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Captive killed by escaped jail dependable determined


Authorities have actually recognized the young woman who was abducted from David Wade Correctional Center Thursday afternoon and killed by a gotten away inmate.

The Claiborne Parish Sheriff’s Office states 19-year-old Amanda Leigh Carney was hijacked Thursday by 39-year-old prisoner Deltra Henderson.

The Warden of David Wade Correctional Center validated Friday morning that Carney was the step-daughter of an assistant warden at the state jail, which lies northeast of Homer in Claiborne Parish. Carney lived at a home on jail residential or commercial property with her parents.

A Critical Occurrence Tension Management has been brought in by the Louisiana Department of Corrections to use counseling to personnel, family members and wrongdoers at the prison.

The manhunt began right before 2 p.m., quickly after Henderson got away and crashed an automobile he had actually stolen in a remote area north of the jail. Carney’s body was later discovered there. The sheriff’s workplace says Henderson then made contact with another citizen in the area and took another lorry prior to crashing it too. After that, Henderson went into a nearby home on the premises of the jail and discovered an unsecured gun. As prison guards closed in on the home, a gunfight occurred and the reliable barricaded himself within. He was shot and fatally wounded by officers after firing at them during the standoff.

“Authorities worked to capture Henderson peacefully, but he fired shots at officers and they returned fire,” according to a statement launched by police late Thursday.

Henderson was serving time on one count each of attempted armed robbery, worsened burglary, and cocaine distribution.

He was put behind bars since 2001 and was due to go out March 28, 2025, with a great time.

Authorities said Henderson was listed as a reliable, a jail prisoner approved unique privileges as a reliable person.

Carney graduated in May from Summerfield High School, according to Principal Shane Lee.

“There’s no words to express the sadness in our hearts today,” said Lee. “We lost one of our own. A girl that we treasure. A lady that mastered academics, sports, and was a real role model to fellow schoolmates. Please remain in prayer for the Summerfield School community, her household, and Claiborne Parish.”

Lee says a vigil is prepared in Carney’s memory for next week after her funeral service.

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