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Faculty Opportunity Awards Fuel Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Since 2012, UNLV’s Faculty Chance Awards have actually increased innovative research, scholarship, and innovative activity on campus by supplying professors with important seed financing to assist them get new projects off the ground, collect information crucial to supplying “proof of concept,” and establish more competitive proposals to acquire further external assistance.

This year, UNLV committed funds to propositions that are interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature, with a minimum of 2 primary investigators hailing from different colleges or schools on campus.

” By making interdisciplinary work a requirement to getting a Faculty Opportunity Award, we are assisting UNLV be more competitive for federal research financing,” stated Mary Croughan, UNLV vice president for research study and financial advancement. “This brand-new requirement helps our faculty develop the type of proposals that get the attention of top external financing firms, who are wanting to support creative, interdisciplinary methods to resolving research study questions and resolving complex problems.”

Professors from across school sent an overall of 41 proposals. The Workplace of the Vice President for Research Study and Economic Advancement originally expected it would just be able to support $300,000 in Faculty Opportunity Award funding however had the ability to award roughly $332,270 through 19 awards.

Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research Awards

The Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research Awards fund as much as $20,000 each for research study that could lead to large federal grant applications.

” Examining Academic Interactions Through a Genre Method” ($ 19,617)

Alain Bengochea, College of Education; Emma Bloomfield, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs

” A Rice (Oryza sativa) Mutant With Improved Germination Rates: Nutritional and End-Use Quality Contrast to Its Wild-Type” ($ 19,500)

Christine Bergman, College of Hospitality; Jeffery Shen, College of Sciences

” A Pilot Investigation of Enhanced Infrastructure Resilience Versus Flooding Through a Modular Building And Construction Method” ($ 20,000)

Jin Ouk Choi, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering; Jaewon Lim, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs

” Obese Fruit Flies as a Model for Exercise: Building And Construction and Validation of a Drosophila Treadmill and Workout Metabolism System” ($ 19,970)

Allen Gibbs, College of Sciences; Sarah Harris, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

” Knee Pain, Tendon Degeneration, and Limb-Socket Characteristics in Trans-Tibial Amputees” ($ 19,999)

Kai-Yu Ho, School of Allied Health; David Lee, College of Sciences

” Goal Measurement of Vocal Tiredness in the Hospitality Market” ($ 15,277)

Kimberly James, College of Fine Arts; Timothy Self, College of Hospitality

” A Maker Learning-Based System for Enhancing and Facilitating Interaction: Assistance for Aging and Disabilities” ($ 16,056)

Pushkin Kachroo, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering; Kate Martin, School of Medicine

” Examining the Impacts of Rerouting Virtual Stimuli in a Manned Driving Simulator” ($ 18,730)

Si Kim, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering; Ashok Singh, College of Hospitality

” Modifying the Spinal Circuitry to Enhance Strolling and BDNF Expression in Individuals Post-Stroke” ($ 20,000)

Jing Nong Liang, School of Allied Health; Jefferson Kinney, College of Liberal Arts

” Food App for Tracking and Identifying Dietary Biculturalism in Filipinos in Southern Nevada” ($ 17,410)

Brendan Morris, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering; Reimund Serafica, School of Nursing

” Practical Dissection of the Zika Genome Exposes a Coding Element Accountable for Microcephaly and Neurodevelopmental Pathology” ($ 20,000)

Edwin Oh, School of Medication, Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine; Ai-Sun Tseng, College of Sciences

” Displace or Diffuse? The Result of Medical and Recreational Marijuana Legalization on Opioid Abuse and Other Substance-Related Criminal Offenses” ($ 19,901)

Seong Park, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs; Jay Shen, School of Neighborhood Health Sciences

” An Integrated Machine-Learning Platform for Bacteriophage Genome Annotation” ($ 19,996)

Philippos Tsourkas, College of Sciences; Sarah Harris, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

” Electronic Health Record (EHR) Presence and Quality Outcomes: Do Worker Perceptions About Safety Culture Have a Moderating Role?” ($ 20,000)

Soumya Upadhyay, School of Neighborhood Health Sciences; Han-fen Hu, Lee Company School

” Utilizing Deep Knowing in Genomic Big Data Analysis for Precision Diagnosis of Osteoporosis” ($ 20,000)

Qing Wu, School of Community Health Sciences, Nevada Institute of Personalized Medication; Fatma Nasoz, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

” Tailoring Mechanical Implant for Curing Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Utilizing CT-Scan-Based Computational Design” ($ 20,000)

Woosoon Yim, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering; Robert Wang, School of Medicine

Collaborative Interdisciplinary Scholarship and Creative Activity Awards

The Collaborative Interdisciplinary Scholarship and Creative Activity Awards fund up to $10,000 apiece for standalone research undertakings.

” Details Literacy & & Composing Ability Advancement in a Diverse Student Body: Analyzing and Improving the Curriculum at a Minority-Serving Organization” ($ 7,500)

Kaitlin Clinnin, College of Liberal Arts; Melissa Bowles-Terry, University Libraries

” From the Tower to the Streets: Exploring an Interdisciplinary Model of Public Policy Research Study” ($ 10,000)

Stefani Relles, College of Education; Charles Burmeister, College of Fine Arts

” New Ways of Digitally Representing Scientific Research Study: Establishing a Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument Digital Research Study Repository” ($ 8,314)

Denise Tillery, College of Liberal Arts; Christopher Adcock, College of Sciences

The college/school distribution of the awards is as follows:

College of Education– 2
College of Art– 2
College of Liberal Arts– 3
College of Sciences– 6
Greenspun College of Urban Affairs– 3
Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering– 8
Lee Company School– 1
Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine, Research and Economic Advancement– 2
School of Allied Health Sciences– 2
School of Community Health Sciences– 2
School of Medicine– 3
School of Nursing– 1
University Libraries– 1
William F. Harrah College of Hospitality– 3

Promoting Collaborations

Helen Keller’s well-known quote, “Alone we can do so little: together we can do a lot,” would be an apt slogan for UNLV’s office of neighborhood engagement.

Established in the summer of 2016, the office was produced to support, assist in, and promote cooperation, partnership, and engagement between the university and its lots of constituent groups.

Long time staff member and alum Sue DiBella, ’81 BA and ’88 MA Interaction Research studies, was tapped to function as interim executive director. Her previous positions, including in the Division of Research and Economic Development and in the media relations office, have actually kept her tuned into community problems and the numerous UNLV programs and resources that can help address them.

As the workplace, which has a personnel of two (NSHE expert Tamara Marino joined in September), approaches its first anniversary, DiBella went over the prepare for the future.

Tell us about the development of your workplace.

The university leadership possesses an extremely real dedication to partnership and engagement with the neighborhood. Identifying neighborhood collaboration as one of the 5 institutional goals through the Top Tier tactical preparation process demonstrates this.

Inform us about a few of the things you’ve done because the office was developed.

Consulting with members of key sectors in the neighborhood has been extremely important. I’ve met with more than 230 people and companies from our neighborhood given that July and still have many people to see. We want to let the neighborhood know who and where we are and what we do.

Often we assist community members navigate the school community, as it can look like a little city to lots of newbies. Often we assist promote and translate the work that’s being done here. Often we are matchmakers, working to assist in brand-new partnerships. Whatever the need is, we’re here to help.

Practically instantly after starting the office, we performed strategic preparation for community engagement, identifying 7 community engagement goals (and associated techniques, measurable results, appointed leads, etc.). In addition to my co-chair, John Osborn, who is assistant dean of the Lee Business School, I lead working groups that are related to three of the community engagement objectives.

We also hang out establishing infrastructure around community engagement. For example, one effort is data event. Virtually every department, system, and group on campus is involved in neighborhood engagement in some way, however there is no central source of data on this. So among our jobs is to establish systematic ways to track this activity.

We dealt with the Cannon Study Center to carry out a survey of professors and staff about their neighborhood engagement activity and partners. We are also dealing with the provost’s office to embed these study questions into Digital Measures, so that the data are collected on an ongoing basis. Now, we are subsequenting with a survey of our community partners also to learn about their understandings of UNLV and its interactions beyond the borders of our school.

Tell us about the Community Engagement Awards.

The inaugural awards were presented in April. They acknowledge school individuals for their extraordinary neighborhood engagement in the locations of service knowing, community-based research, administrative faculty/staff support of neighborhood engagement activity, and trainee service.

Exactly what are a few of your other efforts?

We are working carefully with the workplace of student engagement and diversity, the system that manages service knowing courses on an institutional level, to help generate awareness of their services and to motivate more professors to utilize them with the goal increasing the variety of service-learning courses provided.

We are likewise active on social networks promoting community engagement-oriented activities, events, programs, and research. You can also find us online. I’m likewise a member of the 2017 associate in the Jameson Fellowship program, which is committed to creating a culture of higher partnership and cohesion amongst not-for-profit leaders in Southern Nevada. This has supplied me with a wonderful opportunity to network with the nonprofit neighborhood here. What are some examples of collaborations you’ve assisted help with so far

? We have numerous appealing collaborations that are in the early discussion phases. The leadership of Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada (JA ), for instance, approached

our office about establishing a more systematic, organized mechanism for volunteering by UNLV faculty, personnel, and trainees. Previously, various companies or student groups had offered for JA, but this occurred based upon the interest of participants and wasn’t always ongoing. So we satisfied to talk about options and then observed among their programs in progress,”JA in a Day “out at Package Carson Elementary School

. Then, we arranged for JA leaders to meet agents from our Lee Service School and the College of Education. So now they are exploring more tactical collaboration scenarios, including welcoming some professor to go over the possibility of a service finding out course associated with JA. Another promising example came from a discussion with Cheryl Adler Davis, who leads the Clark County School District household and community engagement services program. We were going over a few of her challenges associated with getting families assist in completing the FAFSA type to get financial assistance. She mentioned that her workplace has a bus with computer system centers, and we thought it would be great if we might bring some UNLV proficiency out to the high schools on their bus to provide help to these households on website. It ends up that UNLV’s Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach(CAEO)does this kind of training frequently, and Keith Rogers and Cheryl remain in conversation now about how they might partner to use a workshop or other occasion at some of the high schools to assist parents/high school trainees prepare the FAFSA kind. We likewise frequently help with discussions with businesses and other organizations that have an interest in employing interns, offering visitor lectures, establishing mentoring relationships, and partnering on research study and/or grant proposals.

What are your objectives for the workplace for the next year? We will begin working more extremely on preparing the university’s application for the Carnegie Category for Neighborhood Engagement. This is an accreditation-like process that needs us to show our commitment to neighborhood engagement on a number of levels. Like accreditation, this procedure will include a large team of people from throughout campus. Our office will be the coordinating unit. What are your long-term objectives? To continue working as a resource to our neighborhood. We attempt to help people much better navigate the campus, make connections, and form strong collaborations. To help translate and promote the good work of UNLV. A few of our activities and worths– research study, for instance– are not constantly
entirely understood by the community at big, so we share the mission and essential messages of the school and of our office.
Individuals in the community are extremely encouraging of UNLV, as well as more so when they find out more about us. For instance, one of my essential messages is that there is an unbelievable pool of people with know-how in a large variety of subjects here. I motivate our potential partners to think about how this knowledge might be made use of by their organizations for the improvement of our community. To build facilities, guidance, and resources that assist UNLV faculty, personnel, and students partner successfully with the community. We are working to build a strong structure for neighborhood engagement in the future.

Matt Goss gets ‘Strong’ with Komen, Yuman collaborations; Garrett (and his book) headline MGM Grand


Caesars Home entertainment

Matt Goss and Suzanne Somers at Caesars Palace.

Tuesday, Might 26, 2015|7:16 p.m.

NBT and Matt Goss at the Smith Center
Nevada Ballet Theatre dancers Alissa Dale and Grigori Arakelyan rehearse at the Smith Center in Las Vegas on Wednesday, May 2, 2012.Launch slideshow “

The Kats Report Bureau has been a proud contributor to, and advocate of, a few ticketed events over the past several days.

In a curious happenstance, both involved instruments to be played by a breathing out musician (bagpipes for Martin Short and a trumpet for Lon Bronson).

Read on about those programs in a minute, however first some Bernie Yuman/Matt Goss action …

– Among the city’s pre-eminent home entertainment supervisors over the previous a number of decades, Yuman is now in collaboration with Goss in a consortium entitled MBM. A real force of nature and personality, Yuman has over the years been associated with the management of Muhammad Ali, Siegfried & & Roy, Gloria and Emilio Estefan and Gordie Brown, to name a few.

Formerly under the management of Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin, Goss has actually been a headliner at Caesars for five years, holding court at the moated hotspot known as The Gossy Room (previously Cleopatra’s Barge) at Caesars.

Goss also has actually been the global spokesperson for the Susan B. Komen Foundation, with his song “Strong” acting as that foundation’s anthem. Goss, who is approaching the very first anniversary of the death of his mom, Carol, to cancer, returns whenever possible.

– No unfamiliar person to philanthropy himself, Brad Garrett returns to Las Vegas this week having actually simply launched his memoir, “When the Balls Drop: How I Learnt how to Get Genuine and Embrace Life’s Second Half.”

He’s hosting a book finalizing Saturday from 12 to 2 p.m. at the Grand & & Co. supplier simply inside the hotel’s main lobby. Buy a book (his book, mind you), and Garrett will certainly sign the flap and posture for a photograph.

Garrett composed the book with no help from a ghostwriter. It was an intense assignment for somebody as hectic as Garrett, who performs almost monthly at his club as well as is a cast member on FX’s “Fargo.”

“I composed it like I rant. It’s edgy, honest; it’s an account of how I got to where I am and why I feel in this manner,” the 55-year-old Garrett said back in March. “It’s a memoir discussing how I started in Las Vegas and exactly what I was like and exactly what my standup resembled before I broke.”

Garrett is performing at his club at MGM Grand through Sunday. No books for sale at the club, however, as he says, “I could not absolutely offer out.”

Martin Short: Aces of Funny
Las Vegas Sun columnist John Katsilometes,plays comedian Martin Short like a set of bagpipes during Short's show at the Mirage Friday, May 22, 2015. The performance was part of the Mirage's Aces of Comedy series.Introduce slideshow “

– Friday was a reunion with Martin Short in his return to the Mirage “Aces of Funny” series. Brief revised his familiar and inspired characters from his days on “SCTV” and “Saturday Night Live,” Nathan Thurm, Ed Grimley and Jiminy Glick among them. Terry Fator made a look, proper as the theater is named for him, to be spoken with by Short as Glick. A great exchange:

Glick: “You carry out here in Vegas. Did you ever meet Elvis?”

Fator: “No, but I performed in his theater when I was at the Las Vegas Hilton. I actually made use of the exact same dressing room he did when he carried out there.”

Glick: “Truly? … Who cares? That resembles saying, ‘Abraham Lincoln went to New york city, and I went to New York … Or ‘John F. Kennedy used shoes, and I am using shoes.’ “

Fator laughed it off and highlighted the puppet Maynard Tompkins, who (or which) is an Elvis impressionist. Glick just enjoyed that.

After that bit, Short reprised the act where he and an “actor”– hello– don kilts and tams and march to the center of the stage to piano accompaniment. We acquiesce each other, then to the audience, and I play him like a set of bagpipes as he bleats “Remarkable Grace.”

It was a hasty regimen, as Brief scrambled to obtain into outfit and chuckled as he marched to the stage, stating, “This is ridiculous.” It was, but the crowd chuckled. Because audience were Clint Holmes and Kelly Clinton-Holmes, Jerry Jones, Carrot Top and Jeff Molitz. Buddies, all, and we had a groovy little hang with Brief afterward. We require more of him on the Strip. He’s among the greats.

– Lon Bronson’s All-Star Band celebrated another stuffed efficiency at Cabaret Jazz in the Smith Center, where I served to read his “Top 6 Reasons Lon Bronson’s All-Star Band Must Not Retire” list, as he might not believe of 10 factors. The very best of the half-dozen: “We still have actually not been invited on Tony Sacca’s Christmas show.”

Bronson is amidst his 25th year in Las Vegas, still churning it out at Sunset Station’s Club Madrid on Fridays. Bronson also is the music director for “The Rat Pack Is Back,” opening July 6 at T Area in Tuscany Suites. And Bronson is always helpful for a fantastic Mike Nesmith story. He actually suches as Mike Nesmith.

MGM Grand Hotel and Gambling establishment

MGM Grand, a AAA 4 Diamond resort, provides 5,044 rooms and suites.

MGM Grand includes KÀ by Cirque du Soleil; Brad Garrett’s Funny Club; and world-class entertainment at the Grand Garden Arena and Hollywood Theatre.

The resort provides trademark restaurants by star chefs consisting of Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak, Emeril Lagasse’s New Orleans Fish Home, Wolfgang Puck’s Bar & & Grill and Michelin three star and Forbes 5 Star dining establishment, Joël Robuchon.

As part of its ongoing “Grand Renovation,” MGM Grand has actually renovated all spaces and suites in its primary tower and is including numerous brand-new experiences to its lineup including Hakkasan Las Vegas Dining establishment and Club, a brand-new upscale dining/nightlife idea (coming in April 2013).

MGM Grand also showcases an advanced, non-smoking conference center, the Grand Medspa, Cristophe Beauty parlor, “CSI: The Experience” and a welcoming swimming pool complex including the tantalizing daylife of Wet Republic.

Upscale lodgings consist of The Mansion, an exclusive hotel within the hotel; the elegant two-story SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand; and The Signature at MGM Grand, a luxury all-suite, non-gaming hotel located adjacent to the major resort.

3799 Las Vegas Boulevard S. Las Vegas, NV 89109

Mirage Hotel and Gambling establishment Found in the center of the famous Las Vegas Strip, The Mirage includes modern AAA 4 Diamond lodgings; nightlife locations consisting of 1 OAK Club and The Beatles TRANSFORMATION Lounge; restaurants developed by the world’s most distinguished chefs consisting of Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak (summertime 2013); an elegant day spa and hair salon; the attracting Bare swimming pool lounge; and 170,000 square feet of conference and convention space. Special home entertainment choices include The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil celebrating the musical heritage of The Beatles; the Aces of Comedy series featuring among the most detailed and varied comedic line-ups across the country; Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment; four-time GRAMMY Acclaimed R&B musical sensation Boyz II Men; and the lush animal sanctuary of Siegfried & & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. From the nightly Volcano eruption show and 20,000-gallon lobby fish tank to the rich tropical atrium and swimming pool, guests experience an exotic world-class destination unlike any other.
3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89109

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