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Household: 10-year-old kid mauled by valley next-door neighbor’s pit bulls


A 10-year-old Las Vegas kid spent his second night in the healthcare facility after his household stated the next-door neighbor’s two pit bulls attacked him.

Guido Mantilla, Jr. suffered bite marks all over his body and has 30 stitches in his head, inning accordance with his parents.

“It was extreme,” father Guido Mantilla Sr. stated. “Not only did he have puncture wounds and bite marks on his face, however likewise on his skull and on his arms. He had bite marks everywhere.”

Mantilla stated his kid was on a play date with his neighbor’s kid, something Mantilla Jr. had done previously.

“They were having a good time,” Mantilla who was there for the very first part of the play date recalled. “The dogs at all times remained in the cage.”

Before Mantilla left his son at the house, he informed the next-door neighbor not to let the dogs out of the cage.

“I said, ‘Don’t let the pet dogs out of the kennel,” Mantilla Sr. said. “He told me, ‘No problem, I’m not going to let the canines out of the kennel.’ I trusted him.”

Mantilla Jr. said the next-door neighbor let the pet dogs out of the kennel minutes before they attacked him.

“I saw one dog have actually ahold of (Jr.’s) legs, and another had a hold of his head trying to rip him apart,” a witness who asked to stay anonymous stated.

“When I took the dogs off him, they were still attempting to nibble at him and get to him.”

The dog owner could not be grabbed comment.

Mantilla Sr. stated they have actually been next-door neighbors for six years. The 2 pit bulls have been around for a year, inning accordance with Mantilla Sr.

. Metro authorities and animal control were also not readily available for remark.

In similar animal attack cases in the past, owners are mentioned and sometimes, the animals were euthanized.

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Pahrump officers assaulted by pit bulls while serving warrant

Tuesday, April 18, 2017|10 p.m.

Bailiffs in Pahrump were assaulted by a set of pit bulls on Tuesday while serving an arrest warrant, inning accordance with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office.

The 2 bailiffs got in the gated residential or commercial property after they called out and tried to find the homeowners to no get, officials stated, including that there were no signs of canines in the lawn.

When they went into the yard, the 2 pets charged at the officers, who utilized “less-than-lethal approaches” to fend off the attack, however one of the dogs had the ability to bite one of them, triggering head injuries, authorities said. The officer was able to leave and was being treated at a healthcare facility.

The pet dogs weren’t injured and the one that bit the officer is being quarantined for 10 days to monitor for symptoms of illness, authorities said. The owner of the canines had been mentioned formerly for problems with the pit bulls.

The individual the officers were trying to find to serve the warrant hasn’t been found, authorities said. It wasn’t clear if that person is the dog owner or if anybody was home at the time of the attack.