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Disney princess conserves little girl’s birthday celebration after nobody appears

(Meredith)– A girl in Colorado had a rough begin to her birthday after the kids she welcomed to her celebration never appeared.

Leyana, now 7, had been dreaming about her princess party for months. When the day finally arrived, she wore her white ruffle gown and counted down the minutes until her schoolmates would arrive at her home in Arvada.

The first-grader was devastated when her buddies didn’t stroll through the door on Saturday.

“It was awful. It hurts. It hurts your heart.” Leyana’s mom, whose name was not divulged, informed KDVR.

The mom stated in spite of the frustrating turnout, her child’s birthday ended on a positive note, thanks to an unique Disney Princess.

Lindsay Robert, who was employed to portray Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen,” tried her best to make that tearful day a little better. She and Leyana played video games, danced, sang and formed a relationship.

“I wasn’t joking when I informed you that every princess is clever and brave and kind, and you are all those things,” Robert informed Leyana.

Robert later shared Leyana’s heartbreaking story on Facebook.

“It was soul squashing,” she wrote in a post.”This shy and soft-spoken woman had put on her best gown and waited. And waited. We played video games, sung songs, told stories, selected little prizes (I provided her my lipstick. I would have offered her the wig off my head if I might have).”

Thanks to the post, a number of individuals in their community are now working on a special birthday surprise for the 7-year-old, according to KDVR.

“Individuals get so hectic, but to raise the expectations of a kid and not deliver on that promise … simply be there,” Robert told the station. “Be there for the kids in your neighborhood. Be there for each other.”

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Airline worker conserves teens from predator by '' trusting her gut impulses''.

(Meredith)– Airline company worker Denice Wonder is credited with conserving two teenage ladies from a human trafficking plot. She stated she initially observed something was wrong when the women approached the check-in counter at Sacramento International Airport with their bags, but no ID.

She told KOVR they were acting anxious. “I think the way they kept looking back-and-forth at each other like they weren’t actually sure. And after that they were texting somebody on the phone and that individual was

giving them answers. “After Miracle checked out their circumstance even more, she learnt the credit card utilized to buy the girls’ one-way tickets was under a different name. That’s when she notified cops.

“It was a superior ticket. It was really costly. I told a supervisor, ‘I’m going to call the constable. It simply does not feel right to me.’ It just did not feel right.”

Miracle’s sensation turned out to be right. The 15-year-old and 17-year-old women told authorities they met a guy called “Drey” on Instagram and he welcomed them to go to New York for a modeling job. They said he was going to pay them $2,000 to design in a video.

The women informed their parents they were remaining over night at a buddy’s house and prepared to fly to New York. Cops informed KOVR they had problem thinking the reality.”They were rather flippant about– no that cannot hold true, and I stated no, the airline states you have a one-way ticket and I said in my belief you’re returning there not to do the things that you believe you were going to be doing. And they said ‘I wouldn’t let anything take place that I didn’t want.’ And I said, well most likely you wouldn’t have an option in the matter.”

Authorities tried to look up the guy called “Drey” on Instagram, however his profiles were rapidly deleted. According to KOVR, authorities suspect this individual is an expert at befriending victims online and tempting them away.

Without Denice Miracle, Authorities stated the girls would have probably become victims. Deputies said her name actually matches her.

“She probably truly was their miracle that day whether they want to believe it or not.”

Papa conserves his 2-year-old kid after seeing story on dry drowning disaster

(MEREDITH/KTRK)– A Colorado father is thanking a household in Houston for a warning that saved his son’s life. The Houston family shared their experience of losing their kid to the threats of dry drowning, and the story rapidly went viral.

He’s grateful to the Houston household gotten rid of by tragedy, yet brave enough to share four-year-old Frankie Delgado’s story.

Frankie passed away recently in what’s presumed to be an uncommon type of drowning called “dry or secondary drowning.” It happens when a child breathes in water and the fluid stays in the lungs for hours.

Memorial Day weekend, Frankie went swimming with his family in Texas City.

“He started experiencing stomach concerns. He had diarrhea,” his auntie, Joanna Delgato, said.

After six days, Frankie’s condition aggravated, and breathing got harder

His father described Frankie’s last breath: “He just woke up, and he stated ‘Ahhhhh’. and he took his last breath. I didn’t understand what to do no more.”

The story was shared throughout the nation on social media, and moms and dads were alerted about exactly what a few teaspoons of water could do.

In Colorado, Garon Vega’s son Gio got sick after breathing in a little water from a neighborhood pool. Initially, he had a fever. Then, a cough.

“I’m seeing his heart is beating actually quickly, so significantly that I can feel it when he’s laying against my body,” Vega stated.

Vega says he saw Frankie’s story and took Gio directly to the emergency room. It’s an advantage he did.

Medical professionals evaluated Gio, and stated he was drowning.

“The x-rays did show that he had a considerable quantity of water in his lungs which it was an advantage that we brought him in since if we hadn’t have, He would not have made it through the night,” stated Vega.

Vega says he’s happy to the Delgado’s for sharing their story. Without the awareness they created, his child could have passed away too.

“Ii seem like I had to connect to the moms and dads of little Frankie and tell him, I have no idea ways to word it but, their little young boy conserved our little kid’s life. There was a purpose.”

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