from Craigslist to Instagram, Whisper as well as gay dating app Grindr to market his product, he also grew by word of mouth for local buyers.

Joe, 28, decreased to say whether he had ties to any gangs, but he offered that gangs, marijuana and cartel connections are “normally one in the exact same.”

” If you market it properly and get that direct exposure, you can do well,” Joe said. “It was an excellent life.”

Joe’s clientele slipped from nearly 30 to single digits in July 2017 when leisure marijuana sales started in Nevada. His income has decreased so dramatically that he has just recently begun trying to find a part-time task.

While weed is legal in many states now, including Nevada, federal law still considers it a criminal activity.

Sessions on Jan. 4 rescinded Obama-era Department of Justice rules that protected states’ rights to run legal weed markets under conditions that cannabis wouldn’t fall under the hands of minors, wrongdoers and those driving automobile.

Now, DOJ officials have one less challenge in their method of closing down legal marijuana. Sessions in a Jan. 4 letter to U.S. attorneys in pot-legal states directed them to follow pre-Obama-era policy to prosecute laws relating to marijuana, which he described as “a hazardous drug.”

Sessions’ instruction in Nevada falls in the hands of interim U.S. Lawyer Dayle Elieson, who was selected on Jan. 5 to change interim U.S. Lawyer Stephen Myhre. Elieson’s workplace declined remark through a spokeswoman.

Another Las Vegas location black market pot dealership stated he hoped brand-new marijuana users who attempted pot while it was legal in Nevada could suggest additional clients for his prohibited businesses. That’s contributing to the former consumers he ‘d likewise anticipate to return.

In case of a federal crackdown the dealership said, “I ‘d let (consumers) know I’m still around. They know where to discover me.”

Both prohibited dealerships suggested they offered many flower at $30 to $50 per eighth of an ounce. They said they would not anticipate their prices to change. The majority of dispensaries use recreational eighths from $45 to $70 after tax.

UNLV law teacher David Orentlicher, who has studied marijuana law for more than a years, stated in the most likely scenario federal representatives would first close down state-sanctioned leisure marijuana outlets before going after medical cannabis services. Either situation would assist the black market reappear as a primary source for pot purchasers, he stated.

” A lot will depend upon how aggressive the feds are and whether they decide to prosecute massive,” Orentlicher stated. “But there’s plainly going to be a change.”

Special Representative Melvin Patterson of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration stated raids of cannabis organisations would consist of a detailed process of carrying out a background look at owners, running security videos at their organisations and houses and obtaining a search warrant. With sufficient probable cause, federal representatives would then rob the cannabis facilities, take the stock and jail those involved in business.

However DEA spokeswoman Barbara Carreno added any potential federal raids “will take a while to sort out.”

If and when that happens, cartels, gangs and dealerships– not regulated dispensaries– will be Nevada’s source for cannabis.

” I simply hope I have enough for everyone coming back,” Joe stated.

Editor’s note: Brian Greenspun, the CEO, publisher and editor of the Las Vegas Sun, has an ownership interest in Essence Marijuana Dispensary.

Selena Gomez'' s buddy gave her a kidney this summer season

Gomez revealed in an Instagram post Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017, that she received a kidney transplant because of her struggle with Lupus. (Photo by John Salangsang/Invision/AP, File)< img src =" /wp-content/uploads/2017/09/14912702_G.jpg" alt="Gomez exposed in an Instagram post Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017, that she got a kidney transplant since of her struggle with Lupus. (Picture by John Salangsang/Invision/AP, File)"

title =” Gomez exposed in an Instagram post Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017, that she got a kidney transplant due to the fact that of her battle with Lupus. (Image by John Salangsang/Invision/AP, File)” border =” 0 “width =” 180″/ > Gomez revealed in an Instagram post Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017, that she got a kidney transplant since of her struggle with Lupus.

( Picture by John Salangsang/Invision/AP, File). (CNN)– Selena Gomez revealed on Thursday that she received a kidney transplant from her BFF. The vocalist published a photo on Instagram that shows her and fellow actress Francia Raisa holding hands across their hospital beds. “I’m very aware some of my fans had actually observed I was laying low for part of the summer season and questioning why I wasn’t promoting my brand-new music, which I was incredibly pleased with,” Gomez wrote in the caption.”” So I discovered I needed to get a kidney transplant due to my Lupus and was recovering.”

Gomez revealed her Lupus medical diagnosis in 2015 and last year took some time off as she battled with the disease in addition to stress and anxiety and anxiety.

The super star stated the transplant was “exactly what I needed to provide for my overall health.”

She stated she eagerly anticipated sharing more with her fans later about her transplant journey, however in the meantime she wanted to thank her health group and Raisa.

” She offered me the supreme gift and sacrifice by contributing her kidney to me,” Gomez said. “I am incredibly blessed. I love you a lot sis.”

Raisa is an actress best understood for her function as Adrian Lee on the TV series “The Secret Life of the American Teen.”

On Thursday, Gomez fans swarmed Raisa’s most current Instagram picture to thank her for the kidney donation.

” You’re incredible,” one person commented. “You’re one hell of a friend.”

Ex-Playboy buddy sentenced for '' body-shaming ' 71-year-old woman

By Nicole Chavez CNN

(CNN)– A former Playboy playmate pleaded no contest on Wednesday to misdemeanor intrusion of personal privacy for privately taking an image of a naked female in a gym locker space and posting it to Snapchat.

Dani Mathers, 30, was sentenced to 3 years’ probation and purchased to finish 30 hours of graffiti removal service. If the case had gone to trial, the model might have faced up to six months in jail.

The 2015 Playmate of the Year was criticized for “body shaming” the 71-year-old lady after privately snapping the image in the locker room of a Los Angeles area health club last July. Mathers posted it on Snapchat together with the text: “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.” She likewise posted a selfie covering her mouth.

After social media reaction, the design apologized and stated she meant to send the picture independently to a good friend.

“I have actually decided to do exactly what I provide for a living since I love the female body and I understand that body-shaming is incorrect and it’s not what I have to do with,” Mathers stated in a Snapchat. “It’s not the type of individual I am.”

Outside the downtown Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday, Mathers’ lawyer Thomas Mesereau said the design apologized “from the bottom of her heart for exactly what occurred.”

“She never believed this would come out like this. Never ever planned to harm anybody,” Mesereau informed CNN affiliate KABC.

‘Body shaming is not tolerated’

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said Mathers’ case has been an important case due to the fact that it brings an extremely forceful message.

“The message today is clear: body shaming is not tolerated in the City of Los Angeles,” Feuer said in a news conference. “That’s vital, since every day that image lives online is another day of humiliation.”

Feur stated Mather had been plainly held accountable and hopes it can send a message to anyone “pondering comparable behavior.”

California lawmakers are utilizing Mathers’ case as an example as they work to pass a bill that will increase punishment for those who take and distribute pictures or videos without a person’s authorization.

California’s SB 784 enforces an extra fine approximately $1,000 for those who take and publish images of somebody who is naked or partially outfitted. The proposed law likewise will entitle victims to financial restitution to get a photo off the internet and out of public distribution.

This week, the expense was approved by the state’s Senate and is waiting to be authorized by the state’s Assembly. If it passes there, it could be signed into law by the governor.

“This nation has a growing issue of bullying through body-shaming on social networks that needs to be resolved,” said State Senator Cathleen Galgiani.

CNN’s Travis Sattiewhite added to this report.

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Buddy, ‘Baz’ and Burton top the notes on the scene


Ruby Lewis in “For the Record: Baz.” Constantine Rousouli is at lower right.

Friday, Sept. 25, 2015|7:45 p.m.

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Lance Burton stars in “Billy Topit: Master Magician.”

The Kats Report Bureau is ever moving, reminding of Muhammad Ali’s line, “Keep your cameras moving, ’cause I’m kinda fast.”

Exactly what we have actually experienced; Thursday night action at the red-carpet premiere of “Billy Topit Master Magician” at the Palms, the brand-new indie movie produced and directed by, and starring, Lance Burton; the Think of Dragons Tyler Robinson Structure charity event at 4 Seasons. This afternoon was a sit-down at Reynolds Hall with the writers of “Idaho: The Funny Musical,” Keith Thompson and Friend “Spuddy” Sheffield, as the musical is set to premiere at Reynolds Hall at the Smith Center in July. Tonight (Friday night, if you are reading this at other time than tonight) is to be David Perrico’s Pop Strings reveal at Cabaret Jazz; Frank Marino’s 30th anniversary celebration at Linq Showroom; and a dancefest at Zowie Bowie behind the magic wall at Red Rock Resort’s Rocks Lounge.

Upcoming this weekend is a trip to Idaho with Spuddy, Keith and such “Idaho”-connected stars as Smith Center officers Myron Martin and Paul Beard, and set designer Andy Walmsley. It’s harvest season in the Gem State, and these folks have never been, so we’re going to, um, peel out …


– I need to enhance my assistance of “For the Record: Baz” here, as the long-ago column from … exactly what, Thursday? … seemed to show I have a subsiding confidence in the program’s potential customers in Vegas. Not so, even though the word “subsiding” did appear because piece. I have in fact edited that word away, and stay positive the For the Record team will certainly find a venue in Las Vegas and make some sort of statement at least by the end of the year. The Strip (and somewhere else) is filled with shows moving around or from town, or anticipated to, and venues of all variety opening to new tasks. “Baz” has been caught in exactly what they refer to in hockey as a “shift change,” but I do feel it will be back onstage in Las Vegas soon enough and we can return to the ideal sort of Baz Buzz.

– Burton has performed some sleight-of-film simply by bringing “Billy Topit” to the big screen. His premiere at Palms was similar to the fantastic red-carpet events, and by “great,” I do mean, in part, “overall cluster.” However even though the mass of magicians caused a logjam at the entryway of Brendan Theaters, Burton and his date for the occasion, Gabriella Versace, were the image of content.

Through the magic of mathematics Burton finds it easy to quantify the success of the movie.

“Here’s the thing: I check out a fascinating fact for independent films,” he said as he stopped to talk on the red carpeting. “Ninety-nine percent of screenplays that are written never start production. And of those that start production, 99 percent never ever finish. They are deserted.

“So the fact that we completed– I feel terrific about that.”

The movie has to do with a magician who plays kids’s birthday celebrations, whose pals are a juggler, a mime and a clown. They set off to save a woman who has been kidnapped, using their phase routines, and as Burton says, “It’s exactly like The Avengers, except we do not have Robert Downey Jr. and no one has superpowers. But they have abilities.”

Magicians who have actually lent their time and skill to the movie consist of Johnny “The Great Tomsoni” Thompson, Mac King, Criss Angel, Russ Merlin, Fielding West and Michael Holly, who are included at least in cameos. Louie Anderson, Frankie Scinta and Versace are likewise in the story. I state “provided,” for a reason, as “Billy Topit” is a charity event for a couple of Las Vegas charities, most significantly Range the Children’s Charity of Southern Nevada, the Las Vegas Shriners and Nevada SPCA.

– Imagine Dragons have actually completed the video to their new single “Roots,” off “Smoke + Mirrors,” and without distributing the content, the video does hint to the band’s Vegas roots (naturally).

“Whenever it makes sense to involve Vegas, we’ll do it. It’s the very first city that, of course, jumps into our minds,” front man Dan Reynolds stated prior to Thursday’s gala charity event. “There are Vegas shots in it. That’s all I’ll state and you’ll see that. However if you’re Think of Dragons, you cannot have a song called ‘Roots’ without Vegas in it.”

– An interesting booking in the funny front: Rita Rudner is now part of the laughs behind the glass series (previously titled Funny Rocks) at Rocks Lounge. Rudner is set for a headlining look at 8 p.m. Oct. 17. She supplants (which is to suggest “replaces”) the formerly revealed Mark Curry. Tickets for Rudner are $25 and $35 (missing charges).

Rudner is something of a free representative nowadays. Earlier this year she had returned to Harrah’s, where she headlined for 4 years, after transferring from Venetian’s Sands Showroom as the all-female comedy series “Lipshtick” moved in.

A take a look at Rudner’s recent Vegas run dating to 2001: New York-New York (in the room developed for her efficiencies by then-president Felix Rappaport), Harrah’s, Venetian, Harrah’s and now Red Rock. Years ago she likewise appeared at Riviera Funny Club, signing up with Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin James and Kevin Pollack on the now-closed club’s Wall of Popularity. Reserving somebody of her quality at Rocks Lounge is an outstanding pickup for Station Casinos, and the Funny Rocks series (which likewise features Hal Stimulates, Orny Adams and Justin Williams in one-offs) makes the recent home improvement of the lounge and its closed-off entryway make sense.

– The cover story on Criss Angel I penned (typed, actually) for sis publication Las Vegas Weekly has actually triggered substantial response. Angel has some feverish fans, and I am not speaking about their physical health. They are fired up over this story, as the multitudes of responses and re-tweets and “favorite” notations on Twitter show. During my interviews with those with whom Angel has worked, Cirque du Soleil exec Jerry Nadal broached the impending overhaul of “Believe” at Luxor. Anticipate Cirque and Angel to revamp the production as he celebrates the seventh anniversary of “Believe” at the end of the month.

As vice president of Cirque du Soleil’s citizen programs, Nadal said the refreshing of the program will likely improve ticket sales. “This year we’re running in between 70- and 75-percent tenancy,” Nadal stated. “We had a fantastic run in the summer season. If we could get the program into the mid-80s, everyone would be truly delighted with that.”

Luxor’s “Believe” theater seats 1,600.

Nadal keeps in mind an appearance Angel made on behalf of Cirque in Beijing in 2014.

“Criss has broad appeal in Asia, and in 2014 he did an appearance at the U.S. Embassy there. We brought a few acts over, to show 140 of the top travel bookers from Beijing,” Nadal stated. “Two weeks after that look, we had a reservation for 6,000 tickets for Criss.”

– There are a few diamonds in the rough in this city’s entertainment community, and among them is Philip Drennan. I got to know him while hanging out at Don’t Inform Mother piano bar on Fremont East, where he was among the singing bartenders at the music club. I have actually also caught him at Tuscany’s Copa Space (formerly T Area Lounge, renamed for “The Rat Load is Back” program), backing piano ace Kenny Davidsen, and Drennan is a routine backup in Mark Shunock’s “Monday’s Dark” charity shows at Vinyl. He and Jassen Allen never ever disappoint on those nights at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Most recently, Drennan has signed up with the cast of “Vegas! The Show” at Saxe Theater at Miracle Mile Shops at World Hollywood. Drennan belongs to the show’s ensemble and this is his very first Strip gig. Well-deserved, too.

And, if you wish to see him gig it up with Jassen Allen, Michelle Johnson (the First Lady of Las Vegas Jazz and a wiz with any Apple item) and Niki Scalera (who appeared in “Tarzan” on Broadway with “Vegas! The Show” co-star Josh Strickland), that quartet is fronting “R&B Rhythm & & Broadway” at Freedom Hall Theater in Sun City Anthem at 7 p.m. Oct. 16, and at Starbright Theatre in Sun City Summerlin at 3 p.m. Oct. 18 (tickets are $18 for the Liberty Hall show and $20 for the Starbright Theatre show. Call 702-614-5864 for Oct. 16 show, 702-240-1301 for the Starbright Theatre program).

Follow John Katsilometes on Twitter at twitter.com/JohnnyKats. Likewise, follow Kats With The Meal at twitter.com/KatsWithTheDish.

Kirk Kerkorian kept in mind as visionary entrepreneur, benefactor, faithful buddy


Tiffany Brown

Kirk Kerkorian at the yearly old timers collecting at the Stardust Sept. 24, 2006.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015|2:49 p.m.

Friends and website partners of billionaire builder and philanthropist Kirk Kerkorian talked today about the guy who helped form Las Vegas. Kerkorian, who constructed or owned some of the greatest casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, passed away Monday at age 98 of natural causes at his house in Los Angeles.

Right here is a few of what people needed to state about him.

– Steve Wynn, chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts: “I started playing tennis with Kirk when I was 26 years of ages at the Las Vegas Nation Club in 1968. I have actually been proud to be his buddy ever since. Throughout the years, we did deals together and delighted in life. He was a guy who lived every day to its max and although we will certainly miss him, we understand that Kirk in his time didn’t miss out on a thing.”

– Brian Greenspun, CEO, publisher and editor of Greenspun Media Group: “Kirk Kerkorian was one of a handful of people who built the city he loved– Las Vegas. He was peaceful; he was shy; he was unassuming, but he was a giant of American commercialism whose vision and love of the deal assisted catapult Las Vegas to the top of the world when it pertained to building the megaresorts for which we are so well-known.

“Kirk was a dear pal of my dad and moms and a valued pal of mine. His company brilliant will certainly be missed out on by all, and his warm and charming relationship and loyalty will certainly be sadly missed out on by all of those people fortunate enough to have actually enjoyed it.”

– Jim Murren, chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International: “Mr. Kerkorian incorporated brilliant website understanding with steadfast honesty to become one of the most respectable and prominent financiers of our time. Personally, he was a friend and coach who taught me the importance in looking forward, and to look back only to comprehend how things might be done better.”

– Alex Yemenidjian, previous chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International: “He was kind to everyone, a devoted friend and a gentleman’s gentleman. In business, Kirk was dazzling and might see around corners. However in his heart, Kirk was actually a philanthropist who lived reasonably and offered extravagantly. He has exceptionally enriched the lives of lots of without expecting or accepting anything in return, and that is a praiseworthy legacy. I like him and I will certainly miss him terribly.”

– Harry Reid, U.S. Senate minority leader: “He was simply a truly fascinating, remarkable guy. He is among the personalities I will never ever forget. My relationship with him is one of the special things in my life. I feel so fortunate to be able to talk on a personal basis about this man. He was one of a kind.”

– Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of the American Video gaming Association: “In an industry that grows on development, Kirk Kerkorian was a leader who set a greater standard for gaming and elevated Las Vegas’ stature with each step he made. He was likewise a generous benefactor whose contributions will continue to make Nevada a much better place for years to come. Given his outsized influence in forming the video gaming industry, it’s no surprise that Mr. Kerkorian was amongst the very first classes of inductees into the Video gaming Hall of Fame. Our thoughts and prayers are with his little girls, extended friends and family as they mourn his death.”

– Kristin McMillan, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce: “The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and its members are deeply saddened by the passing of Kirk Kerkorian. Immigrant, business owner, aviator, magnate and philanthropist, Mr. Kerkorian was among a kind. Not only did he characterize the American dream, his visionary and gutsy business management formed Las Vegas and set the course for our city to flourish in tourist, video gaming and hospitality. His legacy will certainly be permanently commemorated as part of the Las Vegas Strip and acknowledged throughout the many MGM Resorts International commercial properties around the globe.”