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Concept for Converting Radio Waves to Energy Earns Top Reward at Media Innovation Hackathon

Beasley Media Group and UNLV revealed the winners of their inaugural Media Innovation Hackathon Jan. 10 at CES 2019. The Radio Heads, an all-freshman trainee group from UNLV, took leading honors for a task checking out the conversion of radio waves into electrical energy that could potentially be used to charge devices.

Erick Serrano from the Radio Heads team described how they came up with their concept: “Our colleague Ricardo was discussing how wireless charging isn’t actually wireless. So what if we found out something to do with AM and FM frequencies that could charge a device?”

Though they discovered they were unable to straight transform radio frequencies into storable energy to charge cordless gadgets, the team eventually used a crystal radio to show that small amounts of energy can be transformed from radio waves to power a low-voltage LED light, and concluded that while the energy yield from radio waves is low, it is still possible to make use of them.

” All of our employee worked truly tough on this task. I’m really grateful it settled,” said Yuria Mann, another employee from the Radio Heads.

” We love the concept of clever and sensible innovations to ignite our thinking as a media company getting ready for the future,” stated Beasley Media Group President Caroline Beasley. “Numerous thanks to UNLV and their next generation of fantastic minds for working together with us on the Hackathon initiative.”

” We are so happy with the collaboration with UNLV and in specific the Hackathon groups,” said Buzz Knight, Executive Vice President of Method and Development at Beasley. “The spirit of smart and innovative ideas being showcased at the most influential tech event on the planet fits perfect with our core values at Beasley Media Group.”

The hackathon supplied an unique chance for trainee developers to produce ingenious commercial services and products making use of existing media innovation, data, and infrastructure. Student teams spent the fall 2018 semester working with UNLV faculty mentors on hackathon projects, which were later on evaluated by a panel of professionals from Beasley and UNLV.

The resulting ideas represent the kinds of transformative, disruptive innovations that will end up being mainstream in the next 20 years.

First Place

Converting Radio Waves to Energy

Award: $5,000
Group: Matias Allietti (mechanical engineering), Yuria Mann (computer science), Kristine Monsada (computer technology), Ricardo Rodriguez (computer technology), and Erick Serrano (computer technology)
Faculty mentor: Natalierose Pennington (communication research studies)

Second Place

Augmented Reality (AR) Headset for Tourism

Award: $2,500
Team: Aldair Callejas (home entertainment engineering and style), Peter Hernandez (computer science), and Edison Smith (biology)
Faculty coach: Si “SJ” Kim (home entertainment engineering and design)

Third Place

Fernwell Tourism App

Award: $1,000
Team: Ricardo Guzman (business administration), Ashtin Hofert (mechanical engineering), Joshua Padilla (civil engineering), Francisco Reyes (political science), Allie Ryerson (economics and company administration), and Fausto Vega (mechanical engineering)
Faculty mentor: Bryan Blankfield (communication studies)

” We extend our heartiest congratulations to all our student hackathon innovators,” stated Zach Miles, UNLV Associate Vice President of Economic Development. “We’re proud to honor their achievements and delighted about the ingenious services they’ve developed to assist solve real-world market issues.”

About Beasley Media Group

Beasley Media Group, LLC is a subsidiary of Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc., which owns and runs 64 stations (46 FM and 18 AM) in 15 big- and mid-size markets in the United States. Approximately 19 million consumers listen to Beasley radio stations weekly over-the-air, online, on smartphones and tablets and engage with the Business’s brands and personalities through digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, text, apps and e-mail. To learn more, please check out www.bbgi.com.

About UNLV

UNLV is a doctoral-degree-granting institution of more than 30,000 students and 3,500 professors and staff that is acknowledged as “very high research activity” by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of College. UNLV provides a broad range of highly regarded academic programs and is on a path to join the leading tier of national public research universities. The university is dedicated to recruiting and retaining leading students and faculty, educating the area’s diversifying population and labor force, driving financial activity through increased research study and community partnerships, and producing an academic health center for Southern Nevada. Learn more at unlv.edu.

JetBlue plants a seed with farm-to-tray-table concept


Richard Perry/ The New York Times

The JetBlue terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York is shown Jan. 6, 2014.

Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015|12:14 a.m.

New York City– JetBlue Airways is aiming to bring a little bit of nation to the city– opening its own “farm” at New york city’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The 24,000 square-foot space– less than half the size of a football field– outdoors JFK’s Terminal 5 is meant to educate travelers more than in fact feed them. Although ultimately JetBlue wants to serve products grown there in terminal dining establishments and even make some blue potato Terra Chips that are served on air travels.

One day, if the airport permits it, there might even be animals, such as bees and butterflies.

The goal is to try and teach people about farming and to improve the appearance of the terminal’s outside.

“We know individuals like green area. It’s what they have at house. Why not put that at an airport if that’s what they love and desire?” says Sophia Leonora Mendelsohn, the New York-based airline company’s head of sustainability. “Your flying experience begins on the ground.”

Constructing a farm at an airport is not easy: It took JetBlue 3 years to get approval.

Airports are worried about anything that would bring in wildlife, especially birds. That indicates no growing tomatoes, corn, berries, seeds or sunflowers in its brand-new garden. (The airline initially wanted to grow wheat and utilize it to make its own JetBlue JFK beer.)

So instead, JetBlue is focusing on potatoes, chives, basil, carrots and other plants deemed safe.

The airline anticipates to grow 1,000 potato plants, yielding more than 1,000 pounds of spuds every four to 6 months, in addition to an added 1,100 plants such as mint, arugula, beets, garlic, onions and spinach.

The task is in collaboration with GrowNYC, a non-profit ecological group that focuses on enhancing New York City block by block. Students will be brought in from local schools to discover gardening.

Some of the herbs and produce will be utilized by restaurants in JetBlue’s terminal, others will certainly be donated to regional food banks.

All the plants are grown in plastic milk dog crates that are bolted together then tied to hooks in the cement floor. The structure is created to hold up against 160 mph hurricane-force winds, another requirement of the airport’s operator, The Port Authority of New york city and New Jersey.

For its first few months, the farm will be closed to the public. Then in the spring, pending approval from various regulatory authorities, JetBlue intends to have curricula for regional students. Ultimately, the airline company envisions permitting some of its fliers to sign up beforehand for sees.

Among JetBlue’s sponsors in the job is Hain Celestial, which makes Terra Chips and other healthy food brands including Arrowhead Mills, Earth’s Best, Health Valley and Walnut Acres.

Jared Simon, senior director of marketing for the business, states right now they are growing Adirondack blue potatoes at JFK to raise awareness of farming.

“Many people have actually probably not been to a potato farm,” Simon stated. “It’s actually about the education. There’s such a desire from consumers to connect exactly what they are eating with where it is from.”

Eventually, the potatoes may be utilized to create the blue chips served on JetBlue flights, but not till the company finds out if the crop has the right amount of starch, sugar and wetness.

Terra Blues can be discovered on all JetBlue air travels and have actually been the official snack of JetBlue Airways Corp. considering that the airline launched in February 2000. Last year, the airline given out more than 5.7 million one-ounce bags of the chips.

It takes one to 3 potatoes to create each bag. There’s no way this small airport farm will certainly ever provide adequate potatoes. Perhaps, if lucky, it will yield enough for less than 1 percent of demand. The bulk will remain to originate from a farm in Van Buren, Maine.

Viva Picture Dragons: Band is kicking around a ‘Vegas’ song concept


Denise Truscello/ WireImage

Imagine Dragons bassist Ben McKee, lead singer Dan Reynolds, guitar player Wayne “Wing” Preaching and drummer Daniel Platzman carry out at the “Think of A World Without Cancer” gala on Thursday at the Fours Seasons.

Friday, Sept. 25, 2015|6:50 p.m.

Envision Dragons needs a Vegas song.

Not a song that is sort of ambiguously about their history in Las Vegas. “It’s Time” is that sort of tune. However a tune that describes the city in the very same method The Beatles colorfully stated their youth in “Cent Lane.”

This is a mere opinion. But we broached this kind of tune prior to Thursday night’s Tyler Robinson Structure Gala at 4 Seasons. In its second year, the charity is named for a young fan who befriended the band– specifically by means of text with front man Dan Reynolds– who died of a brain growth in March 2013 at age 17. The band has actually named its youth cancer assistance and treatment organization for Robinson, and Thursday’s was the 2nd gala raising cash and awareness for the cause.

Prior to the event, we talked of Vegas and the band’s upcoming strategies after its appearance at this weekend’s Life Is Beautiful festival in downtown Las Vegas.

“I thought of you individuals when I was at iHeart Radio at the MGM Grand over the weekend,” I began. “They played ‘Viva Las Vegas’ with four showgirls from ‘Jubilee.'”

“Oh, nice,” Reynolds said. “I understand they do that song. It’s fantastic.”

“I believed it would be excellent for you people to cover that tune,” I continued, due to the fact that I believed it would be great for the guys to cover that song. “Have you ever?”

“No, however I think we need to, right?” Reynolds stated. “However we cannot do it now that The Killers have done it? A minimum of we cannot do it in the same way.”

“We have actually got to be original,” guitar player Wayne Sermon stated.

“Perhaps we’ll do ‘House Means Nevada,'” Reynolds provided, describing the Nevada state song.

“The Killers do that one, too,” Sermon said.

“Possibly ‘Leaving Las Vegas,’ by Sheryl Crow?” said bassist Ben McKee, who was worn a baby-blue tux as Jeff Daniels’ Harry Dunne character in “Dumb and Dumber” (drummer Daniel Platzman was in orange as the Jim Carrey/Lloyd Christmas sidekick from the film).

“We need to get an entire list of them together,” Reynolds said.

“We need to comprise our own tune,” Preaching said.

That is the response. “We must do that,” Reynolds said. “We have ‘It’s Time,’ which has to do with Vegas, however we require a tune that’s simply called ‘Vegas.'”

“Picture Vegas,” McKee included.

“If we do it, now you understand where it started,” Reynolds said. “Right here, tonight. We’ve ascertained.”

The event raised more than $600,000, counting the sales of table seating and the live and quiet auction. More than 400 advocates remained in attendance.

Till the “Vegas” concept reaches the lyrical phase, Think of Dragons remain to promote their “Smoke + Mirrors” cd with an upcoming trip of Europe. Thursday’s event included the band in an acoustic set, playing for about 300 visitors consisting of important invitee Elaine Wynn, who stated prior to the program that the Think of Dragons’ TRF charity “is a terrific organization that has grown so much in just a few years.”

Rachel Smith of Fox 5’s “More” show was the host, and Jason Hewlett was the host. The band carried out a 30-minute set, “as raw as you’ll ever see Picture Dragons,” as Reynolds said, playing “I Wager My Life,” “Amsterdam” and “Radioactive,” but not “Freebird,” which was undoubtedly shouted from the audience.

Reynolds’ voice cracked as he described his relationship with Reynolds, whose household was in attendance (his brother, Jesse, recently started a several-week bicycle tour from Canada to Mexico to raise assistance for TRF).

“I didn’t know him that long, but he touched me extremely deeply,” Reynolds stated. Robinson stayed in Utah and was a big music fan and particularly fond of Envision Dragons. The band discovered of this through a Facebook message from Jesse to Reynolds, and at a show at a Provo club called Velour devoted the song “It’s Time” to Robinson, who stood above the crowd on bro’s shoulders throughout the program.

Honored during the evening by band manager and TRF Chairman Mac Reynolds were the organization’s Humanitarian Award winners: Hamish Dodds of Acid rock International; Mikaela Shiffrin, U.S. Ski Team Alpine racer and a three-time World Slalom champion; Jonathan Agin, executive director of limit Remedy Foundation; and Lisa Hill, accepting for her daughter Lauren Hillside, a basketball standout at Mount St. Joseph, who struck the very first and last basket of her last video game against Hiram College. She passed away of a brain tumor in April.

The last Humanitarian Award honor went to Geoffrey Alintoff, a 13-year-old children who nearly took the night from the band itself. A lover of music and a science and mathematics wiz, Alintoff has actually raised more than $20,000 for TRF in what started as a bar mitzvah job, and remains to deal with behalf of the I.D. structure. “Children are not expected to be defending their lives!” he called from the podium, to a standing ovation. As host Jason Hewlett said in following the speech, “I believe exactly what this governmental race is missing is Geoffrey Alintoff.”

Why not? He can offer a terrific speech. He can raise money. And, thanks to an inspiration from Picture Dragons and the late Tyler Robinson, his heart is in the right place.

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Gamers like concept of NHL group in Las Vegas

On the eve of the Stanley Cup Finals, a commentator on the NHL Network regaled about how playing hockey in Tampa in June was everything a gamer could ask for.

Gamers can come to the rink in shorts and sandals and there’s no better sensation, he said.

If the players share his feeling, they should be overjoyed about the possibility of playing in Las Vegas come 2017. Snow? What snow?

The NHL’s Board of Governors is expected to approve an official plan at Wednesday’s conference at the MGM Grand to study growth. That’s the most interesting news yet for William Foley, the billionaire who wishes to bring the NHL to Southern Nevada and has actually led the drive to obtain major league sports to Las Vegas.

Foley will certainly not be attending the meeting, choosing to lay low in Montana while the league performs its business at the MGM. But some of the gamers who were in Las Vegas for Wednesday’s NHL Awards Program at the Grand Garden appeared receptive to the idea of a Las Vegas franchise when they met the media Tuesday.

“It would be a cool place to have a hockey team,” said Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Cost, among 3 finalists for the Hart Trophy (Many Belongings Gamer), Vezina Trophy (leading goalie), the Jennings Prize (least goals permitted) and the Ted Lindsay Award (most impressive player, awarded by the gamers association). “It would be fun. It’s a glamour city, and I might see a great deal of hockey fans coming here to see and enjoy their group.”

San Jose Sharks defenseman Brent Burns, a finalist for the NHL Foundation Award, stated of growth: “Why not? More tasks for people. And Vegas is a fantastic city to go to.”

Jonathan Toews, the captain of the Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks, said he hopes owners will provide cautious thought to the concern before they choose to broaden and enter into yet another nontraditional hockey market.

“I think there’s a lot of hype about Vegas,” stated Toews, a finalist for the Mark Messier Award and the Frank Selke Prize. “I’ve said all along I’m no business person, so I hope as a league we see through our successes and our failures and make a smart decision and do whatever will make the game grow and give it long-lasting success.”

League basic supervisors, who met Tuesday at the Bellagio, were a little more guarded in their remarks.

“I’m going to leave that one to brighter minds– our owners,” Calgary Flames basic supervisor Brad Treliving said. “I believe Las Vegas is a terrific area. However there’s a lot more that goes into it than a fantastic place to come to. But I believe in the dead of winter I wouldn’t mind coming here.”

Winnipeg Jets basic manager Kevin Cheveldayoff is taking a wait-and-see attitude.

“Personally, till somebody informs me we’re going to expand, I’m not going to invest a great deal of time on it,” he stated. “However if this is a market that gets to be considered, it speaks volumes to the growth of the community right here and the fans who wish to see the NHL.”

Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland stated of expansion: “It had not been even brought up. Honestly, it’s something that’s above me. I’m just thinking of the Red Wings.”

The gamers state an April 17 incident involving L.a Kings center Jarret Stoll, in which he was apprehended for drug property at the MGM’s swimming pool, need to not be held against the city as a possible location to put an NHL team. The Clark County district lawyer’s workplace charged Stoll on Monday with felony cocaine possession.

“I think there are a great deal of places where you can enter problem,” said Florida Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad, a finalist for the Calder Trophy (leading novice). “We’re specialists. I think we can learn to adapt to working and residing in a location like Las Vegas.”

That’s something the owners certainly will discuss as they dispute the benefits of expanding. Winnpieg’s Andrew Ladd, a Messier Award finalist, said he can see the NHL in Las Vegas happening.

“You speak with anybody, and they’ll inform you they ‘d rather go to work in shorts and a T-shirt than a parka,” he said.

Contact press reporter Steve Carp at [email protected]!.?.! or 702-387-2913. Follow him on Twitter: @stevecarprj.