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Shooter'' s dad was a man with a winning smile and '' sociopathic character''.


Steve Marcus The Thanks for visiting Las Vegas sign is surrounded by flowers and products, left after the Oct. 1 mass shooting, Monday, Oct. 9, 2017.

Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017|2 a.m.

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FBI by means of The New york city Times In an image supplied by the FBI, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, the dad of the Las Vegas shooter, in a 1960s desired poster.

Facing prison for a string of bank robberies, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock beamed cheerfully at a psychiatrist evaluating his fitness to stand trial, and mused at length– sometimes with “becoming modesty”– about his life taking vehicles, running cons, withstanding solitary confinement and getting fired from a job as a bus motorist after playing tag with the buses.

“I’m a third time loser,” Paddock, the daddy of the Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, told the medical professional with a smile, inning accordance with a summary of the doctor’s evaluation. Though he remained in a jail cell in Phoenix, Paddock revealed no regrets, and claimed to have a genius IQ.

“Perhaps,” he wondered aloud, “I’m an alert psychotic.”

A few years later, he ended up on the FBI’s a lot of wanted list.

Nearly 2 weeks after the shooting in Las Vegas, private investigators have found couple of hints to discuss why Stephen Paddock collected an arsenal of assault-style weapons and turned them on concertgoers at a country music festival. FBI profilers are aiming to construct a mental makeup of Paddock, which most likely includes the household history of mental disorder.

If so, among the most telling documents may be a yellowed, four-page psychiatric evaluation from 1960 that details the father who raised Stephen Paddock up until he was 7 and who towered above the family after he disappeared.

When Benjamin Paddock sat for the assessment, he was built like a refrigerator and used a neatly trimmed blond mustache and horn-rimmed glasses that framed strikingly light gray eyes. Pleasant, clean-cut and “incongruously joyful,” he chain smoked through the interview, providing an gripping biography with a “proficient command of language.”

“He smiles regularly, sometimes winningly, shows sometimes simply a touch of ruefulness,” the psychiatrist, William B. McGrath, kept in mind. “No anguish, alarm or issue about his fate is manifest.”

“I think he enjoys being a fascinating topic of examination,” the doctor composed. He concluded that Paddock was brilliant, with no history of “psychological problem,” and was able to stand trial. However, the doctor included, Paddock had a “sociopathic character.”

The picture of Stephen Paddock that private investigators have actually assembled stands in stark contrast: Scheduled, even uninteresting, he was an accountant and investor who preferred to bet just after calculating all the dangers. Before the shooting, authorities state, he had actually never ever broken the law. Amongst the lots of questions that are unanswered is what influence, if any, his father’s absence and infamy had on his life.

“We are developing the timeline of the suspect’s life, his inspiration and everybody else associated with him throughout time,” Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department stated. The FBI has hundreds of representatives on the case and more than 1,000 pieces of proof, said Aaron Rouse, the special representative in charge in Las Vegas.

In the psychological assessment, Benjamin Paddock boasted that his altercations with authority started early and rarely stopped. He was an only kid, spoiled by his mother and not disciplined by his daddy. “I got away with an awful lot,” he told his evaluator. “I went where I felt like it, interrupting everyone’s schedule.” By 12, he was driving his own cars and truck.

He quit high school practically as soon as he started, then signed up with the Navy at age 15, however was discharged a few months later, he said, when the Navy figured out “I wasn’t going to do exactly what they desired me to.”

He owned buses in Los Angeles, however got fired for a game of bus tag with other chauffeurs.

In 1946, he was caught stealing an automobile in Chicago and reselling it in “a deceitful style.” He spent 5 years in prison, 70 percent of it, he stated, “in the hole,” or solitary confinement, since he was “not able or reluctant to abide by guidelines.”

When he went out, he made great loan selling utilized cars in Chicago, however gave up because, he discussed, “the adventure had headed out of it.”

Throughout that time, he got married and fathered Stephen, who was born in 1953. He also set up a fraud ring that he said passed $90,000 in bad checks. He was captured and sent back to jail.

When he was released in 1956, he moved with his wife and boy to Tucson, Arizona. The couple had 3 more sons, and Benjamin Paddock operated a service station, a club and a waste disposal unit franchise. He purchased a home and a vehicle and got associated with the local racer and ham radio clubs.

He also strolled into the constable’s office and used to counsel bothered youths.

“I only took the incorrigibles,” he told his evaluator. “I have a propensity for social work with kids. I informed them I had a degree in social psychology, and nobody troubled to check up on it. They concerned me as a leading light on juvenile delinquency.”

He boasted that none of his charges had actually ever ended up back in court.

While Stephen Paddock was dipping into the household’s white ranch home, his father was robbing banks with a snub-nosed revolver and getting away in the household station wagon. He stated the ham radio equipment he kept in the vehicle was ideal for a robber since he could listen in on the authorities.

Benjamin Paddock was captured in 1960. However the bank robbery charges, he firmly insisted to the psychiatrist, were a case of mistaken identity. A criminal distribute was requiring him to take the rap.

For many years after Paddock was apprehended, his children were told he was dead. Later on, they found out the truth, and some visited him, his boy Eric Paddock stated, however none appeared to form a close relationship. Eric Paddock cursed his dad in an interview and stated he was upset at him for being more interested in criminal activity than his household.

The authorities have actually not said exactly what they know about the convict’s relationship with Stephen Paddock.

Dealing with trial, Benjamin Paddock insisted that he was not crazy. He said he had actually “never been psychological ill, ‘never even unconscious.'” As an aside, he described that he could get a soft job in the penitentiary that would beat the monotony of the mental hospital.

In the long account of his life, Paddock never expressed regret. A few months later, a judge sentenced him to 20 years in a federal prison. He broke out after 8 and invested much of the rest of his life on the lam.

Character star Harry Dean Stanton dies at age 91


Jae C. Hong/ AP In this Sept. 9, 2006, file photo, star Harry Dean Stanton performs at the 35th anniversary event of the founding of Greenpeace, in Los Angeles.

Friday, Sept. 15, 2017|4:06 p.m.

LOS ANGELES– Harry Dean Stanton, the shambling, craggy-face character star with the deadpan voice who became a cult favorite through his memorable turns in “Paris, Texas,”” Repo Male” and lots of other films and TELEVISION programs, died Friday at

age 91. Stanton passed away of natural causes at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, his agent, John S. Kelly, informed The Associated Press. Kelly provided no additional information on the cause.

Never ever incorrect for a leading guy, Stanton was a memorable presence to spectators, fellow stars and directors, who acknowledged that his quirky characterizations could raise even the most ordinary script. Roger Ebert when observed that no movie with Stanton in a supporting role “can be completely bad.”

He was extensively loved around Hollywood, a drinker and cigarette smoker and straight talker with a million stories who palled around with Jack Nicholson and Kris Kristofferson to name a few and was a hero to such more youthful stars and brothers-in-partying as Rob Lowe and Emilio Estevez. “I do not act like their daddy, I act like their friend,” he once told New york city publication.

Nicholson so liked Stanton’s name that he would discover a method to work his initials, HDS, into a video camera shot.

Almost always cast as a crook, a codger, an eccentric or a loser, he appeared in more than 200 motion pictures and TV shows in a profession dating to the mid-1950s. A cult-favorite since the ’70s with roles in “Cockfighter,” “Two-Lane Blacktop” and “Cisco Pike,” his more well-known credits ranged from the Oscar-winning impressive “The Godfather Part II” to the sci-fi traditional “Alien” to the teen flick “Pretty in Pink,” in which he played Molly Ringwald’s father. He likewise guest starred on such TELEVISION shows as “Laverne & & Shirley,”” Adam-12 “and” Gunsmoke.” He had a cameo on “Two and a Half Men,” which featured “Pretty in Pink” star Jon Cryer, and appeared in such films as “The Avengers” and “The Last Stand.”

While fringe roles and films were a specialized, he also ended up in the work of many of the 20th century’s master auteurs, even Alfred Hitchcock in the director’s serial TELEVISION show.

“I worked with the best directors,” Stanton told the AP in a 2013 interview, provided while chain-smoking in pajamas and a robe. “Martin Scorsese, John Huston, David Lynch, Alfred Hitchcock. Alfred Hitchcock was terrific.”

He stated he might have been a director himself but “it was too much work.”

Fitting for a character actor, he just ended up being well-known in late midlife. In Wim Wenders’ 1984 rural drama “Paris, Texas,” he earned honor for his subtle and impacting representation of a male so deeply haunted by something in his past that he deserts his young boy and society to wander silently in the desert.

Wiry and sad, Stanton’s near-wordless efficiency is laced with moments of humor and poignancy. His heartbreakingly stoic delivery of a monologue of repentance to his wife, played by Nastassja Kinski, through a one-way mirror has ended up being the specifying moment in his profession, in a role he said was his favorite.

“‘Paris, Texas’ provided me an opportunity to play empathy,” Stanton informed an interviewer, “and I’m spelling that with a capital C.”

The film won the grand prize at the Cannes Movie Celebration and provided the actor with his very first star billing, at age 58.

“Repo Male,” launched that exact same year, ended up being another signature film: Stanton starred as the world-weary employer of a vehicle foreclosure company who instructs Estevez in the techniques of the hazardous trade.

His legend would only grow. By his mid-80s, the Lexington Film League in his native Kentucky had actually founded the Harry Dean Stanton Fest and filmmaker Sophie Huber had made the documentary “Harry Dean Stanton: Partially Fiction,” that included commentary from Wenders, Sam Shepard and Kristofferson.

More just recently he reunited with director David Lynch on Showtime’s “Twin Peaks: The Return” where he repeated his role as the cranky trailer park owner Carl from “Fire Stroll With Me.” He also stars with Lynch in the upcoming film “Lucky,” the directorial launching of actor John Carroll Lynch, which has been referred to as a love letter to Stanton’s life and profession.

Last year, Lynch provided Stanton with the “Harry Dean Stanton Award”– the inaugural award from the Los Angeles video store Vidiots provided initially to its namesake.

“As an individual, Harry Dean is so lovely. He’s got this relaxed nature. It’s so great just to sit next to Harry Dean and observe,” Lynch stated at the program. “He’s got a great inner peace. As an artist, he can sing so magnificently tears simply flow out of your eyes. And as an actor, I believe all actors will agree, no one provides a more sincere, natural, truer performance than Harry Dean Stanton.”

Lynch likewise directed Stanton in “Wild at Heart” and “The Straight Story.”

Stanton, who early in his profession utilized the name Dean Stanton to avoid confusion with another actor, grew up in West Irvine, Kentucky and said he began singing when he was a year old.

Later on, he utilized music as an escape from his parents’ quarreling and the sometimes harsh treatment he was subjected to by his father. As an adult, he fronted his own band for many years, playing western, Mexican, rock and pop requirements in small places around Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. He also sang and played guitar and harmonica in unscripted sessions with friends, carried out a tune in “Paris, Texas” and once taped a duet with Bob Dylan.

Stanton, who never lost his Kentucky accent, stated his interest in films was stimulated as a kid when he would walk out of every theater “believing I was Humphrey Bogart.”

After Navy service in the Pacific during World War II, he invested three years at the University of Kentucky and appeared in a number of plays. Figured out to make it in Hollywood, he selected tobacco to earn his fare west.

3 years at the Pasadena Play house prepared him for television and movies.

For decades Stanton resided in a small, disheveled house neglecting the San Fernando Valley, and was a fixture at the West Hollywood landmark Dan Tana’s. He was attacked in his house in 1996 by two robbers who required their method, tied him up at gunpoint, beat him, raided your home and got away in his Lexus. He was not seriously injure, and the 2, who were caught, were sentenced to jail.

Stanton never married, although he had a long relationship with starlet Rebecca De Mornay, 35 years his junior. “She left me for Tom Cruise,” Stanton stated often.

“I may have had two or 3 (kids) from marriage,” he once remembered. “However that’s another story.”

Associated Press writers Michael Balsamo and Andrew Dalton added to this report from Los Angeles. The late AP Entertainment Author Bob Thomas also contributed.

Larry David says his blunt '' Curb ' character is no Trump


Chris Pizzello/ AP Actor/creator/executive producer Larry David speaks in the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” panel throughout the HBO Tv Critics Association Summer Press Trip at the Beverly Hilton on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Thursday, July 27, 2017|1 a.m.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP)– A roundup of news from the Tv Critics Association summer season meeting, at which TV networks and streaming services are presenting details on upcoming programs.


Larry David states his irascible, mouthy character on “Curb Your Interest” is “about a quarter-inch” far from David himself.

However David stated he bears no resemblance to another blunt talker, President Donald Trump.

“I don’t consider myself a (curse),” he informed a TV critics’ meeting Wednesday, brushing off a reporter’s concern about whether Trump represented a competing as David’s HBO comedy returns after a long lack.

Jeff Garlin, who co-stars on the funny, chimed in.

“Our president is not funny, and Larry’s funny. So I do not see the competitors,” Garlin stated. “I think one is entirely sad, and one you get away from the horribleness of the sad one.”

“Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which last aired six years earlier, is back for a 10-episode ninth season beginning Oct. 1. Besides Garlin, cast members include Cheryl Hines, Susie Essman and J.B. Smoove, with Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston and Lauren Graham amongst the guest stars.

David was asked why he chose to bring the show back now.

“Why not?” he answered. “I’m not a miss-er, so to speak. I don’t really miss things, individuals, that much. But I was missing it and I was missing out on these morons,” he said of the cast members who joined him to promote the program. “So I thought, exactly what the hell.”

He likewise tired of people asking him if the program was coming back– but he wouldn’t put to rest questions about whether this would be its last season.

David spent a reasonable amount of time having fun with press reporters as he, often, addressed their concerns.

Asked if the TELEVISION variation of Larry David might ultimately end up being lovable someday, David responded, sardonically, “No, no he’s not. However interesting concern.”

Would his character ultimately need to deal with everyone he had wronged? That apparent nod to the series ender of “Seinfeld,” which David created with Jerry Seinfeld, induced genuine or feigned inflammation.

“I think that’s a ‘Seinfeld’ referral? A ‘Seinfeld’ finale referral? Exactly what are doing? I braved traffic to obtain here,” David stated. “Pity on you.”

David also will be seen on the upcoming season of PBS’ genealogy series “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.” In it, he discovers he has a family connection to Bernie Sanders, the senator and former presidential hopeful that David played on “Saturday Night Live.”

There’s a connection too to Judith Sheindlin, TV’s “Judge Judy,” who makes a look on “Suppress Your Enthusiasm.” The reason he picked her and not another TV judge, David stated, is he understood Sheindlin since she’s part of his ex-wife’s household.



Steven Spielberg isn’t really afraid to talk about his flops.

“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” is his least favorite film because franchise, says documentarian Susan Lacy, who invested more than 30 hours speaking with the filmmaker for “Spielberg,” premiering Oct. 7 on HBO.

Spielberg likewise acknowledges some mistakes in “1941,” Lacy said Wednesday at the Television Critics Association’s summer season conference.

She said she just expected to have four interviews with the typically personal filmmaker, however that they ended up meeting 17 times.

“I can just think that turning 70 is a turning point for many people,” stated Lacy, who created and produced the “American Masters” series on PBS for decades. Spielberg turned 70 in December.

She also consulted with Spielberg’s moms and dads and sibling, as well as ratings of his collaborators, including Daniel Day-Lewis, Matt Damon and Tom Cruise.

The most engaging thing about Spielberg, both to his coworkers and to Lacy, is his deep knowledge of and enthusiasm for the medium, she said.

“I might not think how articulate he had to do with the procedure of making films and his procedure of making films, and just how much enjoyable he had speaking about it,” she stated. “Every star I spoke with– and I talked to everybody … that’s exactly what they were most satisfied with: What does it cost? he understands the procedure of filmmaking and how he sees ahead when he’s shooting … There are very few filmmakers who have that skill, and it amazed everybody.”

Lacy described her subject as both a populist and an artist, stating his early work reflects his life in the suburban areas and as a child of divorce and his later motion pictures pay homage to the classic Hollywood filmmakers he admired, such as William Wyler and John Ford.

She said Spielberg never tried to affect her documentary’s technique and that he didn’t see the film up until it was ended up. When he called Lacy to state he liked it, she let out a two-year-old sigh of relief.

“I didn’t allow myself to go there: What happens if Steven Spielberg does not like the film?” she stated. “If I ‘d considered that, I ‘d most likely have been frozen and immobilized and not able to do it.”

“Spielberg” focuses on his work as a director. Lacy stated she does not get much into his humanitarian efforts or his numerous tasks as a producer.

The documentary’s most important message for future filmmakers and other creative people, she stated, is Spielberg’s belief in himself.

“Having a vision and staying with it and not letting any person obstruct of it is probably the best lesson you can learn from Steven Spielberg,” Lacy said. “The decision to make ‘Schindler’s List,’ a 3 1/2-hour black-and-white movie about the Holocaust, that didn’t come out of any type of focus group. That was a belief that it was something he had to do.”

Spielberg won his first directing Oscar for the 1994 film, which was also named finest picture.



HBO’s programs chief stated the cable television channel erred in how it revealed prepare for a series picturing modern-day Southern slavery, however he protected “Confederate” versus sharp criticism it drew on social networks.

“I would file this under, ‘hindsight is 20-20,'” programs president Casey Bloys said Wednesday. HBO was misguided in anticipating that “we would be able to reveal an idea that is so delicate and needs so much care and thought on the part of the manufacturers in a news release.”

If HBO got a do-over, it would have offered manufacturers the chance to openly detail why they wished to do the series, an understanding that HBO executives had gained previously greenlighting the series from “Game of Thrones” masterminds David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

Benioff and Weiss, who are white, likewise will function as showrunners on the series. They’ll deal with Malcolm Spellman (“Empire,” the forthcoming “Foxy Brown”) and Nichelle Tramble Spellman (“Justified,””The Good Spouse “), husband-and-wife TELEVISION veterans who both are black and who will be fellow executive producers and authors on the new series.

“Confederate” will happen in an alternate timeline where the Southern states have actually successfully seceded from the Union, forming a country in which legalized slavery has actually been updated. The show will not be “whips and plantations,” Bloys said.

It is necessary to draw the line in between America today and its past and try to advance the discussion on race relations, Bloys told a TELEVISION critics’ meeting Wednesday. He said he’s positioning his faith in the producers and their passion, calling it a risk worth taking.

He said the more producers can weigh in about why the job is necessary, the more it will make sense. While people might still not like the concept of the program, at least they’ll understand the inspiration behind it, Bloys stated.

“All we ask is that individuals evaluate the end product,” he stated.

As part of its statement last week, HBO explained the story as following “a broad swath of characters on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Demilitarized Zone,” including flexibility fighters, political leaders, abolitionists and executives of a slave-holding corporation.

In an interview with the creative group published to resolve the reaction that quickly followed, Nichelle Tramble Spellman told Vulture that the drama isn’t going to be “the huge ‘Chosen the Wind’ mansion.” She stated it is “present day, or near present day, and how the world would have progressed if the South had actually succeeded withdrawing from the Union.”

“Confederate” isn’t expected to begin production for a minimum of a year. Bloys noted that Benioff and Weiss are difficult at work on the last season of “Game of Thrones,” with the best date yet to be settled. The fantasy drama’s seventh and penultimate season just started revealing.



The manufacturers and individuals in “Baltimore Increasing” state nationwide and regional media sensationalized the demonstrations that appeared after the death of Freddie Gray, but that their new documentary humanizes the narrative.

Activists Kwame Rose and Makayla Gilliam-Price appeared alongside director Sonja Sohn Wednesday at the Television Critics Association’s summer season meeting to talk about the documentary premiering on HBO in November.

Those activists and Baltimore Cops Lt. Melvin Russell say media protection of the participants in demonstrations against cops brutality have produced deeper divides in society.

He prompted the media going to Wednesday’s meeting to develop more “relational equity” to engender trust amongst neighborhood members and police.



Jon Stewart is bringing his funny to HBO.

The network announced Wednesday that Stewart will return to the network for his very first stand-up unique considering that 1996.

Stewart is likewise set to host the “Night of A lot of Stars” homage in November benefiting Next for Autism, which will include sketches, brief films and standup comedy.

HBO president of programming Casey Bloys said Stewart’s 2 upcoming looks are “part of a larger offer” the network has with the entertainer, however he did not elaborate.

The announcement came as part of the Tv Critics Association’s yearly summer season meeting.



HBO says production will begin next year on a miniseries about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

The five-part series will star Jared Harris as a Soviet scientist tapped by the Kremlin to examine the mishap.

The series will dramatize the occasions of the 1986 Ukrainian nuclear catastrophe that resulted in widespread radioactive fallout. Thirty people were killed and more than 100,000 had to be transferred.

HBO announced at the Tv Critics Association’s summertime meeting on Wednesday that production on “Chernobyl” is set to start in Lithuania in spring of 2018.

Director: Robin Williams concentrated on character in last function


Starz Digital via AP

Kathy Baker, left, and Robin Williams appear in a scene from the movie, “Boulevard.” In the movie, Williams plays a closeted gay male who comes out in his 60s and after that leaves his lifelong love, his spouse of 40 years, played by Baker.

Friday, July 10, 2015|8:25 p.m.

New York City– Dito Montiel states Robin Williams occasionally goofed around on set while shooting “Boulevard,” but the director says more often, the late actor invested the time in between takes pondering exactly what his character would do next.

“In some cases he ‘d do a show for sure. That’s kind of him. Then sometimes he’s sitting there actually thinking of the character,” states Montiel. “He really appreciated the characters a lot.”

“Boulevard,” which opened in New york city on Friday, is Williams’ last remarkable function to be launched following his death last summer season.

In the movie, which expands to other theaters on July 17, Williams plays a closeted gay man who comes out in his 60’s and afterwards leaves his long-lasting love, his better half of 40 years, played by Kathy Baker.

Montiel states he was delighted when he got a call saying Williams wished to talk with him, but he never ever dreamed it would have to do with this indie film.

“I resembled, ‘Whoa, that’s insane,'” the director says, thinking possibly it had to do with a new “Mrs. Doubtfire,” which was rumored to be up for a sequel.

Montiel says he “liked” working with Williams on “Boulevard” as well as though he was an admirer, he was a bit shocked at how well Williams immersed himself in the function.

“He won an Academy Award for being a remarkable actor, so I was not that surprised he might tap into it,” the director states. “I was shocked at how well he could, truthfully, since you have this pre-conceived idea about a lot of well-known people.”

Montiel, who admits he still keeps some of the phone messages Williams left him, says it was “extraordinary” getting to know the star while they worked on the movie and says it was even better to hear Williams state he was pleased with his efficiency.

“All I kept thinking was, ‘Male, I hope he truly likes it’ and he actually liked it,” Montiel states. “I miss him. It was really nice to make a motion picture with him.”